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pdcpat.h File Reference
#include <linux/types.h>

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Data Structures

struct  pdc_pat_cell_num
struct  pdc_pat_cpu_num
struct  pdc_pat_pd_addr_map_entry
struct  pdc_pat_cell_info_rtn_block
struct  pdc_pat_cell_mod_maddr_block


#define PDC_PAT_CELL
#define PDC_PAT_CELL_GET_NUMBER   0L /* Return Cell number */
#define PDC_PAT_CELL_GET_INFO   1L /* Returns info about Cell */
#define PDC_PAT_CELL_MODULE   2L /* Returns info about Module */
#define PDC_PAT_CELL_SET_ATTENTION   9L /* Set Cell Attention indicator */
#define PDC_PAT_CELL_NUMBER_TO_LOC   10L /* Cell Number -> Location */
#define PDC_PAT_CELL_WALK_FABRIC   11L /* Walk the Fabric */
#define PDC_PAT_CELL_GET_RDT_SIZE   12L /* Return Route Distance Table Sizes */
#define PDC_PAT_CELL_GET_RDT   13L /* Return Route Distance Tables */
#define PDC_PAT_CELL_GET_LOCAL_PDH_SZ   14L /* Read Local PDH Buffer Size */
#define PDC_PAT_CELL_SET_LOCAL_PDH   15L /* Write Local PDH Buffer */
#define PDC_PAT_CELL_GET_REMOTE_PDH_SZ   16L /* Return Remote PDH Buffer Size */
#define PDC_PAT_CELL_GET_REMOTE_PDH   17L /* Read Remote PDH Buffer */
#define PDC_PAT_CELL_GET_DBG_INFO   128L /* Return DBG Buffer Info */
#define PDC_PAT_CELL_CHANGE_ALIAS   129L /* Change Non-Equivalent Alias Chacking */
#define IO_VIEW   0UL
#define PA_VIEW   1UL
#define PAT_ENTITY_CA   0 /* central agent */
#define PAT_ENTITY_PROC   1 /* processor */
#define PAT_ENTITY_MEM   2 /* memory controller */
#define PAT_ENTITY_SBA   3 /* system bus adapter */
#define PAT_ENTITY_LBA   4 /* local bus adapter */
#define PAT_ENTITY_PBC   5 /* processor bus converter */
#define PAT_ENTITY_XBC   6 /* crossbar fabric connect */
#define PAT_ENTITY_RC   7 /* fabric interconnect */
#define PAT_PBNUM   0 /* PCI Bus Number */
#define PAT_LMMIO   1 /* < 4G MMIO Space */
#define PAT_GMMIO   2 /* > 4G MMIO Space */
#define PAT_NPIOP   3 /* Non Postable I/O Port Space */
#define PAT_PIOP   4 /* Postable I/O Port Space */
#define PAT_AHPA   5 /* Addional HPA Space */
#define PAT_UFO   6 /* HPA Space (UFO for Mariposa) */
#define PAT_GNIP   7 /* GNI Reserved Space */
#define PDC_PAT_CHASSIS_WRITE_LOG   0L /* Write Log Entry */
#define PDC_PAT_CHASSIS_READ_LOG   1L /* Read Log Entry */
#define PDC_PAT_CPU   67L
#define PDC_PAT_CPU_INFO   0L /* Return CPU config info */
#define PDC_PAT_CPU_DELETE   1L /* Delete CPU */
#define PDC_PAT_CPU_ADD   2L /* Add CPU */
#define PDC_PAT_CPU_GET_NUMBER   3L /* Return CPU Number */
#define PDC_PAT_CPU_GET_HPA   4L /* Return CPU HPA */
#define PDC_PAT_CPU_STOP   5L /* Stop CPU */
#define PDC_PAT_CPU_RENDEZVOUS   6L /* Rendezvous CPU */
#define PDC_PAT_CPU_GET_CLOCK_INFO   7L /* Return CPU Clock info */
#define PDC_PAT_CPU_GET_RENDEZVOUS_STATE   8L /* Return Rendezvous State */
#define PDC_PAT_CPU_PLUNGE_FABRIC   128L /* Plunge Fabric */
#define PDC_PAT_EVENT   68L
#define PDC_PAT_EVENT_GET_CAPS   0L /* Get Capabilities */
#define PDC_PAT_EVENT_SET_MODE   1L /* Set Notification Mode */
#define PDC_PAT_EVENT_SCAN   2L /* Scan Event */
#define PDC_PAT_EVENT_HANDLE   3L /* Handle Event */
#define PDC_PAT_EVENT_GET_NB_CALL   4L /* Get Non-Blocking call Args */
#define PDC_PAT_HPMC   70L
#define PDC_PAT_HPMC_RENDEZ_CPU   0L /* go into spin loop */
