Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
vport_ops Struct Reference

#include <vport.h>

Data Fields

enum ovs_vport_type type
struct vport *(* create )(const struct vport_parms *)
void(* destroy )(struct vport *)
int(* set_options )(struct vport *, struct nlattr *)
int(* get_options )(const struct vport *, struct sk_buff *)
const char *(* get_name )(const struct vport *)
void(* get_config )(const struct vport *, void *)
int(* get_ifindex )(const struct vport *)
int(* send )(struct vport *, struct sk_buff *)

Detailed Description

struct vport_ops - definition of a type of virtual port

: OVS_VPORT_TYPE_* value for this type of virtual port. : Create a new vport configured as specified. On success returns a new vport allocated with ovs_vport_alloc(), otherwise an ERR_PTR() value. : Destroys a vport. Must call vport_free() on the vport but not before an RCU grace period has elapsed. : Modify the configuration of an existing vport. May be NULL if modification is not supported. : Appends vport-specific attributes for the configuration of an existing vport to a &struct sk_buff. May be NULL for a vport that does not have any configuration. : Get the device's name. : Get the device's configuration. : Get the system interface index associated with the device. May be null if the device does not have an ifindex. : Send a packet on the device. Returns the length of the packet sent.

Definition at line 138 of file vport.h.

Field Documentation

struct vport*(* create)(const struct vport_parms *)

Definition at line 142 of file vport.h.

void(* destroy)(struct vport *)

Definition at line 143 of file vport.h.

void(* get_config)(const struct vport *, void *)

Definition at line 150 of file vport.h.

int(* get_ifindex)(const struct vport *)

Definition at line 151 of file vport.h.

const char*(* get_name)(const struct vport *)

Definition at line 149 of file vport.h.

int(* get_options)(const struct vport *, struct sk_buff *)

Definition at line 146 of file vport.h.

int(* send)(struct vport *, struct sk_buff *)

Definition at line 153 of file vport.h.

int(* set_options)(struct vport *, struct nlattr *)

Definition at line 145 of file vport.h.

Definition at line 139 of file vport.h.

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