Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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svcproc.c File Reference
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/time.h>
#include <linux/lockd/lockd.h>
#include <linux/lockd/share.h>
#include <linux/sunrpc/svc_xprt.h>

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Data Structures

struct  nlm_void


#define cast_status(status)   (status)
#define nlmsvc_encode_norep   nlmsvc_encode_void
#define nlmsvc_decode_norep   nlmsvc_decode_void
#define nlmsvc_decode_testres   nlmsvc_decode_void
#define nlmsvc_decode_lockres   nlmsvc_decode_void
#define nlmsvc_decode_unlockres   nlmsvc_decode_void
#define nlmsvc_decode_cancelres   nlmsvc_decode_void
#define nlmsvc_decode_grantedres   nlmsvc_decode_void
#define nlmsvc_proc_none   nlmsvc_proc_null
#define nlmsvc_proc_test_res   nlmsvc_proc_null
#define nlmsvc_proc_lock_res   nlmsvc_proc_null
#define nlmsvc_proc_cancel_res   nlmsvc_proc_null
#define nlmsvc_proc_unlock_res   nlmsvc_proc_null
#define PROC(name, xargt, xrest, argt, rest, respsize)
#define Ck   (1+XDR_QUADLEN(NLM_MAXCOOKIELEN)) /* cookie */
#define St   1 /* status */
#define No   (1+1024/4) /* Net Obj */
#define Rg   2 /* range - offset + size */


void nlmsvc_release_call (struct nlm_rqst *call)


struct svc_procedure nlmsvc_procedures []

Macro Definition Documentation

#define cast_status (   status)    (status)

Definition at line 44 of file svcproc.c.

#define Ck   (1+XDR_QUADLEN(NLM_MAXCOOKIELEN)) /* cookie */

Definition at line 517 of file svcproc.c.


Definition at line 16 of file svcproc.c.

#define nlmsvc_decode_cancelres   nlmsvc_decode_void

Definition at line 496 of file svcproc.c.

#define nlmsvc_decode_grantedres   nlmsvc_decode_void

Definition at line 497 of file svcproc.c.

#define nlmsvc_decode_lockres   nlmsvc_decode_void

Definition at line 494 of file svcproc.c.

#define nlmsvc_decode_norep   nlmsvc_decode_void

Definition at line 492 of file svcproc.c.

#define nlmsvc_decode_testres   nlmsvc_decode_void

Definition at line 493 of file svcproc.c.

#define nlmsvc_decode_unlockres   nlmsvc_decode_void

Definition at line 495 of file svcproc.c.

#define nlmsvc_encode_norep   nlmsvc_encode_void

Definition at line 491 of file svcproc.c.

#define nlmsvc_proc_cancel_res   nlmsvc_proc_null

Definition at line 502 of file svcproc.c.

#define nlmsvc_proc_lock_res   nlmsvc_proc_null

Definition at line 501 of file svcproc.c.

#define nlmsvc_proc_none   nlmsvc_proc_null

Definition at line 499 of file svcproc.c.

#define nlmsvc_proc_test_res   nlmsvc_proc_null

Definition at line 500 of file svcproc.c.

#define nlmsvc_proc_unlock_res   nlmsvc_proc_null

Definition at line 503 of file svcproc.c.

#define No   (1+1024/4) /* Net Obj */

Definition at line 519 of file svcproc.c.

#define PROC (   name,
{ .pc_func = (svc_procfunc) nlmsvc_proc_##name, \
.pc_decode = (kxdrproc_t) nlmsvc_decode_##xargt, \
.pc_encode = (kxdrproc_t) nlmsvc_encode_##xrest, \
.pc_release = NULL, \
.pc_argsize = sizeof(struct nlm_##argt), \
.pc_ressize = sizeof(struct nlm_##rest), \
.pc_xdrressize = respsize, \

Definition at line 507 of file svcproc.c.

#define Rg   2 /* range - offset + size */

Definition at line 520 of file svcproc.c.

#define St   1 /* status */

Definition at line 518 of file svcproc.c.

Function Documentation

void nlmsvc_release_call ( struct nlm_rqst *  call)

Definition at line 264 of file svcproc.c.

Variable Documentation

struct svc_procedure nlmsvc_procedures[]
Initial value:
= {
PROC(null, void, void, void, void, 1),
PROC(test, testargs, testres, args, res, Ck+St+2+No+Rg),
PROC(lock, lockargs, res, args, res, Ck+St),
PROC(cancel, cancargs, res, args, res, Ck+St),
PROC(unlock, unlockargs, res, args, res, Ck+St),
PROC(granted, testargs, res, args, res, Ck+St),
PROC(test_msg, testargs, norep, args, void, 1),
PROC(lock_msg, lockargs, norep, args, void, 1),
PROC(cancel_msg, cancargs, norep, args, void, 1),
PROC(unlock_msg, unlockargs, norep, args, void, 1),
PROC(granted_msg, testargs, norep, args, void, 1),
PROC(test_res, testres, norep, res, void, 1),
PROC(lock_res, lockres, norep, res, void, 1),
PROC(cancel_res, cancelres, norep, res, void, 1),
PROC(unlock_res, unlockres, norep, res, void, 1),
PROC(granted_res, res, norep, res, void, 1),
PROC(sm_notify, reboot, void, reboot, void, 1),
PROC(none, void, void, void, void, 1),
PROC(none, void, void, void, void, 1),
PROC(none, void, void, void, void, 1),
PROC(share, shareargs, shareres, args, res, Ck+St+1),
PROC(unshare, shareargs, shareres, args, res, Ck+St+1),
PROC(nm_lock, lockargs, res, args, res, Ck+St),
PROC(free_all, notify, void, args, void, 0),

Definition at line 522 of file svcproc.c.