#define HPMC_SET_PARAMS_INTR   1L /* Rendezvous Interrupt */
#define HPMC_SET_PARAMS_WAKE   2L /* Wake up processor */
#define PDC_PAT_IO   71L
#define PDC_PAT_IO_GET_SLOT_STATUS   5L /* Get Slot Status Info*/
#define PDC_PAT_IO_GET_LOC_FROM_HARDWARE   6L /* Get Physical Location from */
#define PDC_PAT_IO_READ_HOST_BRIDGE_INFO   13L /* Read Host Bridge State Info */
#define PDC_PAT_IO_CLEAR_HOST_BRIDGE_INFO   14L /* Clear Host Bridge State Info*/
#define PDC_PAT_IO_GET_PCI_ROUTING_TABLE   16L /* Get PCI INT Routing Table */
#define PDC_PAT_IO_GET_HINT_TABLE_SIZE   17L /* Get Hint Table Size */
#define PDC_PAT_IO_GET_HINT_TABLE   18L /* Get Hint Table */
#define PDC_PAT_IO_PCI_CONFIG_READ   19L /* PCI Config Read */
#define PDC_PAT_IO_PCI_CONFIG_WRITE   20L /* PCI Config Write */
#define PDC_PAT_IO_GET_LOC_IO_SLOTS   22L /* Get Physical Location of I/O */
#define PDC_PAT_IO_BAY_STATUS_INFO   28L /* Get I/O Bay Slot Status Info */
#define PDC_PAT_IO_GET_PROC_VIEW   29L /* Get Processor view of IO address */
#define PDC_PAT_IO_PROG_SBA_DIR_RANGE   30L /* Program directed range */
#define PDC_PAT_MEM   72L
#define PDC_PAT_MEM_PD_INFO   0L /* Return PDT info for PD */
#define PDC_PAT_MEM_PD_CLEAR   1L /* Clear PDT for PD */
#define PDC_PAT_MEM_PD_READ   2L /* Read PDT entries for PD */
#define PDC_PAT_MEM_PD_RESET   3L /* Reset clear bit for PD */
#define PDC_PAT_MEM_CELL_INFO   5L /* Return PDT info For Cell */
#define PDC_PAT_MEM_CELL_CLEAR   6L /* Clear PDT For Cell */
#define PDC_PAT_MEM_CELL_READ   7L /* Read PDT entries For Cell */
#define PDC_PAT_MEM_CELL_RESET   8L /* Reset clear bit For Cell */
#define PDC_PAT_MEM_SETGM   9L /* Set Golden Memory value */
#define PDC_PAT_MEM_ADD_PAGE   10L /* ADDs a page to the cell */
#define PDC_PAT_MEM_ADDRESS   11L /* Get Physical Location From */
#define PDC_PAT_MEM_GET_TXT_SIZE   12L /* Get Formatted Text Size */
#define PDC_PAT_MEM_GET_PD_TXT   13L /* Get PD Formatted Text */
#define PDC_PAT_MEM_GET_CELL_TXT   14L /* Get Cell Formatted Text */
#define PDC_PAT_MEM_RD_STATE_INFO   15L /* Read Mem Module State Info*/
#define PDC_PAT_MEM_CLR_STATE_INFO   16L /*Clear Mem Module State Info*/
#define PDC_PAT_MEM_CLEAN_RANGE   128L /*Clean Mem in specific range*/
#define PDC_PAT_MEM_GET_TBL_SIZE   131L /* Get Memory Table Size */
#define PDC_PAT_MEM_GET_TBL   132L /* Get Memory Table */
#define PDC_PAT_NVOLATILE_READ   0L /* Read Non-Volatile Memory */
#define PDC_PAT_NVOLATILE_WRITE   1L /* Write Non-Volatile Memory */
#define PDC_PAT_NVOLATILE_GET_SIZE   2L /* Return size of NVM */
#define PDC_PAT_NVOLATILE_VERIFY   3L /* Verify contents of NVM */
#define PDC_PAT_NVOLATILE_INIT   4L /* Initialize NVM */
#define PDC_PAT_PD   74L /* Protection Domain Info */
#define PDC_PAT_PD_GET_ADDR_MAP   0L /* Get Address Map */
#define PAT_MEMUSE_GI   128
#define PAT_MEMUSE_GNI   129
#define is_pdc_pat()   (0)
#define pdc_pat_get_irt_size(num_entries, cell_numn)   PDC_BAD_PROC
#define pdc_pat_get_irt(r_addr, cell_num)   PDC_BAD_PROC
#define PAT_GET_CBA(value)   ((value) & 0xfffffffffffff000UL)
#define PAT_GET_ENTITY(value)   (((value) >> 56) & 0xffUL)
#define PAT_GET_DVI(value)   (((value) >> 48) & 0xffUL)
#define PAT_GET_IOC(value)   (((value) >> 40) & 0xffUL)
#define PAT_GET_MOD_PAGES(value)   ((value) & 0xffffffUL)


