Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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dss_features.c File Reference
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/err.h>
#include <linux/slab.h>
#include <video/omapdss.h>
#include <plat/cpu.h>
#include "dss.h"
#include "dss_features.h"

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Data Structures

struct  dss_reg_field
struct  dss_param_range
struct  omap_dss_features


int dss_feat_get_num_mgrs (void)
int dss_feat_get_num_ovls (void)
int dss_feat_get_num_wbs (void)
unsigned long dss_feat_get_param_min (enum dss_range_param param)
unsigned long dss_feat_get_param_max (enum dss_range_param param)
enum omap_display_type dss_feat_get_supported_displays (enum omap_channel channel)
enum omap_dss_output_id dss_feat_get_supported_outputs (enum omap_channel channel)
enum omap_color_mode dss_feat_get_supported_color_modes (enum omap_plane plane)
enum omap_overlay_caps dss_feat_get_overlay_caps (enum omap_plane plane)
bool dss_feat_color_mode_supported (enum omap_plane plane, enum omap_color_mode color_mode)
const chardss_feat_get_clk_source_name (enum omap_dss_clk_source id)
u32 dss_feat_get_buffer_size_unit (void)
u32 dss_feat_get_burst_size_unit (void)
bool dss_has_feature (enum dss_feat_id id)
void dss_feat_get_reg_field (enum dss_feat_reg_field id, u8 *start, u8 *end)
bool dss_feat_rotation_type_supported (enum omap_dss_rotation_type rot_type)
void dss_features_init (void)

Function Documentation

bool dss_feat_color_mode_supported ( enum omap_plane  plane,
enum omap_color_mode  color_mode 

Definition at line 881 of file dss_features.c.

u32 dss_feat_get_buffer_size_unit ( void  )

Definition at line 893 of file dss_features.c.

u32 dss_feat_get_burst_size_unit ( void  )

Definition at line 898 of file dss_features.c.

const char* dss_feat_get_clk_source_name ( enum omap_dss_clk_source  id)

Definition at line 888 of file dss_features.c.

int dss_feat_get_num_mgrs ( void  )

Definition at line 836 of file dss_features.c.

int dss_feat_get_num_ovls ( void  )

Definition at line 841 of file dss_features.c.

int dss_feat_get_num_wbs ( void  )

Definition at line 846 of file dss_features.c.

enum omap_overlay_caps dss_feat_get_overlay_caps ( enum omap_plane  plane)

Definition at line 876 of file dss_features.c.

unsigned long dss_feat_get_param_max ( enum dss_range_param  param)

Definition at line 856 of file dss_features.c.

unsigned long dss_feat_get_param_min ( enum dss_range_param  param)

Definition at line 851 of file dss_features.c.

void dss_feat_get_reg_field ( enum dss_feat_reg_field  id,
u8 start,
u8 end 

Definition at line 918 of file dss_features.c.

enum omap_color_mode dss_feat_get_supported_color_modes ( enum omap_plane  plane)

Definition at line 871 of file dss_features.c.

enum omap_display_type dss_feat_get_supported_displays ( enum omap_channel  channel)

Definition at line 861 of file dss_features.c.

enum omap_dss_output_id dss_feat_get_supported_outputs ( enum omap_channel  channel)

Definition at line 866 of file dss_features.c.

bool dss_feat_rotation_type_supported ( enum omap_dss_rotation_type  rot_type)

Definition at line 927 of file dss_features.c.

void dss_features_init ( void  )

Definition at line 932 of file dss_features.c.

bool dss_has_feature ( enum dss_feat_id  id)

Definition at line 904 of file dss_features.c.