Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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extended_cpdo.c File Reference
#include "fpa11.h"
#include "softfloat.h"
#include "fpopcode.h"

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floatx80 floatx80_exp (floatx80 Fm)
floatx80 floatx80_ln (floatx80 Fm)
floatx80 floatx80_sin (floatx80 rFm)
floatx80 floatx80_cos (floatx80 rFm)
floatx80 floatx80_arcsin (floatx80 rFm)
floatx80 floatx80_arctan (floatx80 rFm)
floatx80 floatx80_log (floatx80 rFm)
floatx80 floatx80_tan (floatx80 rFm)
floatx80 floatx80_arccos (floatx80 rFm)
floatx80 floatx80_pow (floatx80 rFn, floatx80 rFm)
floatx80 floatx80_pol (floatx80 rFn, floatx80 rFm)
unsigned int ExtendedCPDO (struct roundingData *roundData, const unsigned int opcode, FPREG *rFd)

Function Documentation

unsigned int ExtendedCPDO ( struct roundingData roundData,
const unsigned int  opcode,
FPREG *  rFd 

Definition at line 90 of file extended_cpdo.c.

floatx80 floatx80_arccos ( floatx80  rFm)
floatx80 floatx80_arcsin ( floatx80  rFm)
floatx80 floatx80_arctan ( floatx80  rFm)
floatx80 floatx80_cos ( floatx80  rFm)
floatx80 floatx80_exp ( floatx80  Fm)
floatx80 floatx80_ln ( floatx80  Fm)
floatx80 floatx80_log ( floatx80  rFm)
floatx80 floatx80_pol ( floatx80  rFn,
floatx80  rFm 
floatx80 floatx80_pow ( floatx80  rFn,
floatx80  rFm 
floatx80 floatx80_sin ( floatx80  rFm)
floatx80 floatx80_tan ( floatx80  rFm)