typedef struct
typedef struct


struct pdc_pat_cell_mod_maddr_block __attribute__ ((aligned(8)))
 Packet vector entry.
int pdc_pat_chassis_send_log (unsigned long status, unsigned long data)
int pdc_pat_cell_get_number (struct pdc_pat_cell_num *cell_info)
int pdc_pat_cell_module (unsigned long *actcnt, unsigned long ploc, unsigned long mod, unsigned long view_type, void *mem_addr)
int pdc_pat_cell_num_to_loc (void *, unsigned long)
int pdc_pat_cpu_get_number (struct pdc_pat_cpu_num *cpu_info, void *hpa)
int pdc_pat_pd_get_addr_map (unsigned long *actual_len, void *mem_addr, unsigned long count, unsigned long offset)
int pdc_pat_io_pci_cfg_read (unsigned long pci_addr, int pci_size, u32 *val)
int pdc_pat_io_pci_cfg_write (unsigned long pci_addr, int pci_size, u32 val)


unsigned long cba
unsigned long mod_info
unsigned long mod_location
struct hardware_path mod_path
unsigned long mod [508]
int pdc_pat

Macro Definition Documentation

#define HPMC_SET_PARAMS_INTR   1L /* Rendezvous Interrupt */

Definition at line 101 of file pdcpat.h.

#define HPMC_SET_PARAMS_WAKE   2L /* Wake up processor */

Definition at line 102 of file pdcpat.h.

#define IO_VIEW   0UL

Definition at line 37 of file pdcpat.h.

#define is_pdc_pat ( )    (0)

Definition at line 190 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PA_VIEW   1UL

Definition at line 38 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PAT_AHPA   5 /* Addional HPA Space */

Definition at line 56 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PAT_ENTITY_CA   0 /* central agent */

Definition at line 41 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PAT_ENTITY_LBA   4 /* local bus adapter */

Definition at line 45 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PAT_ENTITY_MEM   2 /* memory controller */

Definition at line 43 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PAT_ENTITY_PBC   5 /* processor bus converter */

Definition at line 46 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PAT_ENTITY_PROC   1 /* processor */

Definition at line 42 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PAT_ENTITY_RC   7 /* fabric interconnect */

Definition at line 48 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PAT_ENTITY_SBA   3 /* system bus adapter */

Definition at line 44 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PAT_ENTITY_XBC   6 /* crossbar fabric connect */

