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xmit.h File Reference
#include "main.h"

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Data Structures

struct  b43legacy_txhdr_fw3
struct  b43legacy_txstatus
struct  b43legacy_hwtxstatus
struct  b43legacy_rxhdr_fw3


#define _b43legacy_declare_plcp_hdr(size)
#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_KEYIDX   0x0FF00000 /* Security key index */
#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_KEYIDX_SHIFT   20
#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_KEYALG   0x00070000 /* Security key algorithm */
#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_KEYALG_SHIFT   16
#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_LIFETIME   0x00001000
#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_FRAMEBURST   0x00000800
#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_SENDCTS   0x00000400
#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_AMPDU   0x00000300
#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_AMPDU_SHIFT   8
#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_CTSFALLBACKOFDM   0x00000200
#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_FALLBACKOFDM   0x00000100
#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_5GHZ   0x00000080
#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_IGNPMQ   0x00000020
#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_HWSEQ   0x00000010 /* Use Hardware Seq No */
#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_STMSDU   0x00000008 /* Start MSDU */
#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_SENDRTS   0x00000004
#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_LONGFRAME   0x00000002
#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_ACK   0x00000001
#define B43legacy_TX4_EFT_FBOFDM   0x0001 /* Data frame fb rate type */
#define B43legacy_TX4_EFT_RTSOFDM   0x0004 /* RTS/CTS rate type */
#define B43legacy_TX4_EFT_RTSFBOFDM   0x0010 /* RTS/CTS fallback rate type */
#define B43legacy_TX4_PHY_ENC   0x0003 /* Data frame encoding */
#define B43legacy_TX4_PHY_ENC_CCK   0x0000 /* CCK */
#define B43legacy_TX4_PHY_ENC_OFDM   0x0001 /* Data frame rate type */
#define B43legacy_TX4_PHY_SHORTPRMBL   0x0010 /* Use short preamble */
#define B43legacy_TX4_PHY_ANT   0x03C0 /* Antenna selection */
#define B43legacy_TX4_PHY_ANT0   0x0000 /* Use antenna 0 */
#define B43legacy_TX4_PHY_ANT1   0x0100 /* Use antenna 1 */
#define B43legacy_TX4_PHY_ANTLAST   0x0300 /* Use last used antenna */
#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_GAINCTL   0x4000 /* Gain Control */
#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_PLCPHCF   0x0200
#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_PLCPFV   0x0100
#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_SHORTPRMBL   0x0080 /* Recvd with Short Preamble */
#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_LCRS   0x0040
#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_ANT   0x0020 /* Antenna */
#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_UNSRATE   0x0010
#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_CLIP   0x000C
#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_CLIP_SHIFT   2
#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_FTYPE   0x0003 /* Frame type */
#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_CCK   0x0000 /* Frame type: CCK */
#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_OFDM   0x0001 /* Frame type: OFDM */
#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_PRE_N   0x0002 /* Pre-standard N-PHY frame */
#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_STD_N   0x0003 /* Standard N-PHY frame */
#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST2_LNAG   0xC000 /* LNA Gain */
#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST2_LNAG_SHIFT   14
#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST2_PNAG   0x3C00 /* PNA Gain */
#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST2_PNAG_SHIFT   10
#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST2_FOFF   0x03FF /* F offset */
#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST3_DIGG   0x1800 /* DIG Gain */
#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST3_DIGG_SHIFT   11
#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST3_TRSTATE   0x0400 /* TR state */
#define B43legacy_RX_MAC_BEACONSENT   0x00008000 /* Beacon send flag */
#define B43legacy_RX_MAC_KEYIDX   0x000007E0 /* Key index */
#define B43legacy_RX_MAC_KEYIDX_SHIFT   5
#define B43legacy_RX_MAC_DECERR   0x00000010 /* Decrypt error */
#define B43legacy_RX_MAC_DEC   0x00000008 /* Decryption attempted */
#define B43legacy_RX_MAC_PADDING   0x00000004 /* Pad bytes present */
#define B43legacy_RX_MAC_RESP   0x00000002 /* Response frame xmitted */
#define B43legacy_RX_MAC_FCSERR   0x00000001 /* FCS error */
#define B43legacy_RX_CHAN_GAIN   0xFC00 /* Gain */
#define B43legacy_RX_CHAN_GAIN_SHIFT   10
#define B43legacy_RX_CHAN_ID   0x03FC /* Channel ID */
#define B43legacy_RX_CHAN_ID_SHIFT   2
#define B43legacy_RX_CHAN_PHYTYPE   0x0003 /* PHY type */
#define B43legacy_NR_QOSPARMS   22


enum  {
  B43legacy_TXST_SUPP_NONE, B43legacy_TXST_SUPP_PMQ, B43legacy_TXST_SUPP_FLUSH, B43legacy_TXST_SUPP_PREV,
enum  {
  B43legacy_QOSPARM_TXOP = 0, B43legacy_QOSPARM_CWMIN, B43legacy_QOSPARM_CWMAX, B43legacy_QOSPARM_CWCUR,


