Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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rate.h File Reference
#include "types.h"
#include "d11.h"
#include "phy_hal.h"

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Data Structures

struct  brcms_mcs_info


#define BRCMS_MAXMCS   32 /* max valid mcs index */
#define MCS_TABLE_SIZE   33 /* Number of mcs entries in the table */
#define MCS_TXS_MASK   0xc0 /* num tx streams - 1 bit mask */
#define MCS_TXS_SHIFT   6 /* num tx streams - 1 bit shift */
#define BRCMS_RATE_MASK_FULL   0xff /* Rate value mask with basic rate flag */
#define RSPEC_RATE_MASK   0x0000007F
#define RSPEC_MIMORATE   0x08000000
#define RSPEC_BW_MASK   0x00000700
#define RSPEC_BW_SHIFT   8
#define RSPEC_STF_MASK   0x00003800
#define RSPEC_STF_SHIFT   11
#define RSPEC_CT_MASK   0x0000C000
#define RSPEC_CT_SHIFT   14
#define RSPEC_STC_MASK   0x00300000
#define RSPEC_STC_SHIFT   20
#define RSPEC_LDPC_CODING   0x00400000
#define RSPEC_SHORT_GI   0x00800000
#define RSPEC_OVERRIDE   0x80000000
#define RSPEC_OVERRIDE_MCS_ONLY   0x40000000
#define BRCMS_RATES_CCK   1
#define BRCMS_RATES_OFDM   2


bool brcms_c_rate_hwrs_filter_sort_validate (struct brcms_c_rateset *rs, const struct brcms_c_rateset *hw_rs, bool check_brate, u8 txstreams)
void brcms_c_rateset_copy (const struct brcms_c_rateset *src, struct brcms_c_rateset *dst)
u32 brcms_c_compute_rspec (struct d11rxhdr *rxh, u8 *plcp)
void brcms_c_rateset_filter (struct brcms_c_rateset *src, struct brcms_c_rateset *dst, bool basic_only, u8 rates, uint xmask, bool mcsallow)
void brcms_c_rateset_default (struct brcms_c_rateset *rs_tgt, const struct brcms_c_rateset *rs_hw, uint phy_type, int bandtype, bool cck_only, uint rate_mask, bool mcsallow, u8 bw, u8 txstreams)
s16 brcms_c_rate_legacy_phyctl (uint rate)
void brcms_c_rateset_mcs_upd (struct brcms_c_rateset *rs, u8 txstreams)
void brcms_c_rateset_mcs_clear (struct brcms_c_rateset *rateset)
void brcms_c_rateset_mcs_build (struct brcms_c_rateset *rateset, u8 txstreams)
void brcms_c_rateset_bw_mcs_filter (struct brcms_c_rateset *rateset, u8 bw)


const u8 rate_info []
struct brcms_c_rateset cck_ofdm_mimo_rates
struct brcms_c_rateset ofdm_mimo_rates
struct brcms_c_rateset cck_ofdm_rates
struct brcms_c_rateset ofdm_rates
struct brcms_c_rateset cck_rates
struct brcms_c_rateset gphy_legacy_rates
struct brcms_c_rateset rate_limit_1_2
struct brcms_mcs_info mcs_table []

Macro Definition Documentation

#define BRCMS_MAXMCS   32 /* max valid mcs index */

Definition at line 48 of file rate.h.

#define BRCMS_RATE_MASK_FULL   0xff /* Rate value mask with basic rate flag */

Definition at line 75 of file rate.h.

#define BRCMS_RATES_CCK   1

Definition at line 214 of file rate.h.


Definition at line 213 of file rate.h.

#define BRCMS_RATES_OFDM   2

Definition at line 215 of file rate.h.

#define MCS_TABLE_SIZE   33 /* Number of mcs entries in the table */

Definition at line 49 of file rate.h.

#define MCS_TXS_MASK   0xc0 /* num tx streams - 1 bit mask */

Definition at line 52 of file rate.h.

