Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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qib_mad.c File Reference
#include <rdma/ib_smi.h>
#include "qib.h"
#include "qib_mad.h"

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void qib_bad_pqkey (struct qib_ibport *ibp, __be16 trap_num, u32 key, u32 sl, u32 qp1, u32 qp2, __be16 lid1, __be16 lid2)
void qib_cap_mask_chg (struct qib_ibport *ibp)
void qib_sys_guid_chg (struct qib_ibport *ibp)
void qib_node_desc_chg (struct qib_ibport *ibp)
int qib_process_mad (struct ib_device *ibdev, int mad_flags, u8 port, struct ib_wc *in_wc, struct ib_grh *in_grh, struct ib_mad *in_mad, struct ib_mad *out_mad)
int qib_create_agents (struct qib_ibdev *dev)
void qib_free_agents (struct qib_ibdev *dev)

Function Documentation

void qib_bad_pqkey ( struct qib_ibport ibp,
__be16  trap_num,
u32  key,
u32  sl,
u32  qp1,
u32  qp2,
__be16  lid1,
__be16  lid2 

Definition at line 137 of file qib_mad.c.

void qib_cap_mask_chg ( struct qib_ibport ibp)

Definition at line 207 of file qib_mad.c.

int qib_create_agents ( struct qib_ibdev dev)

Definition at line 2439 of file qib_mad.c.

void qib_free_agents ( struct qib_ibdev dev)

Definition at line 2484 of file qib_mad.c.

void qib_node_desc_chg ( struct qib_ibport ibp)

Definition at line 247 of file qib_mad.c.

int qib_process_mad ( struct ib_device ibdev,
int  mad_flags,
u8  port,
struct ib_wc in_wc,
struct ib_grh in_grh,
struct ib_mad in_mad,
struct ib_mad out_mad 

qib_process_mad - process an incoming MAD packet : the infiniband device this packet came in on : MAD flags : the port number this packet came in on : the work completion entry for this packet : the global route header for this packet : the incoming MAD : any outgoing MAD reply

Returns IB_MAD_RESULT_SUCCESS if this is a MAD that we are not interested in processing.

Note that the verbs framework has already done the MAD sanity checks, and hop count/pointer updating for IB_MGMT_CLASS_SUBN_DIRECTED_ROUTE MADs.

This is called by the ib_mad module.

Definition at line 2374 of file qib_mad.c.

void qib_sys_guid_chg ( struct qib_ibport ibp)

Definition at line 227 of file qib_mad.c.