Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
apic Struct Reference

#include <apic.h>

Data Fields

int(* probe )(void)
int(* acpi_madt_oem_check )(char *oem_id, char *oem_table_id)
int(* apic_id_valid )(int apicid)
int(* apic_id_registered )(void)
u32 irq_delivery_mode
u32 irq_dest_mode
struct cpumask *(* target_cpus )(void)
int disable_esr
int dest_logical
unsigned long(* check_apicid_used )(physid_mask_t *map, int apicid)
unsigned long(* check_apicid_present )(int apicid)
void(* vector_allocation_domain )(int cpu, struct cpumask *retmask, const struct cpumask *mask)
void(* init_apic_ldr )(void)
void(* ioapic_phys_id_map )(physid_mask_t *phys_map, physid_mask_t *retmap)
void(* setup_apic_routing )(void)
int(* multi_timer_check )(int apic, int irq)
int(* cpu_present_to_apicid )(int mps_cpu)
void(* apicid_to_cpu_present )(int phys_apicid, physid_mask_t *retmap)
void(* setup_portio_remap )(void)
int(* check_phys_apicid_present )(int phys_apicid)
void(* enable_apic_mode )(void)
int(* phys_pkg_id )(int cpuid_apic, int index_msb)
int(* mps_oem_check )(struct mpc_table *mpc, char *oem, char *productid)
unsigned int(* get_apic_id )(unsigned long x)
unsigned long(* set_apic_id )(unsigned int id)
unsigned long apic_id_mask
int(* cpu_mask_to_apicid_and )(const struct cpumask *cpumask, const struct cpumask *andmask, unsigned int *apicid)
void(* send_IPI_mask )(const struct cpumask *mask, int vector)
void(* send_IPI_mask_allbutself )(const struct cpumask *mask, int vector)
void(* send_IPI_allbutself )(int vector)
void(* send_IPI_all )(int vector)
void(* send_IPI_self )(int vector)
int(* wakeup_secondary_cpu )(int apicid, unsigned long start_eip)
int trampoline_phys_low
int trampoline_phys_high
void(* wait_for_init_deassert )(atomic_t *deassert)
void(* smp_callin_clear_local_apic )(void)
void(* inquire_remote_apic )(int apicid)
u32(* read )(u32 reg)
void(* write )(u32 reg, u32 v)
void(* eoi_write )(u32 reg, u32 v)
u64(* icr_read )(void)
void(* icr_write )(u32 low, u32 high)
void(* wait_icr_idle )(void)
u32(* safe_wait_icr_idle )(void)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 290 of file apic.h.

Field Documentation

int(* acpi_madt_oem_check)(char *oem_id, char *oem_table_id)

Definition at line 294 of file apic.h.

unsigned long apic_id_mask

Definition at line 333 of file apic.h.

int(* apic_id_registered)(void)

Definition at line 296 of file apic.h.

int(* apic_id_valid)(int apicid)

Definition at line 295 of file apic.h.

void(* apicid_to_cpu_present)(int phys_apicid, physid_mask_t *retmap)

Definition at line 318 of file apic.h.

unsigned long(* check_apicid_present)(int apicid)

Definition at line 307 of file apic.h.

unsigned long(* check_apicid_used)(physid_mask_t *map, int apicid)

Definition at line 306 of file apic.h.

int(* check_phys_apicid_present)(int phys_apicid)

Definition at line 320 of file apic.h.

int(* cpu_mask_to_apicid_and)(const struct cpumask *cpumask, const struct cpumask *andmask, unsigned int *apicid)

Definition at line 335 of file apic.h.

int(* cpu_present_to_apicid)(int mps_cpu)

Definition at line 317 of file apic.h.

int dest_logical

Definition at line 305 of file apic.h.

int disable_esr

Definition at line 303 of file apic.h.

void(* enable_apic_mode)(void)

Definition at line 321 of file apic.h.

void(* eoi_write)(u32 reg, u32 v)

Definition at line 367 of file apic.h.

unsigned int(* get_apic_id)(unsigned long x)

Definition at line 331 of file apic.h.

u64(* icr_read)(void)

Definition at line 368 of file apic.h.

void(* icr_write)(u32 low, u32 high)

Definition at line 369 of file apic.h.

void(* init_apic_ldr)(void)

Definition at line 311 of file apic.h.

void(* inquire_remote_apic)(int apicid)

Definition at line 355 of file apic.h.

void(* ioapic_phys_id_map)(physid_mask_t *phys_map, physid_mask_t *retmap)

Definition at line 313 of file apic.h.

u32 irq_delivery_mode

Definition at line 298 of file apic.h.

u32 irq_dest_mode

Definition at line 299 of file apic.h.

int(* mps_oem_check)(struct mpc_table *mpc, char *oem, char *productid)

Definition at line 329 of file apic.h.

int(* multi_timer_check)(int apic, int irq)

Definition at line 316 of file apic.h.

char* name

Definition at line 291 of file apic.h.

int(* phys_pkg_id)(int cpuid_apic, int index_msb)

Definition at line 322 of file apic.h.

int(* probe)(void)

Definition at line 293 of file apic.h.

u32(* read)(u32 reg)

Definition at line 358 of file apic.h.

u32(* safe_wait_icr_idle)(void)

Definition at line 371 of file apic.h.

void(* send_IPI_all)(int vector)

Definition at line 344 of file apic.h.

void(* send_IPI_allbutself)(int vector)

Definition at line 343 of file apic.h.

void(* send_IPI_mask)(const struct cpumask *mask, int vector)

Definition at line 340 of file apic.h.

void(* send_IPI_mask_allbutself)(const struct cpumask *mask, int vector)

Definition at line 341 of file apic.h.

void(* send_IPI_self)(int vector)

Definition at line 345 of file apic.h.

unsigned long(* set_apic_id)(unsigned int id)

Definition at line 332 of file apic.h.

void(* setup_apic_routing)(void)

Definition at line 315 of file apic.h.

void(* setup_portio_remap)(void)

Definition at line 319 of file apic.h.

void(* smp_callin_clear_local_apic)(void)

Definition at line 354 of file apic.h.

struct cpumask*(* target_cpus)(void)

Definition at line 301 of file apic.h.

int trampoline_phys_high

Definition at line 351 of file apic.h.

int trampoline_phys_low

Definition at line 350 of file apic.h.

void(* vector_allocation_domain)(int cpu, struct cpumask *retmask, const struct cpumask *mask)

Definition at line 309 of file apic.h.

void(* wait_for_init_deassert)(atomic_t *deassert)

Definition at line 353 of file apic.h.

void(* wait_icr_idle)(void)

Definition at line 370 of file apic.h.

int(* wakeup_secondary_cpu)(int apicid, unsigned long start_eip)

Definition at line 348 of file apic.h.

void(* write)(u32 reg, u32 v)

Definition at line 359 of file apic.h.

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