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tty_driver.h File Reference
#include <linux/export.h>
#include <linux/fs.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/cdev.h>
#include <linux/termios.h>

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Data Structures

struct  tty_operations
struct  tty_driver


#define tty_alloc_driver(lines, flags)   __tty_alloc_driver(lines, THIS_MODULE, flags)
#define TTY_DRIVER_MAGIC   0x5402
#define TTY_DRIVER_INSTALLED   0x0001
#define TTY_DRIVER_REAL_RAW   0x0004
#define TTY_DRIVER_DYNAMIC_DEV   0x0008
#define TTY_DRIVER_DEVPTS_MEM   0x0010
#define TTY_DRIVER_TYPE_SYSTEM   0x0001
#define TTY_DRIVER_TYPE_CONSOLE   0x0002
#define TTY_DRIVER_TYPE_SERIAL   0x0003
#define TTY_DRIVER_TYPE_PTY   0x0004
#define TTY_DRIVER_TYPE_SCC   0x0005 /* scc driver */
#define TTY_DRIVER_TYPE_SYSCONS   0x0006
#define SYSTEM_TYPE_TTY   0x0001
#define SYSTEM_TYPE_CONSOLE   0x0002
#define SYSTEM_TYPE_SYSCONS   0x0003
#define SYSTEM_TYPE_SYSPTMX   0x0004
#define PTY_TYPE_MASTER   0x0001
#define PTY_TYPE_SLAVE   0x0002


struct tty_driver__tty_alloc_driver (unsigned int lines, struct module *owner, unsigned long flags)
void put_tty_driver (struct tty_driver *driver)
void tty_set_operations (struct tty_driver *driver, const struct tty_operations *op)
struct tty_drivertty_find_polling_driver (char *name, int *line)
void tty_driver_kref_put (struct tty_driver *driver)


struct list_head tty_drivers

Macro Definition Documentation

#define PTY_TYPE_MASTER   0x0001

Definition at line 427 of file tty_driver.h.

#define PTY_TYPE_SLAVE   0x0002

Definition at line 428 of file tty_driver.h.


Definition at line 431 of file tty_driver.h.

#define SYSTEM_TYPE_CONSOLE   0x0002

Definition at line 422 of file tty_driver.h.

#define SYSTEM_TYPE_SYSCONS   0x0003

Definition at line 423 of file tty_driver.h.

#define SYSTEM_TYPE_SYSPTMX   0x0004

Definition at line 424 of file tty_driver.h.

#define SYSTEM_TYPE_TTY   0x0001

Definition at line 421 of file tty_driver.h.

#define tty_alloc_driver (   lines,
)    __tty_alloc_driver(lines, THIS_MODULE, flags)

Definition at line 335 of file tty_driver.h.

#define TTY_DRIVER_DEVPTS_MEM   0x0010

Definition at line 407 of file tty_driver.h.


Definition at line 409 of file tty_driver.h.

#define TTY_DRIVER_DYNAMIC_DEV   0x0008

Definition at line 406 of file tty_driver.h.


Definition at line 408 of file tty_driver.h.

#define TTY_DRIVER_INSTALLED   0x0001

Definition at line 403 of file tty_driver.h.

#define TTY_DRIVER_MAGIC   0x5402

Definition at line 357 of file tty_driver.h.

#define TTY_DRIVER_REAL_RAW   0x0004

Definition at line 405 of file tty_driver.h.


Definition at line 404 of file tty_driver.h.

#define TTY_DRIVER_TYPE_CONSOLE   0x0002

Definition at line 414 of file tty_driver.h.

#define TTY_DRIVER_TYPE_PTY   0x0004

Definition at line 416 of file tty_driver.h.

#define TTY_DRIVER_TYPE_SCC   0x0005 /* scc driver */

Definition at line 417 of file tty_driver.h.

#define TTY_DRIVER_TYPE_SERIAL   0x0003

Definition at line 415 of file tty_driver.h.

#define TTY_DRIVER_TYPE_SYSCONS   0x0006

Definition at line 418 of file tty_driver.h.

#define TTY_DRIVER_TYPE_SYSTEM   0x0001

Definition at line 413 of file tty_driver.h.


Definition at line 410 of file tty_driver.h.

Function Documentation

struct tty_driver* __tty_alloc_driver ( unsigned int  lines,
struct module owner,
unsigned long  flags 

__tty_alloc_driver – allocate tty driver : count of lines this driver can handle at most : module which is repsonsible for this driver : some of TTY_DRIVER_* flags, will be set in driver->flags

This should not be called directly, some of the provided macros should be used instead. Use IS_ERR and friends on

Return values

Definition at line 3147 of file tty_io.c.

void put_tty_driver ( struct tty_driver driver)

Definition at line 3249 of file tty_io.c.

void tty_driver_kref_put ( struct tty_driver driver)

Definition at line 3236 of file tty_io.c.

struct tty_driver* tty_find_polling_driver ( char name,
int line 
void tty_set_operations ( struct tty_driver driver,
const struct tty_operations op 

Definition at line 3242 of file tty_io.c.

Variable Documentation

struct list_head tty_drivers