Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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wl_profile.h File Reference

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#define ROOT_CONFIG_FILENAME   "/etc/agere/iwconfig-"


void parse_config (struct net_device *dev)
int readline (int filedesc, char *buffer)
void translate_option (char *buffer, struct wl_private *lp)
int parse_mac_address (char *value, u_char *byte_array)
void ParseConfigLine (char *pszLine, char **ppszLVal, char **ppszRVal)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ROOT_CONFIG_FILENAME   "/etc/agere/iwconfig-"

Definition at line 70 of file wl_profile.h.

Function Documentation

void parse_config ( struct net_device dev)
int parse_mac_address ( char value,
u_char byte_array 
void ParseConfigLine ( char pszLine,
char **  ppszLVal,
char **  ppszRVal 
int readline ( int  filedesc,
char buffer 
void translate_option ( char buffer,
struct wl_private lp