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fsl_rio.c File Reference
#include <linux/init.h>
#include <linux/module.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/dma-mapping.h>
#include <linux/interrupt.h>
#include <linux/device.h>
#include <linux/of_platform.h>
#include <linux/delay.h>
#include <linux/slab.h>
#include <linux/io.h>
#include <linux/uaccess.h>
#include <asm/machdep.h>
#include "fsl_rio.h"

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#define RIO_PORT1_EDCSR   0x0640
#define RIO_PORT2_EDCSR   0x0680
#define RIO_PORT1_IECSR   0x10130
#define RIO_PORT2_IECSR   0x101B0
#define RIO_GCCSR   0x13c
#define RIO_ESCSR   0x158
#define ESCSR_CLEAR   0x07120204
#define RIO_PORT2_ESCSR   0x178
#define RIO_CCSR   0x15c
#define RIO_LTLEDCSR_IER   0x80000000
#define RIO_LTLEDCSR_PRT   0x01000000
#define IECSR_CLEAR   0x80000000
#define RIO_ISR_AACR   0x10120
#define RIO_ISR_AACR_AA   0x1 /* Accept All ID */
#define __fsl_read_rio_config(x, addr, err, op)


void fsl_rio_port_error_handler (int offset)
int fsl_rio_setup (struct platform_device *dev)
 subsys_initcall (fsl_of_rio_rpn_init)


void __iomemrio_regs_win
void __iomemrmu_regs_win
resource_size_t rio_law_start
struct fsl_rio_dbelldbell
struct fsl_rio_pwpw

Macro Definition Documentation

#define __fsl_read_rio_config (   x,
__asm__ __volatile__( \
"1: "op" %1,0(%2)\n" \
" eieio\n" \
"2:\n" \
".section .fixup,\"ax\"\n" \
"3: li %1,-1\n" \
" li %0,%3\n" \
" b 2b\n" \
".section __ex_table,\"a\"\n" \
PPC_LONG "1b,3b\n" \
".text" \
: "=r" (err), "=r" (x) \
: "b" (addr), "i" (-EFAULT), "0" (err))

Definition at line 59 of file fsl_rio.c.

#define ESCSR_CLEAR   0x07120204

Definition at line 50 of file fsl_rio.c.

#define IECSR_CLEAR   0x80000000

Definition at line 55 of file fsl_rio.c.

#define RIO_CCSR   0x15c

Definition at line 52 of file fsl_rio.c.

#define RIO_ESCSR   0x158

Definition at line 49 of file fsl_rio.c.

#define RIO_GCCSR   0x13c

Definition at line 48 of file fsl_rio.c.

#define RIO_ISR_AACR   0x10120

Definition at line 56 of file fsl_rio.c.

#define RIO_ISR_AACR_AA   0x1 /* Accept All ID */

Definition at line 57 of file fsl_rio.c.

#define RIO_LTLEDCSR_IER   0x80000000

Definition at line 53 of file fsl_rio.c.

#define RIO_LTLEDCSR_PRT   0x01000000

Definition at line 54 of file fsl_rio.c.

#define RIO_PORT1_EDCSR   0x0640

Definition at line 43 of file fsl_rio.c.

#define RIO_PORT1_IECSR   0x10130

Definition at line 45 of file fsl_rio.c.

#define RIO_PORT2_EDCSR   0x0680

Definition at line 44 of file fsl_rio.c.

#define RIO_PORT2_ESCSR   0x178

Definition at line 51 of file fsl_rio.c.

#define RIO_PORT2_IECSR   0x101B0

Definition at line 46 of file fsl_rio.c.

Function Documentation

void fsl_rio_port_error_handler ( int  offset)

Definition at line 267 of file fsl_rio.c.

int fsl_rio_setup ( struct platform_device dev)

fsl_rio_setup - Setup Freescale PowerPC RapidIO interface : platform_device pointer

Initializes MPC85xx RapidIO hardware interface, configures master port with system-specific info, and registers the master port with the RapidIO subsystem.

Definition at line 332 of file fsl_rio.c.

subsys_initcall ( fsl_of_rio_rpn_init  )

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 79 of file fsl_rio.c.

Definition at line 80 of file fsl_rio.c.

resource_size_t rio_law_start

Definition at line 77 of file fsl_rio.c.

void __iomem* rio_regs_win

Definition at line 75 of file fsl_rio.c.

void __iomem* rmu_regs_win

Definition at line 76 of file fsl_rio.c.