Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
dma_chan Struct Reference

#include <au1000_dma.h>

Data Fields

int dev_id
unsigned int io
const chardev_str
int irq
unsigned int fifo_addr
unsigned int mode
struct dma_devicedevice
dma_cookie_t cookie
dma_cookie_t completed_cookie
int chan_id
struct dma_chan_devdev
struct list_head device_node
struct dma_chan_percpu __percpulocal
int client_count
int table_count
const dma_chan_desc_tdesc
unsigned long baseval
unsigned long cfgval
unsigned long ctlval

Detailed Description

struct dma_chan - devices supply DMA channels, clients use them : ptr to the dma device who supplies this channel, always !NULL : last cookie value returned to client : last completed cookie for this channel : channel ID for sysfs : class device for sysfs : used to add this to the device chan list : per-cpu pointer to a struct dma_chan_percpu -count: how many clients are using this channel : number of appearances in the mem-to-mem allocation table : private data for certain client-channel associations

Definition at line 106 of file au1000_dma.h.

Field Documentation

unsigned long baseval

Definition at line 507 of file vwsnd.c.

unsigned long cfgval

Definition at line 508 of file vwsnd.c.

int chan_id

Definition at line 277 of file dmaengine.h.

int client_count

Definition at line 282 of file dmaengine.h.

dma_cookie_t completed_cookie

Definition at line 274 of file dmaengine.h.

dma_cookie_t cookie

Definition at line 273 of file dmaengine.h.

unsigned long ctlval

Definition at line 509 of file vwsnd.c.

Definition at line 505 of file vwsnd.c.

Definition at line 278 of file dmaengine.h.

int dev_id

Definition at line 107 of file au1000_dma.h.

const char* dev_str

Definition at line 110 of file au1000_dma.h.

Definition at line 272 of file dmaengine.h.

Definition at line 280 of file dmaengine.h.

unsigned int fifo_addr

Definition at line 113 of file au1000_dma.h.

unsigned int io

Definition at line 109 of file au1000_dma.h.

int irq

Definition at line 111 of file au1000_dma.h.

void* irq_dev

Definition at line 112 of file au1000_dma.h.

lithium_t* lith

Definition at line 506 of file vwsnd.c.

Definition at line 281 of file dmaengine.h.

unsigned int mode

Definition at line 114 of file au1000_dma.h.

void* private

Definition at line 284 of file dmaengine.h.

int table_count

Definition at line 283 of file dmaengine.h.

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