Definition at line 47 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PAT_GET_CBA (   value)    ((value) & 0xfffffffffffff000UL)

Definition at line 224 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PAT_GET_DVI (   value)    (((value) >> 48) & 0xffUL)

Definition at line 242 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PAT_GET_ENTITY (   value)    (((value) >> 56) & 0xffUL)

Definition at line 241 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PAT_GET_IOC (   value)    (((value) >> 40) & 0xffUL)

Definition at line 243 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PAT_GET_MOD_PAGES (   value)    ((value) & 0xffffffUL)

Definition at line 244 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PAT_GMMIO   2 /* > 4G MMIO Space */

Definition at line 53 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PAT_GNIP   7 /* GNI Reserved Space */

Definition at line 58 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PAT_LMMIO   1 /* < 4G MMIO Space */

Definition at line 52 of file pdcpat.h.


Definition at line 169 of file pdcpat.h.


Definition at line 173 of file pdcpat.h.


Definition at line 172 of file pdcpat.h.


Definition at line 176 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PAT_MEMUSE_GI   128

Definition at line 177 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PAT_MEMUSE_GNI   129

Definition at line 178 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PAT_NPIOP   3 /* Non Postable I/O Port Space */

Definition at line 54 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PAT_PBNUM   0 /* PCI Bus Number */

Definition at line 51 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PAT_PIOP   4 /* Postable I/O Port Space */

Definition at line 55 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PAT_UFO   6 /* HPA Space (UFO for Mariposa) */

Definition at line 57 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CELL
64L /* Interface for gaining and
* manipulatin g cell state within PD */

Definition at line 14 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CELL_CHANGE_ALIAS   129L /* Change Non-Equivalent Alias Chacking */

Definition at line 28 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CELL_GET_DBG_INFO   128L /* Return DBG Buffer Info */

Definition at line 27 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CELL_GET_INFO   1L /* Returns info about Cell */

Definition at line 16 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CELL_GET_LOCAL_PDH_SZ   14L /* Read Local PDH Buffer Size */

Definition at line 23 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CELL_GET_NUMBER   0L /* Return Cell number */

Definition at line 15 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CELL_GET_RDT   13L /* Return Route Distance Tables */

Definition at line 22 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CELL_GET_RDT_SIZE   12L /* Return Route Distance Table Sizes */

Definition at line 21 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CELL_GET_REMOTE_PDH   17L /* Read Remote PDH Buffer */

Definition at line 26 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CELL_GET_REMOTE_PDH_SZ   16L /* Return Remote PDH Buffer Size */

Definition at line 25 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CELL_MODULE   2L /* Returns info about Module */

Definition at line 17 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CELL_NUMBER_TO_LOC   10L /* Cell Number -> Location */

Definition at line 19 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CELL_SET_ATTENTION   9L /* Set Cell Attention indicator */

Definition at line 18 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CELL_SET_LOCAL_PDH   15L /* Write Local PDH Buffer */

Definition at line 24 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CELL_WALK_FABRIC   11L /* Walk the Fabric */

Definition at line 20 of file pdcpat.h.


Definition at line 64 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CHASSIS_READ_LOG   1L /* Read Log Entry */

Definition at line 66 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CHASSIS_WRITE_LOG   0L /* Write Log Entry */

Definition at line 65 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CPU   67L

Definition at line 71 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CPU_ADD   2L /* Add CPU */

Definition at line 74 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CPU_DELETE   1L /* Delete CPU */

Definition at line 73 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CPU_GET_CLOCK_INFO   7L /* Return CPU Clock info */

Definition at line 79 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CPU_GET_HPA   4L /* Return CPU HPA */

Definition at line 76 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CPU_GET_NUMBER   3L /* Return CPU Number */

Definition at line 75 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CPU_GET_RENDEZVOUS_STATE   8L /* Return Rendezvous State */

Definition at line 80 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CPU_INFO   0L /* Return CPU config info */

Definition at line 72 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CPU_PLUNGE_FABRIC   128L /* Plunge Fabric */

Definition at line 81 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CPU_RENDEZVOUS   6L /* Rendezvous CPU */

Definition at line 78 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_CPU_STOP   5L /* Stop CPU */

Definition at line 77 of file pdcpat.h.

