Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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nv30.c File Reference
#include <core/os.h>
#include <core/class.h>
#include <core/engctx.h>
#include <core/enum.h>
#include <subdev/timer.h>
#include <subdev/fb.h>
#include <engine/graph.h>
#include "nv20.h"
#include "regs.h"

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int nv30_graph_init (struct nouveau_object *object)


struct nouveau_oclass nv30_graph_oclass

Function Documentation

int nv30_graph_init ( struct nouveau_object object)

Definition at line 160 of file nv30.c.

Variable Documentation

struct nouveau_oclass nv30_graph_oclass
Initial value:
= {
.handle = NV_ENGINE(GR, 0x30),
.ofuncs = &(struct nouveau_ofuncs) {
.ctor = nv30_graph_ctor,
.dtor = nv20_graph_dtor,
.init = nv30_graph_init,

Definition at line 230 of file nv30.c.