Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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mv_94xx.c File Reference
#include "mv_sas.h"
#include "mv_94xx.h"
#include "mv_chips.h"

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#define PRD_CHAINED_ENTRY   0x01


void set_phy_tuning (struct mvs_info *mvi, int phy_id, struct phy_tuning phy_tuning)
void set_phy_ffe_tuning (struct mvs_info *mvi, int phy_id, struct ffe_control ffe)
void set_phy_rate (struct mvs_info *mvi, int phy_id, u8 rate)
void mvs_94xx_clear_srs_irq (struct mvs_info *mvi, u8 reg_set, u8 clear_all)
void mvs_94xx_phy_set_link_rate (struct mvs_info *mvi, u32 phy_id, struct sas_phy_linkrates *rates)
u32 mvs_94xx_spi_read_data (struct mvs_info *mvi)
void mvs_94xx_spi_write_data (struct mvs_info *mvi, u32 data)
int mvs_94xx_spi_buildcmd (struct mvs_info *mvi, u32 *dwCmd, u8 cmd, u8 read, u8 length, u32 addr)
int mvs_94xx_spi_issuecmd (struct mvs_info *mvi, u32 cmd)
int mvs_94xx_spi_waitdataready (struct mvs_info *mvi, u32 timeout)
void mvs_94xx_fix_dma (struct mvs_info *mvi, u32 phy_mask, int buf_len, int from, void *prd)


struct mvs_dispatch mvs_94xx_dispatch

Macro Definition Documentation

#define PRD_CHAINED_ENTRY   0x01

Function Documentation

void mvs_94xx_clear_srs_irq ( struct mvs_info mvi,
u8  reg_set,
u8  clear_all 

Definition at line 636 of file mv_94xx.c.

void mvs_94xx_fix_dma ( struct mvs_info mvi,
u32  phy_mask,
int  buf_len,
int  from,
void prd 

Definition at line 954 of file mv_94xx.c.

void mvs_94xx_phy_set_link_rate ( struct mvs_info mvi,
u32  phy_id,
struct sas_phy_linkrates rates 

Definition at line 863 of file mv_94xx.c.

int mvs_94xx_spi_buildcmd ( struct mvs_info mvi,
u32 dwCmd,
u8  cmd,
u8  read,
u8  length,
u32  addr 

Definition at line 906 of file mv_94xx.c.

int mvs_94xx_spi_issuecmd ( struct mvs_info mvi,
u32  cmd 

Definition at line 931 of file mv_94xx.c.

u32 mvs_94xx_spi_read_data ( struct mvs_info mvi)

Definition at line 893 of file mv_94xx.c.

int mvs_94xx_spi_waitdataready ( struct mvs_info mvi,
u32  timeout 

Definition at line 939 of file mv_94xx.c.

void mvs_94xx_spi_write_data ( struct mvs_info mvi,
u32  data 

Definition at line 899 of file mv_94xx.c.

void set_phy_ffe_tuning ( struct mvs_info mvi,
int  phy_id,
struct ffe_control  ffe 

Definition at line 113 of file mv_94xx.c.

void set_phy_rate ( struct mvs_info mvi,
int  phy_id,
u8  rate 

Definition at line 180 of file mv_94xx.c.

void set_phy_tuning ( struct mvs_info mvi,
int  phy_id,
struct phy_tuning  phy_tuning 

Definition at line 51 of file mv_94xx.c.

Variable Documentation

struct mvs_dispatch mvs_94xx_dispatch

Definition at line 1009 of file mv_94xx.c.