Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
sunrpc_net Struct Reference

#include <netns.h>

Data Fields

struct proc_dir_entryproc_net_rpc
struct cache_detailip_map_cache
struct cache_detailunix_gid_cache
struct cache_detailrsc_cache
struct cache_detailrsi_cache
struct super_blockpipefs_sb
struct mutex pipefs_sb_lock
struct list_head all_clients
spinlock_t rpc_client_lock
struct rpc_clntrpcb_local_clnt
struct rpc_clntrpcb_local_clnt4
spinlock_t rpcb_clnt_lock
unsigned int rpcb_users

Detailed Description

Definition at line 9 of file netns.h.

Field Documentation

struct list_head all_clients

Definition at line 19 of file netns.h.

struct cache_detail* ip_map_cache

Definition at line 11 of file netns.h.

struct super_block* pipefs_sb

Definition at line 16 of file netns.h.

struct mutex pipefs_sb_lock

Definition at line 17 of file netns.h.

struct proc_dir_entry* proc_net_rpc

Definition at line 10 of file netns.h.

spinlock_t rpc_client_lock

Definition at line 20 of file netns.h.

spinlock_t rpcb_clnt_lock

Definition at line 24 of file netns.h.

struct rpc_clnt* rpcb_local_clnt

Definition at line 22 of file netns.h.

struct rpc_clnt* rpcb_local_clnt4

Definition at line 23 of file netns.h.

unsigned int rpcb_users

Definition at line 25 of file netns.h.

struct cache_detail* rsc_cache

Definition at line 13 of file netns.h.

struct cache_detail* rsi_cache

Definition at line 14 of file netns.h.

struct cache_detail* unix_gid_cache

Definition at line 12 of file netns.h.

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