Slider Joint 2D

The Slider Joint 2D component allows a Sprite object controlled by rigidbody physics to slide along a line in space. The object can optionally be left free to move anywhere along the line in response to collisions or forces. It can also be moved along by a motor force and have limits applied to keep its position within a certain section of the line.

Collide ConnectedCan the two connected objects collide with each other?
Connected RigidbodyThe other Rigidbody2D object that the one with the joint is connected to. If this is null then the othen end of the joint will be fixed at a point in space.
AnchorCoordinate in local space where the end point of the joint is attached.
Connected AnchorCoordinate in the other object's local space where its end of the joint is attached.
AngleThe angle of the line relative to the other rigidbody (or world space).
Use MotorShould the sliding motor be enabled?
Motor SpeedTarget motor speed (units/sec).
Maximum Motor ForceThe maximum force the motor can apply while attempting to reach the target speed.
Lower TranslationThe minimum distance the rigidbody object can be from the connected anchor point.
Upper TranslationThe maximum distance the rigidbody object can be from the connected anchor point.


The Slider Joint can be used for sliding objects such as doors but also for any objects that follow a simple, straight path. Such objects might include simple characters, obstacles that rise or fall from their surroundings, projectiles and many other common game elements.

Page last updated: 2013-08-29