Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
usb_ehci_pdata Struct Reference

#include <ehci_pdriver.h>

Data Fields

int caps_offset
unsigned has_tt:1
unsigned has_synopsys_hc_bug:1
unsigned big_endian_desc:1
unsigned big_endian_mmio:1
unsigned port_power_on:1
unsigned port_power_off:1
int(* power_on )(struct platform_device *pdev)
void(* power_off )(struct platform_device *pdev)
void(* power_suspend )(struct platform_device *pdev)

Detailed Description

struct usb_ehci_pdata - platform_data for generic ehci driver

: offset of the EHCI Capability Registers to the start of the io memory region provided to the driver. : set to 1 if TT is integrated in root hub. : set to 1 if the controller needs a power up after initialization. : set to 1 if the controller needs to be powered down after initialization.

These are general configuration options for the EHCI controller. All of these options are activating more or less workarounds for some hardware.

Definition at line 36 of file ehci_pdriver.h.

Field Documentation

unsigned big_endian_desc

Definition at line 40 of file ehci_pdriver.h.

unsigned big_endian_mmio

Definition at line 41 of file ehci_pdriver.h.

int caps_offset

Definition at line 37 of file ehci_pdriver.h.

unsigned has_synopsys_hc_bug

Definition at line 39 of file ehci_pdriver.h.

unsigned has_tt

Definition at line 38 of file ehci_pdriver.h.

unsigned port_power_off

Definition at line 43 of file ehci_pdriver.h.

unsigned port_power_on

Definition at line 42 of file ehci_pdriver.h.

void(* power_off)(struct platform_device *pdev)

Definition at line 48 of file ehci_pdriver.h.

int(* power_on)(struct platform_device *pdev)

Definition at line 46 of file ehci_pdriver.h.

void(* power_suspend)(struct platform_device *pdev)

Definition at line 51 of file ehci_pdriver.h.

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