Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
xhci_intr_reg Struct Reference

#include <xhci.h>

Data Fields

__le32 irq_pending
__le32 irq_control
__le32 erst_size
__le32 rsvd
__le64 erst_base
__le64 erst_dequeue

Detailed Description

struct xhci_intr_reg - Interrupt Register Set : IMAN - Interrupt Management Register. Used to enable interrupts and check for pending interrupts. : IMOD - Interrupt Moderation Register. Used to throttle interrupts. : Number of segments in the Event Ring Segment Table (ERST). : ERST base address. : Event ring dequeue pointer.

Each interrupter (defined by a MSI-X vector) has an event ring and an Event Ring Segment Table (ERST) associated with it. The event ring is comprised of multiple segments of the same size. The HC places events on the ring and "updates the Cycle bit in the TRBs to indicate to software the current position of the Enqueue Pointer." The HCD (Linux) processes those events and updates the dequeue pointer.

Definition at line 401 of file xhci.h.

Field Documentation

__le64 erst_base

Definition at line 406 of file xhci.h.

__le64 erst_dequeue

Definition at line 407 of file xhci.h.

__le32 erst_size

Definition at line 404 of file xhci.h.

__le32 irq_control

Definition at line 403 of file xhci.h.

__le32 irq_pending

Definition at line 402 of file xhci.h.

__le32 rsvd

Definition at line 405 of file xhci.h.

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