Splash screen


This will be a simple tutorial to cement the basic idea of how the GUI subsystem works. The goal will be to create a really simple, static splash screen.

Following is a file with the assets that will be used. These can be added directly to your project folder—no need to import them:


Setting up

Set the display resolution to 800x450 in Project Settings, and set up a new scene like this:

../../_images/robisplashscene.png ../../_images/robisplashpreview.png

The nodes ‘background” and “logo” are of TextureFrame type. These have a special property for setting the texture to be displayed, just load the corresponding file.


The node “start” is a TextureButton, it takes several images for different states, but only the normal and pressed will be supplied in this example:


Finally, the node “copyright” is a Label. Labels can be set a custom font by editing the following property:


As a side note, the font was imported from a TTF, see Importing fonts.