129L /* Manipulate Cache
* Cleansing Mode */

Definition at line 82 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_EVENT   68L

Definition at line 85 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_EVENT_GET_CAPS   0L /* Get Capabilities */

Definition at line 86 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_EVENT_GET_NB_CALL   4L /* Get Non-Blocking call Args */

Definition at line 90 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_EVENT_HANDLE   3L /* Handle Event */

Definition at line 89 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_EVENT_SCAN   2L /* Scan Event */

Definition at line 88 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_EVENT_SET_MODE   1L /* Set Notification Mode */

Definition at line 87 of file pdcpat.h.

#define pdc_pat_get_irt (   r_addr,

Definition at line 192 of file pdcpat.h.

#define pdc_pat_get_irt_size (   num_entries,

Definition at line 191 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_HPMC   70L

Definition at line 96 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_HPMC_RENDEZ_CPU   0L /* go into spin loop */

Definition at line 97 of file pdcpat.h.

1L /* Allows OS to specify intr which PDC
* will use to interrupt OS during
* machine check rendezvous */

Definition at line 98 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_IO   71L

Definition at line 107 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_IO_BAY_STATUS_INFO   28L /* Get I/O Bay Slot Status Info */

Definition at line 125 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_IO_CLEAR_HOST_BRIDGE_INFO   14L /* Clear Host Bridge State Info*/

Definition at line 115 of file pdcpat.h.

7L /* Get Hardware Path from
* Physical Location */

Definition at line 111 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_IO_GET_HINT_TABLE   18L /* Get Hint Table */

Definition at line 119 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_IO_GET_HINT_TABLE_SIZE   17L /* Get Hint Table Size */

Definition at line 118 of file pdcpat.h.

12L /* Get Hardware Path
* from PCI Configuration Address */

Definition at line 113 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_IO_GET_LOC_FROM_HARDWARE   6L /* Get Physical Location from */

Definition at line 109 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_IO_GET_LOC_IO_SLOTS   22L /* Get Physical Location of I/O */

Definition at line 123 of file pdcpat.h.

21L /* Get Number of I/O Bay Slots in
* Cabinet */

Definition at line 122 of file pdcpat.h.

11L /* Get PCI Configuration
* Address from Hardware Path */

Definition at line 112 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_IO_GET_PCI_ROUTING_TABLE   16L /* Get PCI INT Routing Table */

Definition at line 117 of file pdcpat.h.

15L /* Get PCI INT Routing Table
* Size */

Definition at line 116 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_IO_GET_PROC_VIEW   29L /* Get Processor view of IO address */

Definition at line 126 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_IO_GET_SLOT_STATUS   5L /* Get Slot Status Info*/

Definition at line 108 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_IO_PCI_CONFIG_READ   19L /* PCI Config Read */

Definition at line 120 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_IO_PCI_CONFIG_WRITE   20L /* PCI Config Write */

Definition at line 121 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_IO_PROG_SBA_DIR_RANGE   30L /* Program directed range */

Definition at line 127 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_IO_READ_HOST_BRIDGE_INFO   13L /* Read Host Bridge State Info */

Definition at line 114 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_MEM   72L

Definition at line 132 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_MEM_ADD_PAGE   10L /* ADDs a page to the cell */

Definition at line 142 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_MEM_ADDRESS   11L /* Get Physical Location From */

Definition at line 143 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_MEM_CELL_CLEAR   6L /* Clear PDT For Cell */

Definition at line 138 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_MEM_CELL_INFO   5L /* Return PDT info For Cell */

Definition at line 137 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_MEM_CELL_READ   7L /* Read PDT entries For Cell */

Definition at line 139 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_MEM_CELL_RESET   8L /* Reset clear bit For Cell */

Definition at line 140 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_MEM_CLEAN_RANGE   128L /*Clean Mem in specific range*/

Definition at line 150 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_MEM_CLR_STATE_INFO   16L /*Clear Mem Module State Info*/

