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Part III. Advanced Topics Guide

Table of Contents

11. Session Management
Setting Session Characteristics
Using Persistent Sessions
Session Clustering with a Database
Session Clustering with MongoDB
12. Configuring JNDI
Quick Setup
Detailed Setup
Working with Jetty JNDI
Configuring JNDI
Datasource Examples
13. JMX
Using Java Management Extensions (JMX)
14. NPN
15. SPDY
Introducing SPDY
Configuring SPDY
Configuring SPDY Proxy
16. Starting Jetty
Start Features
Start Option Matrix
17. Handlers
Rewrite Handler
Writing Custom Handlers
18. Embedding
Jetty Embedded HelloWorld
Embedding Jetty
19. Maven and Jetty
Using Maven
Configuring the Jetty Maven Plugin
20. Using Ant with Jetty
Using the Ant Jetty Plugin
21. Jetty Runner
Use Jetty without an installed distribution
22. Setuid
Configuring Setuid
23. Advanced Security Topics
Spnego Support
24. Frameworks
Spring Setup
25. Optimizing Jetty
Garbage Collection
High Load
Limiting Load
26. Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Zip Exceptions
Troubleshooting Locked Files on Windows
Preventing Memory Leaks

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