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csr_wifi_hip_chiphelper.c File Reference
#include "csr_macro.h"
#include "csr_wifi_hip_chiphelper_private.h"

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#define nelem(a)   (sizeof(a) / sizeof(a[0]))
#define counted(foo)   { nelem(foo), foo }
#define null_counted()   { 0, NULL }
#define CHIP_HELPER_DEF0_C_DEF(ret_type, name, info)
#define CHIP_HELPER_DEF1_C_DEF(ret_type, name, type1, name1)


ChipDescriptChipHelper_GetVersionSdio (u8 sdio_ver)
ChipDescriptChipHelper_GetVersionAny (u16 from_FF9A, u16 from_FE81)
ChipDescriptChipHelper_GetVersionUniFi (u16 ver)
ChipDescriptChipHelper_Null (void)
ChipDescriptChipHelper_GetVersionBlueCore (enum chip_helper_bluecore_age bc_age, u16 version)
u16 ChipHelper_MapAddress_SPI2HOST (ChipDescript *chip_help, u16 addr)
u16 ChipHelper_MapAddress_HOST2SPI (ChipDescript *chip_help, u16 addr)
u16 ChipHelper_WINDOW_ADDRESS (ChipDescript *chip_help, enum chip_helper_window_index window)
u16 ChipHelper_WINDOW_SIZE (ChipDescript *chip_help, enum chip_helper_window_index window)
u32 ChipHelper_ClockStartupSequence (ChipDescript *chip_help, const struct chip_helper_init_values **val)
u32 ChipHelper_HostResetSequence (ChipDescript *chip_help, const struct chip_helper_reset_values **val)
s32 ChipHelper_DecodeWindow (ChipDescript *chip_help, enum chip_helper_window_index window, enum chip_helper_window_type type, u32 offset, u16 *page, u16 *addr, u32 *len)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define CHIP_HELPER_DEF0_C_DEF (   ret_type,
ret_type ChipHelper_ ## name(ChipDescript * chip_help) \
{ \
return chip_help->info; \

Definition at line 655 of file csr_wifi_hip_chiphelper.c.

#define CHIP_HELPER_DEF1_C_DEF (   ret_type,

Definition at line 660 of file csr_wifi_hip_chiphelper.c.

#define counted (   foo)    { nelem(foo), foo }

Definition at line 18 of file csr_wifi_hip_chiphelper.c.

#define nelem (   a)    (sizeof(a) / sizeof(a[0]))

Definition at line 15 of file csr_wifi_hip_chiphelper.c.

#define null_counted ( )    { 0, NULL }

Definition at line 19 of file csr_wifi_hip_chiphelper.c.

Function Documentation

u32 ChipHelper_ClockStartupSequence ( ChipDescript chip_help,
const struct chip_helper_init_values **  val 

Definition at line 728 of file csr_wifi_hip_chiphelper.c.

s32 ChipHelper_DecodeWindow ( ChipDescript chip_help,
enum chip_helper_window_index  window,
enum chip_helper_window_type  type,
u32  offset,
u16 page,
u16 addr,
u32 len 

Definition at line 746 of file csr_wifi_hip_chiphelper.c.

ChipDescript* ChipHelper_GetVersionAny ( u16  from_FF9A,
u16  from_FE81 

Definition at line 594 of file csr_wifi_hip_chiphelper.c.

ChipDescript* ChipHelper_GetVersionBlueCore ( enum chip_helper_bluecore_age  bc_age,
u16  version 

Definition at line 639 of file csr_wifi_hip_chiphelper.c.

ChipDescript* ChipHelper_GetVersionSdio ( u8  sdio_ver)

Definition at line 578 of file csr_wifi_hip_chiphelper.c.

ChipDescript* ChipHelper_GetVersionUniFi ( u16  ver)

Definition at line 627 of file csr_wifi_hip_chiphelper.c.

u32 ChipHelper_HostResetSequence ( ChipDescript chip_help,
const struct chip_helper_reset_values **  val 

Definition at line 737 of file csr_wifi_hip_chiphelper.c.

u16 ChipHelper_MapAddress_HOST2SPI ( ChipDescript chip_help,
u16  addr 

Definition at line 681 of file csr_wifi_hip_chiphelper.c.

u16 ChipHelper_MapAddress_SPI2HOST ( ChipDescript chip_help,
u16  addr 

Definition at line 667 of file csr_wifi_hip_chiphelper.c.

ChipDescript* ChipHelper_Null ( void  )

Definition at line 633 of file csr_wifi_hip_chiphelper.c.

u16 ChipHelper_WINDOW_ADDRESS ( ChipDescript chip_help,
enum chip_helper_window_index  window 

Definition at line 701 of file csr_wifi_hip_chiphelper.c.

u16 ChipHelper_WINDOW_SIZE ( ChipDescript chip_help,
enum chip_helper_window_index  window 

Definition at line 714 of file csr_wifi_hip_chiphelper.c.