Definition at line 149 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_MEM_GET_CELL_TXT   14L /* Get Cell Formatted Text */

Definition at line 147 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_MEM_GET_PD_TXT   13L /* Get PD Formatted Text */

Definition at line 146 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_MEM_GET_TBL   132L /* Get Memory Table */

Definition at line 152 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_MEM_GET_TBL_SIZE   131L /* Get Memory Table Size */

Definition at line 151 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_MEM_GET_TXT_SIZE   12L /* Get Formatted Text Size */

Definition at line 145 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_MEM_PD_CLEAR   1L /* Clear PDT for PD */

Definition at line 134 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_MEM_PD_INFO   0L /* Return PDT info for PD */

Definition at line 133 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_MEM_PD_READ   2L /* Read PDT entries for PD */

Definition at line 135 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_MEM_PD_RESET   3L /* Reset clear bit for PD */

Definition at line 136 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_MEM_RD_STATE_INFO   15L /* Read Mem Module State Info*/

Definition at line 148 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_MEM_SETGM   9L /* Set Golden Memory value */

Definition at line 141 of file pdcpat.h.


Definition at line 157 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_NVOLATILE_GET_SIZE   2L /* Return size of NVM */

Definition at line 160 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_NVOLATILE_INIT   4L /* Initialize NVM */

Definition at line 162 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_NVOLATILE_READ   0L /* Read Non-Volatile Memory */

Definition at line 158 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_NVOLATILE_VERIFY   3L /* Verify contents of NVM */

Definition at line 161 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_NVOLATILE_WRITE   1L /* Write Non-Volatile Memory */

Definition at line 159 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_PD   74L /* Protection Domain Info */

Definition at line 165 of file pdcpat.h.

#define PDC_PAT_PD_GET_ADDR_MAP   0L /* Get Address Map */

Definition at line 166 of file pdcpat.h.

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 275 of file pdcpat.h.

Function Documentation

Packet vector entry.

This data structure is used with netio_send_packet_vector() to send multiple packets with one NetIO call. The structure should be initialized by calling netio_pkt_vector_set(), rather than by setting the fields directly.

This structure is guaranteed to be a power of two in size, no bigger than one L2 cache line, and to be aligned modulo its size.

Reserved for use by the user application. When initialized with the netio_set_pkt_vector_entry() function, this field is guaranteed to be visible to readers only after all other fields are already visible. This way it can be used as a valid flag or generation counter.

Low 8 bits of the packet address to send. The high bits are acquired from the 'handle' field.

Number of bytes to transmit.

The raw handle from a netio_pkt_t. If this is NETIO_PKT_HANDLE_NONE, this vector entry will be skipped and no packet will be transmitted.

Definition at line 9 of file extable.c.

int pdc_pat_cell_get_number ( struct pdc_pat_cell_num cell_info)
int pdc_pat_cell_module ( unsigned long actcnt,
unsigned long  ploc,
unsigned long  mod,
unsigned long  view_type,
void mem_addr 
int pdc_pat_cell_num_to_loc ( void ,
unsigned  long 
int pdc_pat_chassis_send_log ( unsigned long  status,
unsigned long  data 
int pdc_pat_cpu_get_number ( struct pdc_pat_cpu_num cpu_info,
void hpa 
int pdc_pat_io_pci_cfg_read ( unsigned long  pci_addr,
int  pci_size,
u32 val 
int pdc_pat_io_pci_cfg_write ( unsigned long  pci_addr,
int  pci_size,
u32  val 
int pdc_pat_pd_get_addr_map ( unsigned long actual_len,
void mem_addr,
unsigned long  count,
unsigned long  offset 

Variable Documentation

unsigned long cba

Definition at line 274 of file pdcpat.h.

unsigned long mod[508]

Definition at line 278 of file pdcpat.h.

unsigned long mod_info

Definition at line 275 of file pdcpat.h.

unsigned long mod_location

Definition at line 276 of file pdcpat.h.

Definition at line 277 of file pdcpat.h.

int pdc_pat