#define MCS_TXS_SHIFT   6 /* num tx streams - 1 bit shift */

Definition at line 53 of file rate.h.

#define RSPEC_BW_MASK   0x00000700

Definition at line 91 of file rate.h.

#define RSPEC_BW_SHIFT   8

Definition at line 93 of file rate.h.

#define RSPEC_CT_MASK   0x0000C000

Definition at line 99 of file rate.h.

#define RSPEC_CT_SHIFT   14

Definition at line 101 of file rate.h.

#define RSPEC_LDPC_CODING   0x00400000

Definition at line 107 of file rate.h.

#define RSPEC_MIMORATE   0x08000000

Definition at line 89 of file rate.h.

#define RSPEC_OVERRIDE   0x80000000

Definition at line 111 of file rate.h.

#define RSPEC_OVERRIDE_MCS_ONLY   0x40000000

Definition at line 113 of file rate.h.

#define RSPEC_RATE_MASK   0x0000007F

Definition at line 87 of file rate.h.

#define RSPEC_SHORT_GI   0x00800000

Definition at line 109 of file rate.h.

#define RSPEC_STC_MASK   0x00300000

Definition at line 103 of file rate.h.

#define RSPEC_STC_SHIFT   20

Definition at line 105 of file rate.h.

#define RSPEC_STF_MASK   0x00003800

Definition at line 95 of file rate.h.

#define RSPEC_STF_SHIFT   11

Definition at line 97 of file rate.h.

Function Documentation

u32 brcms_c_compute_rspec ( struct d11rxhdr rxh,
u8 plcp 

Definition at line 343 of file rate.c.

bool brcms_c_rate_hwrs_filter_sort_validate ( struct brcms_c_rateset rs,
const struct brcms_c_rateset hw_rs,
bool  check_brate,
u8  txstreams 

Definition at line 302 of file rate.c.

s16 brcms_c_rate_legacy_phyctl ( uint  rate)

Definition at line 484 of file rate.c.

void brcms_c_rateset_bw_mcs_filter ( struct brcms_c_rateset rateset,
u8  bw 

Definition at line 508 of file rate.c.

void brcms_c_rateset_copy ( const struct brcms_c_rateset src,
struct brcms_c_rateset dst 

Definition at line 392 of file rate.c.

void brcms_c_rateset_default ( struct brcms_c_rateset rs_tgt,
const struct brcms_c_rateset rs_hw,
uint  phy_type,
int  bandtype,
bool  cck_only,
uint  rate_mask,
bool  mcsallow,
u8  bw,
u8  txstreams 

Definition at line 441 of file rate.c.

void brcms_c_rateset_filter ( struct brcms_c_rateset src,
struct brcms_c_rateset dst,
bool  basic_only,
u8  rates,
uint  xmask,
bool  mcsallow 

Definition at line 408 of file rate.c.

void brcms_c_rateset_mcs_build ( struct brcms_c_rateset rateset,
u8  txstreams 

Definition at line 501 of file rate.c.

void brcms_c_rateset_mcs_clear ( struct brcms_c_rateset rateset)

Definition at line 494 of file rate.c.

void brcms_c_rateset_mcs_upd ( struct brcms_c_rateset rs,
u8  txstreams 

Definition at line 290 of file rate.c.

Variable Documentation

struct brcms_c_rateset cck_ofdm_mimo_rates

Definition at line 190 of file rate.c.

struct brcms_c_rateset cck_ofdm_rates

Definition at line 231 of file rate.c.

Definition at line 260 of file rate.c.

struct brcms_c_rateset gphy_legacy_rates

Definition at line 242 of file rate.c.

struct brcms_mcs_info mcs_table[]

Definition at line 44 of file rate.c.

struct brcms_c_rateset ofdm_mimo_rates

Definition at line 201 of file rate.c.

struct brcms_c_rateset ofdm_rates

Definition at line 251 of file rate.c.

Definition at line 28 of file rate.c.

struct brcms_c_rateset rate_limit_1_2