Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
v4l2_selection Struct Reference

#include <videodev2.h>

Data Fields

__u32 type
__u32 target
__u32 flags
struct v4l2_rect r
__u32 reserved [9]

Detailed Description

struct v4l2_selection - selection info : buffer type (do not use *_MPLANE types) : Selection target, used to choose one of possible rectangles; defined in v4l2-common.h; V4L2_SEL_TGT_* . : constraints flags, defined in v4l2-common.h; V4L2_SEL_FLAG_*. : coordinates of selection window : for future use, rounds structure size to 64 bytes, set to zero

Hardware may use multiple helper windows to process a video stream. The structure is used to exchange this selection areas between an application and a driver.

Definition at line 786 of file videodev2.h.

Field Documentation

__u32 flags

Definition at line 789 of file videodev2.h.

Definition at line 790 of file videodev2.h.

__u32 reserved[9]

Definition at line 791 of file videodev2.h.

__u32 target

Definition at line 788 of file videodev2.h.

Definition at line 787 of file videodev2.h.

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