Chapter 15 Desktop Applications

Table of Contents
15.1 Synopsis
15.2 Browsers
15.3 Productivity
15.4 Document Viewers
15.5 Finance
15.6 Summary
Contributed by Christophe Juniet.

15.1 Synopsis

DragonFly can run a wide variety of desktop applications, such as browsers and word processors. Most of these are available as packages or can be automatically built from the ports collection. Many new users expect to find these kinds of applications on their desktop. This chapter will show you how to install some popular desktop applications effortlessly, either from their packages or from the ports collection.

Warning: This chapter contains a number of outdated references to the FreeBSD ports collection. Most instructions still apply to pkgsrc, but proceed with caution until this chapter is updated.

Note that when installing programs from the ports, they are compiled from source. This can take a very long time, depending on what you are compiling and the processing power of your machine(s). If building from source takes a prohibitively long amount of time for you, you can install most of the programs of the ports collection from pre-built packages.

As DragonFly features Linux binary compatibility, many applications originally developed for Linux are available for your desktop. It is strongly recommended that you read Chapter 22 before installing any of the Linux applications. Many of the ports using the Linux binary compatibility start with ``linux-''. Remember this when you search for a particular port, for instance with whereis(1). In the following text, it is assumed that you have enabled Linux binary compatibility before installing any of the Linux applications.

Here are the categories covered by this chapter:

Before reading this chapter, you should:

For information on how to get a multimedia environment, read Chapter 16. If you want to set up and use electronic mail, please refer to Chapter 20.

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