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  1. Authentication: How to set up authenticated resources.

  2. Cross compilation: How to cross compile Cherokee.

  3. DBSlayer: How to set up DBSlayer MySQL balancing.

  4. Embedding Cherokee: Cherokee on embedded devices.

  5. Maintenance: Seamlessly switching to maintenance mode.

  6. Managing logs: Seamless log rotation.

  7. Optimizing Cherokee: Recommendations and tweaks.

  8. Redirections: Common redirection examples.

  9. SSL/TLS, certs: Secure connection tips.

  10. Alfresco: How to run Alfresco on Cherokee.

  11. ASP.NET: How to run ASP.NET apps with Mono and Cherokee.

  12. Django: How to run Django apps with Cherokee.

  13. Drupal: How to run Drupal on Cherokee.

  14. GlassFish: How to run Java apps with Cherokee.

  15. Joomla: How to run Joomla on Cherokee.

  16. Kumbia: How to run Kumbia apps with Cherokee.

  17. Liferay: How to run Liferay on Cherokee.

  18. Mailman: How to run Mailman on Cherokee.

  19. Moodle: How to run Moodle on Cherokee.

  20. Nagios: How to run Nagios with Cheroke.

  21. PHP: How to run PHP apps with Cherokee.

  22. phpBB: How to run phpBB on Cherokee.

  23. phpMyAdmin: How to run phpMyAdmin on Cherokee.

  24. Ruby on Rails: How to run Ruby on Rails apps with Cherokee.

  25. SugarCRM: How to run SugarCRM on Cherokee.

  26. Symfony: How to run Symfony apps with Cherokee.

  27. Trac: How to run Trac on Cherokee.

  28. Wordpress: How to run Wordpress on Cherokee.

  29. Zend: How to run Zend apps with Cherokee.

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