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devs.h File Reference
#include <linux/platform_device.h>

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Data Structures

struct  s3c24xx_uart_resources


#define __PLAT_DEVS_H   __FILE__


voids3c_set_platdata (void *pd, size_t pdsize, struct platform_device *pdev)


struct s3c24xx_uart_resources s3c2410_uart_resources []
struct s3c24xx_uart_resources s3c64xx_uart_resources []
struct s3c24xx_uart_resources s5p_uart_resources []
struct s3c24xx_uart_resources exynos4_uart_resources []
struct s3c24xx_uart_resources exynos5_uart_resources []
struct platform_devices3c24xx_uart_devs []
struct platform_devices3c24xx_uart_src []
struct platform_device s3c64xx_device_ac97
struct platform_device s3c64xx_device_iis0
struct platform_device s3c64xx_device_iis1
struct platform_device s3c64xx_device_iisv4
struct platform_device s3c64xx_device_onenand1
struct platform_device s3c64xx_device_pcm0
struct platform_device s3c64xx_device_pcm1
struct platform_device s3c64xx_device_spi0
struct platform_device s3c64xx_device_spi1
struct platform_device s3c64xx_device_spi2
struct platform_device s3c_device_adc
struct platform_device s3c_device_cfcon
struct platform_device s3c_device_fb
struct platform_device s3c_device_hwmon
struct platform_device s3c_device_hsmmc0
struct platform_device s3c_device_hsmmc1
struct platform_device s3c_device_hsmmc2
struct platform_device s3c_device_hsmmc3
struct platform_device s3c_device_i2c0
struct platform_device s3c_device_i2c1
struct platform_device s3c_device_i2c2
struct platform_device s3c_device_i2c3
struct platform_device s3c_device_i2c4
struct platform_device s3c_device_i2c5
struct platform_device s3c_device_i2c6
struct platform_device s3c_device_i2c7
struct platform_device s3c_device_iis
struct platform_device s3c_device_lcd
struct platform_device s3c_device_nand
struct platform_device s3c_device_ohci
struct platform_device s3c_device_onenand
struct platform_device s3c_device_rtc
struct platform_device s3c_device_sdi
struct platform_device s3c_device_spi0
struct platform_device s3c_device_spi1
struct platform_device s3c_device_ts
struct platform_device s3c_device_timer []
struct platform_device s3c_device_usbgadget
struct platform_device s3c_device_usb_hsotg
struct platform_device s3c_device_usb_hsudc
struct platform_device s3c_device_wdt
struct platform_device s5p_device_ehci
struct platform_device s5p_device_fimc0
struct platform_device s5p_device_fimc1
struct platform_device s5p_device_fimc2
struct platform_device s5p_device_fimc3
struct platform_device s5p_device_fimc_md
struct platform_device s5p_device_jpeg
struct platform_device s5p_device_g2d
struct platform_device s5p_device_fimd0
struct platform_device s5p_device_hdmi
struct platform_device s5p_device_i2c_hdmiphy
struct platform_device s5p_device_mfc
struct platform_device s5p_device_mfc_l
struct platform_device s5p_device_mfc_r
struct platform_device s5p_device_mipi_csis0
struct platform_device s5p_device_mipi_csis1
struct platform_device s5p_device_mixer
struct platform_device s5p_device_onenand
struct platform_device s5p_device_sdo
struct platform_device s5p6440_device_iis
struct platform_device s5p6440_device_pcm
struct platform_device s5p6450_device_iis0
struct platform_device s5p6450_device_iis1
struct platform_device s5p6450_device_iis2
struct platform_device s5p6450_device_pcm0
struct platform_device s5pc100_device_ac97
struct platform_device s5pc100_device_iis0
struct platform_device s5pc100_device_iis1
struct platform_device s5pc100_device_iis2
struct platform_device s5pc100_device_pcm0
struct platform_device s5pc100_device_pcm1
struct platform_device s5pc100_device_spdif
struct platform_device s5pv210_device_ac97
struct platform_device s5pv210_device_iis0
struct platform_device s5pv210_device_iis1
struct platform_device s5pv210_device_iis2
struct platform_device s5pv210_device_pcm0
struct platform_device s5pv210_device_pcm1
struct platform_device s5pv210_device_pcm2
struct platform_device s5pv210_device_spdif
struct platform_device exynos4_device_ac97
struct platform_device exynos4_device_ahci
struct platform_device exynos4_device_dwmci
struct platform_device exynos4_device_i2s0
struct platform_device exynos4_device_i2s1
struct platform_device exynos4_device_i2s2
struct platform_device exynos4_device_ohci
struct platform_device exynos4_device_pcm0
struct platform_device exynos4_device_pcm1
struct platform_device exynos4_device_pcm2
struct platform_device exynos4_device_spdif
struct platform_device exynos_device_drm
struct platform_device samsung_asoc_dma
struct platform_device samsung_asoc_idma
struct platform_device samsung_device_keypad

