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Qt3Support Module

The Qt3Support module provides classes that ease porting from Qt 3 to Qt 4. More...


Q3AccelHandles keyboard accelerator and shortcut keys
Q3ActionAbstract user interface action that can appear both in menus and tool bars
Q3ActionGroupGroups actions together
Q3AsciiCacheTemplate class that provides a cache based on char* keys
Q3AsciiCacheIteratorIterator for Q3AsciiCache collections
Q3AsciiDictTemplate class that provides a dictionary based on char* keys
Q3AsciiDictIteratorIterator for Q3AsciiDict collections
Q3ButtonCompatibility base class of button widgets
Q3ButtonGroupOrganizes QAbstractButton widgets in a group
Q3CStringAbstraction of the classic C zero-terminated char array (char *)
Q3CacheTemplate class that provides a cache based on QString keys
Q3CacheIteratorIterator for Q3Cache collections
Q3Canvas2D area that can contain Q3CanvasItem objects
Q3CanvasEllipseEllipse or ellipse segment on a Q3Canvas
Q3CanvasItemAbstract graphic object on a Q3Canvas
Q3CanvasItemListList of Q3CanvasItems
Q3CanvasLineLine on a Q3Canvas
Q3CanvasPixmapPixmaps for Q3CanvasSprites
Q3CanvasPixmapArrayArray of Q3CanvasPixmaps
Q3CanvasPolygonPolygon on a Q3Canvas
Q3CanvasPolygonalItemPolygonal canvas item on a Q3Canvas
Q3CanvasRectangleRectangle on a Q3Canvas
Q3CanvasSplineMulti-bezier splines on a Q3Canvas
Q3CanvasSpriteAnimated canvas item on a Q3Canvas
Q3CanvasTextText object on a Q3Canvas
Q3CanvasViewOn-screen view of a Q3Canvas
Q3CheckListItemCheckable list view items
Q3CheckTableItemCheckboxes in Q3Tables
Q3ColorDragDrag and drop object for transferring colors between widgets
Q3ComboBoxCombined button and popup list
Q3ComboTableItemMeans of using comboboxes in Q3Tables
Q3DataBrowserData manipulation and navigation for data entry forms
Q3DataTableFlexible SQL table widget that supports browsing and editing
Q3DataViewRead-only SQL forms
Q3DateEditDate editor
Q3DateTimeEditCombines a Q3DateEdit and Q3TimeEdit widget into a single widget for editing datetimes
Q3DateTimeEditBaseAbstraction for date and edit editors
Q3DeepCopyTemplate class which ensures that implicitly shared and explicitly shared classes reference unique data
Q3DictTemplate class that provides a dictionary based on QString keys
Q3DictIteratorIterator for Q3Dict collections
Q3DnsAsynchronous DNS lookups
Q3DockAreaManages and lays out Q3DockWindows
Q3DockWindowWidget which can be docked inside a Q3DockArea or floated as a top level window on the desktop
Q3DragObjectEncapsulates MIME-based data transfer
Q3DropSiteNothing and does nothing
Q3EditorFactoryUsed to create editor widgets for QVariant data types
Q3FileDialogDialogs that allow users to select files or directories
Q3FileIconProviderIcons for Q3FileDialog to use
Q3FilePreviewFile previewing in Q3FileDialog
Q3FtpImplementation of the FTP protocol
Q3GridSimple geometry management of its children
Q3GridViewAbstract base for fixed-size grids
Q3GroupBoxGroup box frame with a title
Q3HBoxHorizontal geometry management for its child widgets
Q3HButtonGroupOrganizes button widgets in a group with one horizontal row
Q3HGroupBoxOrganizes widgets in a group with one horizontal row
Q3HeaderHeader row or column, e.g. for tables and listviews
Q3HttpImplementation of the HTTP protocol
Q3HttpHeaderHeader information for HTTP
Q3HttpRequestHeaderRequest header information for HTTP
Q3HttpResponseHeaderResponse header information for HTTP
Q3IconDragSupports drag and drop operations within a Q3IconView
Q3IconDragItemEncapsulates a drag item
Q3IconViewArea with movable labelled icons
Q3IconViewItemSingle item in a Q3IconView
Q3ImageDragDrag and drop object for transferring images
Q3IntCacheTemplate class that provides a cache based on long keys
Q3IntCacheIteratorIterator for Q3IntCache collections
Q3IntDictTemplate class that provides a dictionary based on long keys
Q3IntDictIteratorIterator for Q3IntDict collections
Q3ListBoxList of selectable, read-only items
Q3ListBoxItemThe base class of all list box items
Q3ListBoxPixmapList box items with a pixmap and optional text
Q3ListBoxTextList box items that display text
Q3ListViewImplements a list/tree view
Q3ListViewItemImplements a list view item
Q3ListViewItemIteratorIterator for collections of Q3ListViewItems
Q3LocalFsImplementation of a QNetworkProtocol that works on the local file system
