Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
platform_nand_chip Struct Reference

#include <nand.h>

Data Fields

int nr_chips
int chip_offset
int nr_partitions
struct mtd_partitionpartitions
struct nand_ecclayoutecclayout
int chip_delay
unsigned int options
unsigned int bbt_options
const char ** part_probe_types

Detailed Description

struct platform_nand_chip - chip level device structure : max. number of chips to scan for : chip number offset : number of partitions pointed to by partitions (or zero) : mtd partition list : R/B delay value in us : Option flags, e.g. 16bit buswidth : BBT option flags, e.g. NAND_BBT_USE_FLASH : ECC layout info structure : NULL-terminated array of probe types

Definition at line 633 of file nand.h.

Field Documentation

unsigned int bbt_options

Definition at line 641 of file nand.h.

int chip_delay

Definition at line 639 of file nand.h.

int chip_offset

Definition at line 635 of file nand.h.

struct nand_ecclayout* ecclayout

Definition at line 638 of file nand.h.

int nr_chips

Definition at line 634 of file nand.h.

int nr_partitions

Definition at line 636 of file nand.h.

unsigned int options

Definition at line 640 of file nand.h.

const char** part_probe_types

Definition at line 642 of file nand.h.

struct mtd_partition* partitions

Definition at line 637 of file nand.h.

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