 _b43legacy_declare_plcp_hdr (4)
 _b43legacy_declare_plcp_hdr (6)
int b43legacy_generate_txhdr (struct b43legacy_wldev *dev, u8 *txhdr, const unsigned char *fragment_data, unsigned int fragment_len, struct ieee80211_tx_info *info, u16 cookie)
u8 b43legacy_plcp_get_ratecode_cck (const u8 bitrate)
u8 b43legacy_plcp_get_ratecode_ofdm (const u8 bitrate)
void b43legacy_generate_plcp_hdr (struct b43legacy_plcp_hdr4 *plcp, const u16 octets, const u8 bitrate)
void b43legacy_rx (struct b43legacy_wldev *dev, struct sk_buff *skb, const void *_rxhdr)
void b43legacy_handle_txstatus (struct b43legacy_wldev *dev, const struct b43legacy_txstatus *status)
void b43legacy_handle_hwtxstatus (struct b43legacy_wldev *dev, const struct b43legacy_hwtxstatus *hw)
void b43legacy_tx_suspend (struct b43legacy_wldev *dev)
void b43legacy_tx_resume (struct b43legacy_wldev *dev)
void b43legacy_qos_init (struct b43legacy_wldev *dev)


struct b43legacy_txhdr_fw3 __packed

Macro Definition Documentation

#define _b43legacy_declare_plcp_hdr (   size)
struct b43legacy_plcp_hdr##size { \
union { \
} __packed; \

Definition at line 7 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_NR_QOSPARMS   22

Definition at line 211 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_CHAN_GAIN   0xFC00 /* Gain */

Definition at line 183 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_CHAN_GAIN_SHIFT   10

Definition at line 184 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_CHAN_ID   0x03FC /* Channel ID */

Definition at line 185 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_CHAN_ID_SHIFT   2

Definition at line 186 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_CHAN_PHYTYPE   0x0003 /* PHY type */

Definition at line 187 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_MAC_BEACONSENT   0x00008000 /* Beacon send flag */

Definition at line 173 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_MAC_DEC   0x00000008 /* Decryption attempted */

Definition at line 177 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_MAC_DECERR   0x00000010 /* Decrypt error */

Definition at line 176 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_MAC_FCSERR   0x00000001 /* FCS error */

Definition at line 180 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_MAC_KEYIDX   0x000007E0 /* Key index */

Definition at line 174 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_MAC_KEYIDX_SHIFT   5

Definition at line 175 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_MAC_PADDING   0x00000004 /* Pad bytes present */

Definition at line 178 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_MAC_RESP   0x00000002 /* Response frame xmitted */

Definition at line 179 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_ANT   0x0020 /* Antenna */

Definition at line 150 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_CCK   0x0000 /* Frame type: CCK */

Definition at line 155 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_CLIP   0x000C

Definition at line 152 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_CLIP_SHIFT   2

Definition at line 153 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_FTYPE   0x0003 /* Frame type */

Definition at line 154 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_GAINCTL   0x4000 /* Gain Control */

Definition at line 145 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_LCRS   0x0040

Definition at line 149 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_OFDM   0x0001 /* Frame type: OFDM */

Definition at line 156 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_PLCPFV   0x0100

Definition at line 147 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_PLCPHCF   0x0200

Definition at line 146 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_PRE_N   0x0002 /* Pre-standard N-PHY frame */

Definition at line 157 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_SHORTPRMBL   0x0080 /* Recvd with Short Preamble */

Definition at line 148 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_STD_N   0x0003 /* Standard N-PHY frame */

Definition at line 158 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST0_UNSRATE   0x0010

Definition at line 151 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST2_FOFF   0x03FF /* F offset */

Definition at line 165 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST2_LNAG   0xC000 /* LNA Gain */

Definition at line 161 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST2_LNAG_SHIFT   14

Definition at line 162 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST2_PNAG   0x3C00 /* PNA Gain */

