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This places labels in a long track so as to divide it into smaller, equally sized segments. For example, this can be useful for distributing a large file on the internet. You can either choose the number of labels to be created, or the interval between them. Each label produced contains the chosen label text.
Accessed by: Analyze > Regular Interval Labels...
Regular interval labels dialog

You can choose whether or not to add a sequential number for each label, whether the number comes before or after the label text, and the minimum number of digits to use in the label numbers. The default is to have minimum two digits before the label. With that setting, if you had 10 labels with "Label" as the label text, the first label would be "01Label" and the last would be "10Label". "Begin numbering from" lets you start the numbering sequence from any number, even a negative number if desired.

When labels are created by choosing the interval between the labels, by default the label interval is adjusted slightly if needs be so that all the audio segments are of equal length. If you wish the chosen label interval to be respected even if this makes the final audio segment unequal, set "Adjust label interval to fit length" to "No".

After running "Regular Interval Labels", choose File > Export Multiple... to export all the files in one process based on the label points.


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