Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
sge_params Struct Reference

#include <common.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int cmdQ_size [2]
unsigned int freelQ_size [2]
unsigned int large_buf_capacity
unsigned int rx_coalesce_usecs
unsigned int last_rx_coalesce_raw
unsigned int default_rx_coalesce_usecs
unsigned int sample_interval_usecs
unsigned int coalesce_enable
unsigned int polling
unsigned int max_pkt_size
struct qset_params qset [SGE_QSETS]
u32 sge_control
u32 sge_host_page_size
u32 sge_queues_per_page
u32 sge_user_mode_limits
u32 sge_fl_buffer_size [16]
u32 sge_ingress_rx_threshold
u32 sge_timer_value_0_and_1
u32 sge_timer_value_2_and_3
u32 sge_timer_value_4_and_5

Detailed Description

Definition at line 145 of file common.h.

Field Documentation

unsigned int cmdQ_size[2]

Definition at line 146 of file common.h.

unsigned int coalesce_enable

Definition at line 153 of file common.h.

unsigned int default_rx_coalesce_usecs

Definition at line 151 of file common.h.

unsigned int freelQ_size[2]

Definition at line 147 of file common.h.

unsigned int large_buf_capacity

Definition at line 148 of file common.h.

unsigned int last_rx_coalesce_raw

Definition at line 150 of file common.h.

unsigned int max_pkt_size

Definition at line 330 of file common.h.

unsigned int polling

Definition at line 154 of file common.h.

Definition at line 331 of file common.h.

unsigned int rx_coalesce_usecs

Definition at line 149 of file common.h.

unsigned int sample_interval_usecs

Definition at line 152 of file common.h.

u32 sge_control

Definition at line 110 of file t4vf_common.h.

u32 sge_fl_buffer_size[16]

Definition at line 114 of file t4vf_common.h.

u32 sge_host_page_size

Definition at line 111 of file t4vf_common.h.

u32 sge_ingress_rx_threshold

Definition at line 115 of file t4vf_common.h.

u32 sge_queues_per_page

Definition at line 112 of file t4vf_common.h.

u32 sge_timer_value_0_and_1

Definition at line 116 of file t4vf_common.h.

u32 sge_timer_value_2_and_3

Definition at line 117 of file t4vf_common.h.

u32 sge_timer_value_4_and_5

Definition at line 118 of file t4vf_common.h.

u32 sge_user_mode_limits

Definition at line 113 of file t4vf_common.h.

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