JBI Support deprecated in Apache ServiceMix 4

JBI 1.0 support is available in Apache ServiceMix 4 to allow existing users to migrate more easily to this latest version - if you're a new user, you should consider JBI deprecated and not use it for your project. Take a look at our technology selection guidelines for more information.



The ServiceMix Exec component is used to invoke commands (executables, binaries, shell commands, shell scripts, etc). The command can be static (defined in the endpoint attributes) or dynamic (provided in the incoming message, including arguments).

Namespace and xbean.xml

The namespace URI for the servicemix-exec component is http://servicemix.apache.org/exec/1.0. The is an example of <filename>xbean.xml</filename> with a namespace definition with prefix exec.

<beans xmlns:exec="http://servicemix.apache.org/exec/1.0">

   <!-- add exec:endpoint definitions here -->


Endpoints types

The ServiceMix Exec component only defines one endpoint, called exec:endpoint.

Endpoint exec:endpoint

Endpoint properties

Property Name Type Description
command java.lang.String <p> This attribute specifies the default command to use if no is provided in the incoming message. </p> <i> nbsp; he default value is <code>null</code>.
endpoint java.lang.String <p> Get the endpoint implementation. </p>
interfaceName javax.xml.namespace.QName <p> Get the qualified name of the endpoint interface. </p>
marshaler org.apache.servicemix.exec.marshaler.ExecMarshalerSupport <p> With this method you can specify a marshaler class which provides the logic for converting a message into a execution command. This class has to implement the interface class <code>ExecMarshalerSupport</code>. If you don't specify a marshaler, the <code>DefaultExecMarshaler</code> will be used. </p>
service javax.xml.namespace.QName <p> Get the service qualified name of the endpoint. </p>
wsdl org.springframework.core.io.Resource <p> This attribute specifies the abstract WSDL describing the endpoint behavior. </p>

Abstract WSDL


How it works