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To record: Set the recording (input) device, monitor then adjust the input level, then press the red Record Record button button.

Correct adjustment of level before recording is essential to avoid noise or distortion.

  1. Set the Recording Device either in the Devices section of Preferences or in Device Toolbar
  2. Click in the right-hand section of Meter Toolbar to start monitoring as in the following image:
    Meter Toolbar with monitoring enabled
  3. Singing or playing the loudest part of what you are recording, adjust the input level using the right-hand slider on Mixer Toolbar:
    Mixer Toolbar Output and Input Sliders
    so that the moving Meter Toolbar bars do not get too close to the right-hand edge of the meter
  4. Optionally, turn on Transport > Software Playthough (on/off) (so it has a check mark) to hear what the recording will sound like
  5. Press the red Record Record button button to record for real.
Warning icon You must not turn Software Playthrough on if you are recording computer playback because it creates echoes - to hear what a recording of computer playback will sound like, make a test recording to check the level before recording for real.

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