Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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ioc4_soft Struct Reference

Data Structures

struct  ioc4_intr_type

Data Fields

struct ioc4_misc_regs __iomemis_ioc4_misc_addr
struct ioc4_serial __iomemis_ioc4_serial_addr
struct ioc4_soft::ioc4_intr_type is_intr_type [IOC4_NUM_INTR_TYPES]
spinlock_t is_ir_lock

Detailed Description

Definition at line 411 of file ioc4_serial.c.

Field Documentation

struct ioc4_misc_regs __iomem* is_ioc4_misc_addr

Definition at line 412 of file ioc4_serial.c.

struct ioc4_serial __iomem* is_ioc4_serial_addr

Definition at line 413 of file ioc4_serial.c.

spinlock_t is_ir_lock

Definition at line 439 of file ioc4_serial.c.

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