Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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amd7930_fn.h File Reference

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#define BYTE   unsigned char
#define WORD   unsigned int
#define rByteAMD(cs, reg)   cs->readisac(cs, reg)
#define wByteAMD(cs, reg, val)   cs->writeisac(cs, reg, val)
#define rWordAMD(cs, reg)   ReadWordAmd7930(cs, reg)
#define wWordAMD(cs, reg, val)   WriteWordAmd7930(cs, reg, val)
#define HIBYTE(w)   ((unsigned char)((w & 0xff00) / 256))
#define LOBYTE(w)   ((unsigned char)(w & 0x00ff))
#define AmdIrqOff(cs)   cs->dc.amd7930.setIrqMask(cs, 0)
#define AmdIrqOn(cs)   cs->dc.amd7930.setIrqMask(cs, 1)
#define AMD_CR   0x00
#define AMD_DR   0x01
#define DBUSY_TIMER_VALUE   80


void Amd7930_interrupt (struct IsdnCardState *, unsigned char)
void Amd7930_init (struct IsdnCardState *)
void setup_Amd7930 (struct IsdnCardState *)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define AMD_CR   0x00

Definition at line 29 of file amd7930_fn.h.

#define AMD_DR   0x01

Definition at line 30 of file amd7930_fn.h.

#define AmdIrqOff (   cs)    cs->dc.amd7930.setIrqMask(cs, 0)

Definition at line 26 of file amd7930_fn.h.

#define AmdIrqOn (   cs)    cs->dc.amd7930.setIrqMask(cs, 1)

Definition at line 27 of file amd7930_fn.h.

#define BYTE   unsigned char

Definition at line 17 of file amd7930_fn.h.

#define DBUSY_TIMER_VALUE   80

Definition at line 33 of file amd7930_fn.h.

#define HIBYTE (   w)    ((unsigned char)((w & 0xff00) / 256))

Definition at line 23 of file amd7930_fn.h.

#define LOBYTE (   w)    ((unsigned char)(w & 0x00ff))

Definition at line 24 of file amd7930_fn.h.

#define rByteAMD (   cs,
)    cs->readisac(cs, reg)

Definition at line 19 of file amd7930_fn.h.

#define rWordAMD (   cs,
)    ReadWordAmd7930(cs, reg)

Definition at line 21 of file amd7930_fn.h.

#define wByteAMD (   cs,
)    cs->writeisac(cs, reg, val)

Definition at line 20 of file amd7930_fn.h.

#define WORD   unsigned int

Definition at line 18 of file amd7930_fn.h.

#define wWordAMD (   cs,
)    WriteWordAmd7930(cs, reg, val)

Definition at line 22 of file amd7930_fn.h.

Function Documentation

void Amd7930_init ( struct IsdnCardState *  )

Definition at line 747 of file amd7930_fn.c.

void Amd7930_interrupt ( struct IsdnCardState *  ,
unsigned  char 
void setup_Amd7930 ( struct IsdnCardState *  )

Definition at line 790 of file amd7930_fn.c.