Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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kobject_ns.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  kobj_ns_type_operations


enum  kobj_ns_type { KOBJ_NS_TYPE_NONE = 0, KOBJ_NS_TYPE_NET, KOBJ_NS_TYPES }


int kobj_ns_type_register (const struct kobj_ns_type_operations *ops)
int kobj_ns_type_registered (enum kobj_ns_type type)
struct kobj_ns_type_operationskobj_child_ns_ops (struct kobject *parent)
struct kobj_ns_type_operationskobj_ns_ops (struct kobject *kobj)
voidkobj_ns_grab_current (enum kobj_ns_type type)
const voidkobj_ns_netlink (enum kobj_ns_type type, struct sock *sk)
const voidkobj_ns_initial (enum kobj_ns_type type)
void kobj_ns_drop (enum kobj_ns_type type, void *ns)

Enumeration Type Documentation


Definition at line 27 of file kobject_ns.h.

Function Documentation

struct kobj_ns_type_operations* kobj_child_ns_ops ( struct kobject parent)

Definition at line 896 of file kobject.c.

void kobj_ns_drop ( enum kobj_ns_type  type,
void ns 

Definition at line 951 of file kobject.c.

void* kobj_ns_grab_current ( enum kobj_ns_type  type)

Definition at line 912 of file kobject.c.

const void* kobj_ns_initial ( enum kobj_ns_type  type)

Definition at line 938 of file kobject.c.

const void* kobj_ns_netlink ( enum kobj_ns_type  type,
struct sock sk 

Definition at line 925 of file kobject.c.

struct kobj_ns_type_operations* kobj_ns_ops ( struct kobject kobj)

Definition at line 906 of file kobject.c.

int kobj_ns_type_register ( const struct kobj_ns_type_operations ops)

Definition at line 857 of file kobject.c.

int kobj_ns_type_registered ( enum kobj_ns_type  type)

Definition at line 884 of file kobject.c.