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ar9003_eeprom.c File Reference
#include <asm/unaligned.h>
#include "hw.h"
#include "ar9003_phy.h"
#include "ar9003_eeprom.h"

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#define COMP_HDR_LEN   4
#define COMP_CKSUM_LEN   2
#define LE16(x)   __constant_cpu_to_le16(x)
#define LE32(x)   __constant_cpu_to_le32(x)
#define EXT_ADDITIVE   (0x8000)
#define CTL_11A_EXT   (CTL_11A | EXT_ADDITIVE)
#define CTL_11G_EXT   (CTL_11G | EXT_ADDITIVE)
#define CTL_11B_EXT   (CTL_11B | EXT_ADDITIVE)
#define SUB_NUM_CTL_MODES_AT_5G_40   2 /* excluding HT40, EXT-OFDM */
#define SUB_NUM_CTL_MODES_AT_2G_40   3 /* excluding HT40, EXT-OFDM, EXT-CCK */
#define CTL(_tpower, _flag)   ((_tpower) | ((_flag) << 6))
#define EEPROM_DATA_LEN_9485   1088
#define N_LOOP   (sizeof(ar9300_eep_templates) / sizeof(ar9300_eep_templates[0]))
#define MDEFAULT   15
#define MSTATE   100
#define POW_SM(_r, _s)   (((_r) & 0x3f) << (_s))


typedef bool(* eeprom_read_op )(struct ath_hw *ah, int address, u8 *buffer, int count)


void ar9003_hw_internal_regulator_apply (struct ath_hw *ah)
s32 ar9003_hw_get_tx_gain_idx (struct ath_hw *ah)
s32 ar9003_hw_get_rx_gain_idx (struct ath_hw *ah)
u8ar9003_get_spur_chan_ptr (struct ath_hw *ah, bool is2ghz)
unsigned int ar9003_get_paprd_scale_factor (struct ath_hw *ah, struct ath9k_channel *chan)


struct eeprom_ops eep_ar9300_ops

Macro Definition Documentation

#define COMP_CKSUM_LEN   2

Definition at line 23 of file ar9003_eeprom.c.

#define COMP_HDR_LEN   4

Definition at line 22 of file ar9003_eeprom.c.

#define CTL (   _tpower,
)    ((_tpower) | ((_flag) << 6))

Definition at line 37 of file ar9003_eeprom.c.

#define CTL_11A_EXT   (CTL_11A | EXT_ADDITIVE)

Definition at line 30 of file ar9003_eeprom.c.

#define CTL_11B_EXT   (CTL_11B | EXT_ADDITIVE)

Definition at line 32 of file ar9003_eeprom.c.

#define CTL_11G_EXT   (CTL_11G | EXT_ADDITIVE)

Definition at line 31 of file ar9003_eeprom.c.

#define EEPROM_DATA_LEN_9485   1088

Definition at line 39 of file ar9003_eeprom.c.

#define EXT_ADDITIVE   (0x8000)

Definition at line 29 of file ar9003_eeprom.c.

#define LE16 (   x)    __constant_cpu_to_le16(x)

Definition at line 25 of file ar9003_eeprom.c.

#define LE32 (   x)    __constant_cpu_to_le32(x)

Definition at line 26 of file ar9003_eeprom.c.

#define MDEFAULT   15
#define MSTATE   100
#define N_LOOP   (sizeof(ar9300_eep_templates) / sizeof(ar9300_eep_templates[0]))
#define POW_SM (   _r,
)    (((_r) & 0x3f) << (_s))
#define SUB_NUM_CTL_MODES_AT_2G_40   3 /* excluding HT40, EXT-OFDM, EXT-CCK */

Definition at line 35 of file ar9003_eeprom.c.

#define SUB_NUM_CTL_MODES_AT_5G_40   2 /* excluding HT40, EXT-OFDM */

Definition at line 34 of file ar9003_eeprom.c.

Typedef Documentation

typedef bool(* eeprom_read_op)(struct ath_hw *ah, int address, u8 *buffer, int count)

Definition at line 3220 of file ar9003_eeprom.c.

Function Documentation

unsigned int ar9003_get_paprd_scale_factor ( struct ath_hw ah,
struct ath9k_channel chan 

Definition at line 5201 of file ar9003_eeprom.c.

u8* ar9003_get_spur_chan_ptr ( struct ath_hw ah,
bool  is2ghz 

Definition at line 5196 of file ar9003_eeprom.c.

s32 ar9003_hw_get_rx_gain_idx ( struct ath_hw ah)

Definition at line 5189 of file ar9003_eeprom.c.

s32 ar9003_hw_get_tx_gain_idx ( struct ath_hw ah)

Definition at line 5182 of file ar9003_eeprom.c.

void ar9003_hw_internal_regulator_apply ( struct ath_hw ah)

Definition at line 3809 of file ar9003_eeprom.c.

Variable Documentation

struct eeprom_ops eep_ar9300_ops
Initial value:
= {
.check_eeprom = ath9k_hw_ar9300_check_eeprom,
.get_eeprom = ath9k_hw_ar9300_get_eeprom,
.fill_eeprom = ath9k_hw_ar9300_fill_eeprom,
.dump_eeprom = ath9k_hw_ar9003_dump_eeprom,
.get_eeprom_ver = ath9k_hw_ar9300_get_eeprom_ver,
.get_eeprom_rev = ath9k_hw_ar9300_get_eeprom_rev,
.set_board_values = ath9k_hw_ar9300_set_board_values,
.set_addac = ath9k_hw_ar9300_set_addac,
.set_txpower = ath9k_hw_ar9300_set_txpower,
.get_spur_channel = ath9k_hw_ar9300_get_spur_channel

Definition at line 5222 of file ar9003_eeprom.c.