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Chapter 12. Configuring JNDI

Table of Contents

Quick Setup
Detailed Setup
Working with Jetty JNDI
Configuring JNDI
Datasource Examples

Jetty supports java:comp/env lookups in webapps. This is an optional feature for which you need to do some setup.

Quick Setup

If you are using the standard distribution of Jetty, and want to enable JNDI for all your webapps, edit the $JETTY_HOME/start.ini file and uncomment the following two lines:

# Annotations JNDI JAAS processing
# OPTIONS=annotations
# etc/jetty-annotations.xml


You can now start Jetty and use JNDI within your webapps. See Using JNDI for information on how to add entries to the JNDI environment that Jetty can look up within webapps.

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