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tables_phy_ht.h File Reference

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#define B43_HTTAB_TYPEMASK   0xF0000000
#define B43_HTTAB_8BIT   0x10000000
#define B43_HTTAB_16BIT   0x20000000
#define B43_HTTAB_32BIT   0x30000000
#define B43_HTTAB8(table, offset)   (((table) << 10) | (offset) | B43_HTTAB_8BIT)
#define B43_HTTAB16(table, offset)   (((table) << 10) | (offset) | B43_HTTAB_16BIT)
#define B43_HTTAB32(table, offset)   (((table) << 10) | (offset) | B43_HTTAB_32BIT)
#define B43_HTTAB_1A_C0_LATE_SIZE   128


u32 b43_httab_read (struct b43_wldev *dev, u32 offset)
void b43_httab_read_bulk (struct b43_wldev *dev, u32 offset, unsigned int nr_elements, void *_data)
void b43_httab_write (struct b43_wldev *dev, u32 offset, u32 value)
void b43_httab_write_few (struct b43_wldev *dev, u32 offset, size_t num,...)
void b43_httab_write_bulk (struct b43_wldev *dev, u32 offset, unsigned int nr_elements, const void *_data)
void b43_phy_ht_tables_init (struct b43_wldev *dev)


const u32 b43_httab_0x1a_0xc0_late []

Macro Definition Documentation

#define B43_HTTAB16 (   table,
)    (((table) << 10) | (offset) | B43_HTTAB_16BIT)

Definition at line 10 of file tables_phy_ht.h.

#define B43_HTTAB32 (   table,
)    (((table) << 10) | (offset) | B43_HTTAB_32BIT)

Definition at line 11 of file tables_phy_ht.h.

#define B43_HTTAB8 (   table,
)    (((table) << 10) | (offset) | B43_HTTAB_8BIT)

Definition at line 9 of file tables_phy_ht.h.

#define B43_HTTAB_16BIT   0x20000000

Definition at line 7 of file tables_phy_ht.h.

#define B43_HTTAB_1A_C0_LATE_SIZE   128

Definition at line 23 of file tables_phy_ht.h.

#define B43_HTTAB_32BIT   0x30000000

Definition at line 8 of file tables_phy_ht.h.

#define B43_HTTAB_8BIT   0x10000000

Definition at line 6 of file tables_phy_ht.h.

#define B43_HTTAB_TYPEMASK   0xF0000000

Definition at line 5 of file tables_phy_ht.h.

Function Documentation

u32 b43_httab_read ( struct b43_wldev dev,
u32  offset 

Definition at line 619 of file tables_phy_ht.c.

void b43_httab_read_bulk ( struct b43_wldev dev,
u32  offset,
unsigned int  nr_elements,
void _data 

Definition at line 650 of file tables_phy_ht.c.

void b43_httab_write ( struct b43_wldev dev,
u32  offset,
u32  value 

Definition at line 685 of file tables_phy_ht.c.

void b43_httab_write_bulk ( struct b43_wldev dev,
u32  offset,
unsigned int  nr_elements,
const void _data 

Definition at line 760 of file tables_phy_ht.c.

void b43_httab_write_few ( struct b43_wldev dev,
u32  offset,
size_t  num,

Definition at line 715 of file tables_phy_ht.c.

void b43_phy_ht_tables_init ( struct b43_wldev dev)

Definition at line 807 of file tables_phy_ht.c.

Variable Documentation

const u32 b43_httab_0x1a_0xc0_late[]

Definition at line 580 of file tables_phy_ht.c.