Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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init.c File Reference
#include <linux/init.h>
#include <linux/mm.h>
#include <linux/bootmem.h>
#include <asm/atomic.h>
#include <linux/highmem.h>
#include <asm/tlb.h>
#include <asm/sections.h>
#include <asm/vm_mmu.h>

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#define bootmem_startpg   (PFN_UP(((unsigned long) _end) - PAGE_OFFSET))
#define DMA_RESERVE   (4)
#define DMA_CHUNKSIZE   (1<<22)


 DEFINE_PER_CPU (struct mmu_gather, mmu_gathers)
 DEFINE_SPINLOCK (kmap_gen_lock)
void __init mem_init (void)
void __init_refok free_initmem (void)
void free_initrd_mem (unsigned long start, unsigned long end)
void sync_icache_dcache (pte_t pte)
void __init paging_init (void)
 early_param ("mem", early_mem)
void __init setup_arch_memory (void)


unsigned long bootmem_lastpg
int max_kernel_seg = 0x303
unsigned long zero_page_mask
unsigned long highstart_pfn
unsigned long highend_pfn
unsigned long _dflt_cache_att = CACHEDEF
unsigned long long kmap_generation
size_t hexagon_coherent_pool_size = (size_t) (DMA_RESERVE << 22)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define bootmem_startpg   (PFN_UP(((unsigned long) _end) - PAGE_OFFSET))

Definition at line 34 of file init.c.

#define DMA_CHUNKSIZE   (1<<22)

Definition at line 160 of file init.c.

#define DMA_RESERVE   (4)

Definition at line 157 of file init.c.


Definition at line 161 of file init.c.

Function Documentation

DEFINE_PER_CPU ( struct mmu_gather  ,
DEFINE_SPINLOCK ( kmap_gen_lock  )
early_param ( "mem"  ,
void __init_refok free_initmem ( void  )

Definition at line 98 of file init.c.

void free_initrd_mem ( unsigned long  start,
unsigned long  end 

Definition at line 111 of file init.c.

void __init mem_init ( void  )

Definition at line 70 of file init.c.

void __init paging_init ( void  )

Definition at line 133 of file init.c.

void __init setup_arch_memory ( void  )

Definition at line 182 of file init.c.

void sync_icache_dcache ( pte_t  pte)

Definition at line 115 of file init.c.

Variable Documentation

unsigned long _dflt_cache_att = CACHEDEF

Definition at line 51 of file init.c.

unsigned long bootmem_lastpg

Definition at line 36 of file init.c.

size_t hexagon_coherent_pool_size = (size_t) (DMA_RESERVE << 22)

Definition at line 180 of file init.c.

unsigned long highend_pfn

Definition at line 45 of file init.c.

unsigned long highstart_pfn

Definition at line 45 of file init.c.

unsigned long long kmap_generation

Definition at line 61 of file init.c.

int max_kernel_seg = 0x303

Definition at line 39 of file init.c.

unsigned long zero_page_mask

Definition at line 42 of file init.c.