Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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arch.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  machine_desc


#define smp_ops(ops)   (struct smp_operations *)NULL
#define for_each_machine_desc(p)   for (p = __arch_info_begin; p < __arch_info_end; p++)
#define MACHINE_START(_type, _name)
#define MACHINE_END   };
#define DT_MACHINE_START(_name, _namestr)


struct machine_descmachine_desc
struct machine_desc __arch_info_begin []
struct machine_desc __arch_info_end []

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DT_MACHINE_START (   _name,
static const struct machine_desc __mach_desc_##_name \
__attribute__((__section__(""))) = { \
.nr = ~0, \
.name = _namestr,

Definition at line 86 of file arch.h.

#define for_each_machine_desc (   p)    for (p = __arch_info_begin; p < __arch_info_end; p++)

Definition at line 69 of file arch.h.

#define MACHINE_END   };

Definition at line 83 of file arch.h.

#define MACHINE_START (   _type,
static const struct machine_desc __mach_desc_##_type \
__attribute__((__section__(""))) = { \
.nr = MACH_TYPE_##_type, \
.name = _name,

Definition at line 76 of file arch.h.

#define smp_ops (   ops)    (struct smp_operations *)NULL

Definition at line 21 of file arch.h.

Variable Documentation

struct machine_desc __arch_info_begin[]
struct machine_desc __arch_info_end[]