Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Public Member Functions | Data Fields
ieee80211_vif Struct Reference

#include <mac80211.h>

Public Member Functions

u8 drv_priv[0] __attribute__ ((__aligned__(sizeof(void *))))

Data Fields

enum nl80211_iftype type
struct ieee80211_bss_conf bss_conf
u8 addr [ETH_ALEN]
bool p2p
u8 cab_queue
u8 hw_queue [IEEE80211_NUM_ACS]
u32 driver_flags

Detailed Description

struct ieee80211_vif - per-interface data

Data in this structure is continually present for driver use during the life of a virtual interface.

: type of this virtual interface : BSS configuration for this interface, either our own or the BSS we're associated to : address of this interface : indicates whether this AP or STA interface is a p2p interface, i.e. a GO or p2p-sta respectively : flags/capabilities the driver has for this interface, these need to be set (or cleared) when the interface is added or, if supported by the driver, the interface type is changed at runtime, mac80211 will never touch this field : hardware queue for each AC : content-after-beacon (DTIM beacon really) queue, AP mode only : data area for driver use, will always be aligned to sizeof(void *).

Definition at line 937 of file mac80211.h.

Member Function Documentation

u8 drv_priv [0] __attribute__ ( (__aligned__(sizeof(void *)))  )

Field Documentation

u8 addr[ETH_ALEN]

Definition at line 940 of file mac80211.h.

Definition at line 939 of file mac80211.h.

u8 cab_queue

Definition at line 943 of file mac80211.h.

u32 driver_flags

Definition at line 946 of file mac80211.h.

Definition at line 944 of file mac80211.h.

bool p2p

Definition at line 941 of file mac80211.h.

Definition at line 938 of file mac80211.h.

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