JBI Support deprecated in Apache ServiceMix 4

JBI 1.0 support is available in Apache ServiceMix 4 to allow existing users to migrate more easily to this latest version - if you're a new user, you should consider JBI deprecated and not use it for your project. Take a look at our technology selection guidelines for more information.



The servicemix-quartz component is a standard JBI Service Engine able to schedule and trigger jobs using the great Quartz scheduler.

Namespace and xbean.xml

The namespace URI for the servicemix-bean JBI component is http://servicemix.apache.org/quartz/1.0. This is an example of an xbean.xml file with a namespace definition with prefix bean.

<beans xmlns:osworkflow="http://servicemix.apache.org/quartz/1.0">

  <!-- add quartz:endpoint here -->


Endpoint types

The servicemix-quartz component defines a single endpoint type:

  • quartz:endpoint :: The quartz endpoint can be used to fire message exchanges at a given (recurrent) time.


Endpoint properties

Property Name Type Description
calendars java.util.Map A map with {@link org.quartz.Calendar} instances to define the trigger schedule.
endpoint java.lang.String <p> Get the endpoint implementation. </p>
interfaceName javax.xml.namespace.QName <p> Get the qualified name of the endpoint interface. </p>
jobDetail org.quartz.JobDetail Set a custom JobDetail bean to be used in the triggered events.
marshaler org.apache.servicemix.quartz.support.QuartzMarshaler Set a custom marshaler class to translate the JobDetail information into a normalized message.
service javax.xml.namespace.QName <p> Get the service qualified name of the endpoint. </p>
targetEndpoint java.lang.String the name of the endpoint to which requests are sent
targetInterface javax.xml.namespace.QName the QName of the interface to which requests are sent
targetOperation javax.xml.namespace.QName the QName of the operation to which requests are sent
targetService javax.xml.namespace.QName the QName of the service to which requests are sent
targetUri java.lang.String <p> Gets the target URI of the consumer endpoint. </p>
trigger org.quartz.Trigger A single {@link org.quartz.Trigger} instance to define the trigger schedule.
triggers (java.lang.Object)\* A list of of {@link org.quartz.Trigger} instances to allow configuring multiple schedules for the same endpoint.