Q3MainWindowMain application window, with a menu bar, dock windows (e.g. for toolbars), and a status bar
Q3MemArrayTemplate class that provides arrays of simple types
Q3MimeSourceFactoryExtensible provider of mime-typed data
Q3MultiLineEditSimple editor for inputting text
Q3NetworkOperationCommon operations for network protocols
Q3NetworkProtocolCommon API for network protocols
Q3PaintDeviceMetricsInformation about a paint device
Q3PainterQt 3 compatibility wrapper for QPainter
Q3PicturePaint device that records and replays Q3Painter commands
Q3PopupMenuThin compatibility wrapper around QMenu
Q3ProcessUsed to start external programs and to communicate with them
Q3ProgressBarHorizontal progress bar
Q3ProgressDialogFeedback on the progress of a slow operation
Q3PtrCollectionThe base class of most pointer-based Qt collections
Q3PtrDictTemplate class that provides a dictionary based on void* keys
Q3PtrDictIteratorIterator for Q3PtrDict collections
Q3PtrListTemplate class that provides a list
Q3PtrListIteratorIterator for Q3PtrList collections
Q3PtrQueueTemplate class that provides a queue
Q3PtrStackTemplate class that provides a stack
Q3PtrVectorTemplate collection class that provides a vector (array)
Q3RangeControlInteger value within a range
Q3ScrollViewScrolling area with on-demand scroll bars
Q3SemaphoreRobust integer semaphore
Q3ServerSocketTCP-based server
Q3SharedUsed internally for implementing shared classes
Q3SignalCan be used to send signals for classes that don't inherit QObject
Q3SimpleRichTextSmall displayable piece of rich text
Q3SocketBuffered TCP connection
Q3SocketDevicePlatform-independent low-level socket API
Q3SqlCursorBrowsing and editing of SQL tables and views
Q3SqlEditorFactoryUsed to create the editors used by Q3DataTable and Q3SqlForm
Q3SqlFieldInfoStores meta data associated with a SQL field
Q3SqlFormCreates and manages data entry forms tied to SQL databases
Q3SqlPropertyMapUsed to map widgets to SQL fields
Q3SqlRecordInfoEncapsulates a set of database field meta data
Q3SqlSelectCursorBrowsing of general SQL SELECT statements
Q3StoredDragSimple stored-value drag object for arbitrary MIME data
Q3StrIListDoubly-linked list of char* with case-insensitive comparison
Q3StrListDoubly-linked list of char*
Q3StrListIteratorIterator for the Q3StrList and Q3StrIList classes
Q3StyleSheetCollection of styles for rich text rendering and a generator of tags
Q3StyleSheetItemEncapsulation of a set of text styles
Q3SyntaxHighlighterBase class for implementing Q3TextEdit syntax highlighters
Q3TabDialogStack of tabbed widgets
Q3TableFlexible editable table widget
Q3TableItemThe cell content for Q3Table cells
Q3TableSelectionAccess to a selected area in a Q3Table
Q3TextBrowserRich text browser with hypertext navigation
Q3TextDragDrag and drop object for transferring plain and Unicode text
Q3TextEditPowerful single-page rich text editor
Q3TextStreamBasic functions for reading and writing text using a QIODevice
Q3TextViewRich text viewer
Q3TimeEditTime editor
Q3ToolBarMovable panel containing widgets such as tool buttons
Q3UriDragDrag object for a list of URI references
Q3UrlURL parser and simplifies working with URLs
Q3UrlOperatorCommon operations on URLs
Q3VBoxVertical geometry management of its child widgets
Q3VButtonGroupOrganizes button widgets in a vertical column
Q3VGroupBoxOrganizes widgets in a group with one vertical column
Q3ValueListValue-based template class that provides lists
Q3ValueListConstIteratorConst iterator for Q3ValueList
Q3ValueListIteratorIterator for Q3ValueList
Q3ValueStackValue-based template class that provides a stack
Q3ValueVectorValue-based template class that provides a dynamic array
Q3WidgetStackStack of widgets of which only the top widget is user-visible
Q3WizardFramework for wizard dialogs

Detailed Description

The Qt3Support module provides classes that ease porting from Qt 3 to Qt 4.

To include the definitions of the module's classes, use the following directive:

 #include <Qt3Support>

To link against the module, add this line to your qmake .pro file:

 QT += qt3support

This module is part of the Qt Desktop Edition and the Qt Open Source Edition. Most classes offered by this module are also part of the Qt Desktop Light Edition. Classes that are not available for Qt Desktop Light Edition users are marked as such in the class documentation.

See also Porting to Qt 4.

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