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sequencer.c File Reference
#include <linux/kmod.h>
#include <linux/spinlock.h>
#include "sound_config.h"
#include "midi_ctrl.h"
#include "tuning.h"

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#define SEQ_1   1
#define SEQ_2   2
#define EV_SZ   8
#define IEV_SZ   8
#define cmd   event_rec[2]
#define chn   event_rec[3]
#define note   event_rec[4]
#define parm   event_rec[5]
#define BASE_OCTAVE   5
: Name of the class.

struct class - device classes

: The module owner. : Default attributes of this class. : Default attributes of the devices belong to the class. : Default binary attributes of the devices belong to the class. : The kobject that represents this class and links it into the hierarchy. : Called when a device is added, removed from this class, or a few other things that generate uevents to add the environment variables. : Callback to provide the devtmpfs. : Called to release this class. : Called to release the device. : Used to put the device to sleep mode, usually to a low power state. : Used to bring the device from the sleep mode. : Callbacks so sysfs can detemine namespaces.

#define dev   event_rec[1]


int sequencer_read (int dev, struct file *file, char __user *buf, int count)
void seq_copy_to_input (unsigned char *event_rec, int len)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (seq_copy_to_input)
void seq_input_event (unsigned char *event_rec, int len)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (seq_input_event)
int sequencer_write (int dev, struct file *file, const char __user *buf, int count)
int sequencer_open (int dev, struct file *file)
void sequencer_release (int dev, struct file *file)
int sequencer_ioctl (int dev, struct file *file, unsigned int cmd, void __user *arg)
unsigned int sequencer_poll (int dev, struct file *file, poll_table *wait)
void sequencer_timer (unsigned long dummy)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (sequencer_timer)
int note_to_freq (int note_num)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (note_to_freq)
unsigned long compute_finetune (unsigned long base_freq, int bend, int range, int vibrato_cents)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (compute_finetune)
void sequencer_init (void)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (sequencer_init)
void sequencer_unload (void)


unsigned long seq_time

Macro Definition Documentation

#define BASE_OCTAVE   5
#define chn   event_rec[3]
u8 cmd   event_rec[2]

Definition at line 40 of file dasd_fba.h.

struct device dev   event_rec[1]

Definition at line 119 of file cio.h.

#define EV_SZ   8

Definition at line 61 of file sequencer.c.

#define IEV_SZ   8

Definition at line 62 of file sequencer.c.

#define note   event_rec[4]
__u8 parm   event_rec[5]

Definition at line 323 of file qdio.h.

#define SEQ_1   1

Definition at line 45 of file sequencer.c.

#define SEQ_2   2

Definition at line 46 of file sequencer.c.

Function Documentation

unsigned long compute_finetune ( unsigned long  base_freq,
int  bend,
int  range,
int  vibrato_cents 

Definition at line 1593 of file sequencer.c.

EXPORT_SYMBOL ( seq_copy_to_input  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( seq_input_event  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( sequencer_timer  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( note_to_freq  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( compute_finetune  )
EXPORT_SYMBOL ( sequencer_init  )
int note_to_freq ( int  note_num)

Definition at line 1559 of file sequencer.c.

void seq_copy_to_input ( unsigned char event_rec,
int  len 

Definition at line 136 of file sequencer.c.

void seq_input_event ( unsigned char event_rec,
int  len 

Definition at line 185 of file sequencer.c.

void sequencer_init ( void  )

Definition at line 1645 of file sequencer.c.

int sequencer_ioctl ( int  dev,
struct file file,
unsigned int  cmd,
void __user arg 

Definition at line 1323 of file sequencer.c.

int sequencer_open ( int  dev,
struct file file 

Definition at line 943 of file sequencer.c.

unsigned int sequencer_poll ( int  dev,
struct file file,
poll_table wait 

Definition at line 1531 of file sequencer.c.

int sequencer_read ( int  dev,
struct file file,
char __user buf,
int  count 

Definition at line 84 of file sequencer.c.

void sequencer_release ( int  dev,
struct file file 

Definition at line 1124 of file sequencer.c.

void sequencer_timer ( unsigned long  dummy)

Definition at line 1553 of file sequencer.c.

void sequencer_unload ( void  )

Definition at line 1666 of file sequencer.c.

int sequencer_write ( int  dev,
struct file file,
const char __user buf,
int  count 

Definition at line 211 of file sequencer.c.

Variable Documentation

unsigned long seq_time

Definition at line 76 of file soundcard.c.