Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
xhci_ep_ctx Struct Reference

#include <xhci.h>

Data Fields

__le32 ep_info
__le32 ep_info2
__le64 deq
__le32 tx_info
__le32 reserved [3]

Detailed Description

struct xhci_ep_ctx : endpoint state, streams, mult, and interval information. : information on endpoint type, max packet size, max burst size, error count, and whether the HC will force an event for all transactions. : 64-bit ring dequeue pointer address. If the endpoint only defines one stream, this points to the endpoint transfer ring. Otherwise, it points to a stream context array, which has a ring pointer for each flow. : Average TRB lengths for the endpoint ring and max payload within an Endpoint Service Interval Time (ESIT).

Endpoint Context - section This assumes the HC uses 32-byte context structures. If the HC uses 64-byte contexts, there is an additional 32 bytes reserved at the end of the endpoint context for HC internal use.

Definition at line 604 of file xhci.h.

Field Documentation

__le64 deq

Definition at line 607 of file xhci.h.

__le32 ep_info

Definition at line 605 of file xhci.h.

__le32 ep_info2

Definition at line 606 of file xhci.h.

__le32 reserved[3]

Definition at line 610 of file xhci.h.

__le32 tx_info

Definition at line 608 of file xhci.h.

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