Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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ipath_stats.c File Reference
#include "ipath_kernel.h"

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u64 ipath_snap_cntr (struct ipath_devdata *dd, ipath_creg creg)
void ipath_get_faststats (unsigned long opaque)


struct infinipath_stats ipath_stats

Function Documentation

void ipath_get_faststats ( unsigned long  opaque)

ipath_get_faststats - get word counters from chip before they overflow - contains a pointer to the infinipath device ipath_devdata

called from add_timer

Definition at line 248 of file ipath_stats.c.

u64 ipath_snap_cntr ( struct ipath_devdata dd,
ipath_creg  creg 

ipath_snap_cntr - snapshot a chip counter : the infinipath device : the counter to snapshot

called from add_timer and user counter read calls, to deal with counters that wrap in "human time". The words sent and received, and the packets sent and received are all that we worry about. For now, at least, we don't worry about error counters, because if they wrap that quickly, we probably don't care. We may eventually just make this handle all the counters. word counters can wrap in about 20 seconds of full bandwidth traffic, packet counters in a few hours.

Definition at line 52 of file ipath_stats.c.

Variable Documentation

struct infinipath_stats ipath_stats

Definition at line 36 of file ipath_stats.c.