Version: 3.0.2
wxGridCellAutoWrapStringEditor Class Reference

#include <wx/grid.h>

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Detailed Description

Public Member Functions

 wxGridCellAutoWrapStringEditor ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from wxGridCellTextEditor
 wxGridCellTextEditor (size_t maxChars=0)
 Text cell editor constructor.
virtual void SetParameters (const wxString &params)
 The parameters string format is "n" where n is a number representing the maximum width.
virtual void SetValidator (const wxValidator &validator)
 Set validator to validate user input.
- Public Member Functions inherited from wxGridCellEditor
 wxGridCellEditor ()
 Default constructor.
virtual void BeginEdit (int row, int col, wxGrid *grid)=0
 Fetch the value from the table and prepare the edit control to begin editing.
virtual wxGridCellEditorClone () const =0
 Create a new object which is the copy of this one.
virtual void Create (wxWindow *parent, wxWindowID id, wxEvtHandler *evtHandler)=0
 Creates the actual edit control.
virtual void Destroy ()
 Final cleanup.
virtual bool EndEdit (int row, int col, const wxGrid *grid, const wxString &oldval, wxString *newval)=0
 End editing the cell.
virtual void ApplyEdit (int row, int col, wxGrid *grid)=0
 Effectively save the changes in the grid.
virtual void HandleReturn (wxKeyEvent &event)
 Some types of controls on some platforms may need some help with the Return key.
bool IsCreated ()
 Returns true if the edit control has been created.
virtual void PaintBackground (wxDC &dc, const wxRect &rectCell, wxGridCellAttr &attr)
 Draws the part of the cell not occupied by the control: the base class version just fills it with background colour from the attribute.
virtual void Reset ()=0
 Reset the value in the control back to its starting value.
virtual void SetSize (const wxRect &rect)
 Size and position the edit control.
virtual void Show (bool show, wxGridCellAttr *attr=NULL)
 Show or hide the edit control, use the specified attributes to set colours/fonts for it.
virtual void StartingClick ()
 If the editor is enabled by clicking on the cell, this method will be called.
virtual void StartingKey (wxKeyEvent &event)
 If the editor is enabled by pressing keys on the grid, this will be called to let the editor do something about that first key if desired.
virtual wxString GetValue () const =0
 Returns the value currently in the editor control.
wxControlGetControl () const
 Get the wxControl used by this editor.
void SetControl (wxControl *control)
 Set the wxControl that will be used by this cell editor for editing the value.
- Public Member Functions inherited from wxClientDataContainer
 wxClientDataContainer ()
 Default constructor.
virtual ~wxClientDataContainer ()
void * GetClientData () const
 Get the untyped client data.
wxClientDataGetClientObject () const
 Get a pointer to the client data object.
void SetClientData (void *data)
 Set the untyped client data.
void SetClientObject (wxClientData *data)
 Set the client data object.
- Public Member Functions inherited from wxRefCounter
 wxRefCounter ()
 Default constructor.
void DecRef ()
 Decrements the reference count associated with this shared data and, if it reaches zero, destroys this instance of wxRefCounter releasing its memory.
int GetRefCount () const
 Returns the reference count associated with this shared data.
void IncRef ()
 Increments the reference count associated with this shared data.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from wxGridCellEditor
virtual ~wxGridCellEditor ()
 The destructor is private because only DecRef() can delete us.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wxGridCellAutoWrapStringEditor::wxGridCellAutoWrapStringEditor ( )