Definition at line 163 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST2_PNAG_SHIFT   10

Definition at line 164 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST3_DIGG   0x1800 /* DIG Gain */

Definition at line 168 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST3_DIGG_SHIFT   11

Definition at line 169 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_RX_PHYST3_TRSTATE   0x0400 /* TR state */

Definition at line 170 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_EFT_FBOFDM   0x0001 /* Data frame fb rate type */

Definition at line 65 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_EFT_RTSFBOFDM   0x0010 /* RTS/CTS fallback rate type */

Definition at line 67 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_EFT_RTSOFDM   0x0004 /* RTS/CTS rate type */

Definition at line 66 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_5GHZ   0x00000080

Definition at line 56 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_ACK   0x00000001

Definition at line 62 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_AMPDU   0x00000300

Definition at line 52 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_AMPDU_SHIFT   8

Definition at line 53 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_CTSFALLBACKOFDM   0x00000200

Definition at line 54 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_FALLBACKOFDM   0x00000100

Definition at line 55 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_FRAMEBURST   0x00000800

Definition at line 50 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_HWSEQ   0x00000010 /* Use Hardware Seq No */

Definition at line 58 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_IGNPMQ   0x00000020

Definition at line 57 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_KEYALG   0x00070000 /* Security key algorithm */

Definition at line 47 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_KEYALG_SHIFT   16

Definition at line 48 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_KEYIDX   0x0FF00000 /* Security key index */

Definition at line 45 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_KEYIDX_SHIFT   20

Definition at line 46 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_LIFETIME   0x00001000

Definition at line 49 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_LONGFRAME   0x00000002

Definition at line 61 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_SENDCTS   0x00000400

Definition at line 51 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_SENDRTS   0x00000004

Definition at line 60 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_MAC_STMSDU   0x00000008 /* Start MSDU */

Definition at line 59 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_PHY_ANT   0x03C0 /* Antenna selection */

Definition at line 74 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_PHY_ANT0   0x0000 /* Use antenna 0 */

Definition at line 75 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_PHY_ANT1   0x0100 /* Use antenna 1 */

Definition at line 76 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_PHY_ANTLAST   0x0300 /* Use last used antenna */

Definition at line 77 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_PHY_ENC   0x0003 /* Data frame encoding */

Definition at line 70 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_PHY_ENC_CCK   0x0000 /* CCK */

Definition at line 71 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_PHY_ENC_OFDM   0x0001 /* Data frame rate type */

Definition at line 72 of file xmit.h.

#define B43legacy_TX4_PHY_SHORTPRMBL   0x0010 /* Use short preamble */

Definition at line 73 of file xmit.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

anonymous enum

Definition at line 105 of file xmit.h.

anonymous enum

Definition at line 212 of file xmit.h.

Function Documentation

_b43legacy_declare_plcp_hdr ( )
_b43legacy_declare_plcp_hdr ( )
void b43legacy_generate_plcp_hdr ( struct b43legacy_plcp_hdr4 *  plcp,
const u16  octets,
const u8  bitrate 

Definition at line 124 of file xmit.c.

int b43legacy_generate_txhdr ( struct b43legacy_wldev dev,
u8 txhdr,
const unsigned char fragment_data,
unsigned int  fragment_len,
struct ieee80211_tx_info info,
u16  cookie 

Definition at line 358 of file xmit.c.

void b43legacy_handle_hwtxstatus ( struct b43legacy_wldev dev,
const struct b43legacy_hwtxstatus hw 

Definition at line 610 of file xmit.c.

void b43legacy_handle_txstatus ( struct b43legacy_wldev dev,
const struct b43legacy_txstatus status 

Definition at line 585 of file xmit.c.

u8 b43legacy_plcp_get_ratecode_cck ( const u8  bitrate)

Definition at line 84 of file xmit.c.

u8 b43legacy_plcp_get_ratecode_ofdm ( const u8  bitrate)

Definition at line 100 of file xmit.c.

void b43legacy_qos_init ( struct b43legacy_wldev dev)

Definition at line 651 of file xmit.c.

void b43legacy_rx ( struct b43legacy_wldev dev,
struct sk_buff skb,
const void _rxhdr 

Definition at line 431 of file xmit.c.

void b43legacy_tx_resume ( struct b43legacy_wldev dev)

Definition at line 642 of file xmit.c.

void b43legacy_tx_suspend ( struct b43legacy_wldev dev)

Definition at line 633 of file xmit.c.

Variable Documentation