Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
v4l2_buffer Struct Reference

#include <videodev2.h>

Data Fields

__u32 index
__u32 type
__u32 bytesused
__u32 flags
__u32 field
struct timeval timestamp
struct v4l2_timecode timecode
__u32 sequence
__u32 memory
union {
   __u32   offset
   unsigned long   userptr
   struct v4l2_plane *   planes
__u32 length
__u32 reserved2
__u32 reserved

Detailed Description

struct v4l2_buffer - video buffer info : id number of the buffer : enum v4l2_buf_type; buffer type (type == *_MPLANE for multiplanar buffers); : number of bytes occupied by data in the buffer (payload); unused (set to 0) for multiplanar buffers : buffer informational flags : enum v4l2_field; field order of the image in the buffer : frame timestamp : frame timecode : sequence count of this frame : enum v4l2_memory; the method, in which the actual video data is passed : for non-multiplanar buffers with memory == V4L2_MEMORY_MMAP; offset from the start of the device memory for this plane, (or a "cookie" that should be passed to mmap() as offset) : for non-multiplanar buffers with memory == V4L2_MEMORY_USERPTR; a userspace pointer pointing to this buffer : for multiplanar buffers; userspace pointer to the array of plane info structs for this buffer : size in bytes of the buffer (NOT its payload) for single-plane buffers (when type != *_MPLANE); number of elements in the planes array for multi-plane buffers : input number from which the video data has has been captured

Contains data exchanged by application and driver using one of the Streaming I/O methods.

Definition at line 652 of file videodev2.h.

Field Documentation

__u32 bytesused

Definition at line 655 of file videodev2.h.

Definition at line 657 of file videodev2.h.

__u32 flags

Definition at line 656 of file videodev2.h.

__u32 index

Definition at line 653 of file videodev2.h.

__u32 length

Definition at line 669 of file videodev2.h.

union { ... } m
__u32 memory

Definition at line 663 of file videodev2.h.

Definition at line 665 of file videodev2.h.

struct v4l2_plane* planes

Definition at line 667 of file videodev2.h.

__u32 reserved

Definition at line 671 of file videodev2.h.

__u32 reserved2

Definition at line 670 of file videodev2.h.

__u32 sequence

Definition at line 660 of file videodev2.h.

Definition at line 659 of file videodev2.h.

Definition at line 658 of file videodev2.h.

Definition at line 654 of file videodev2.h.

unsigned long userptr

Definition at line 666 of file videodev2.h.

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