Macro Definition Documentation

#define __PLAT_DEVS_H   __FILE__

Definition at line 17 of file devs.h.

Function Documentation

void* s3c_set_platdata ( void pd,
size_t  pdsize,
struct platform_device pdev 

s3c_set_platdata() - helper for setting platform data : The default platform data for this device. : The size of the platform data. : Pointer to the device to fill in.

This helper replaces a number of calls that copy and then set the platform data of the device.

Definition at line 20 of file platformdata.c.

Variable Documentation

struct platform_device exynos4_device_ac97

Definition at line 223 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device exynos4_device_ahci

Definition at line 245 of file dev-ahci.c.

struct platform_device exynos4_device_dwmci

Definition at line 52 of file dev-dwmci.c.

struct platform_device exynos4_device_i2s0

Definition at line 71 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device exynos4_device_i2s1

Definition at line 102 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device exynos4_device_i2s2

Definition at line 118 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device exynos4_device_ohci

Definition at line 30 of file dev-ohci.c.

struct platform_device exynos4_device_pcm0

Definition at line 160 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device exynos4_device_pcm1

Definition at line 176 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device exynos4_device_pcm2

Definition at line 192 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device exynos4_device_spdif

Definition at line 255 of file dev-audio.c.

struct s3c24xx_uart_resources exynos4_uart_resources[]
struct s3c24xx_uart_resources exynos5_uart_resources
Initial value:
= {
[0] = {
.resources = exynos5_uart0_resource,
.nr_resources = ARRAY_SIZE(exynos5_uart0_resource),
[1] = {
.resources = exynos5_uart1_resource,
.nr_resources = ARRAY_SIZE(exynos5_uart0_resource),
[2] = {
.resources = exynos5_uart2_resource,
.nr_resources = ARRAY_SIZE(exynos5_uart2_resource),
[3] = {
.resources = exynos5_uart3_resource,
.nr_resources = ARRAY_SIZE(exynos5_uart3_resource),

Definition at line 61 of file dev-uart.c.

struct platform_device exynos_device_drm

Definition at line 23 of file dev-drm.c.

struct s3c24xx_uart_resources s3c2410_uart_resources
Initial value:
= {
[0] = {
.resources = s3c2410_uart0_resource,
.nr_resources = ARRAY_SIZE(s3c2410_uart0_resource),
[1] = {
.resources = s3c2410_uart1_resource,
.nr_resources = ARRAY_SIZE(s3c2410_uart1_resource),
[2] = {
.resources = s3c2410_uart2_resource,
.nr_resources = ARRAY_SIZE(s3c2410_uart2_resource),
[3] = {
.resources = s3c2410_uart3_resource,
.nr_resources = ARRAY_SIZE(s3c2410_uart3_resource),

Definition at line 270 of file common.c.

struct platform_device* s3c24xx_uart_devs[]

Definition at line 45 of file dev-uart.c.

struct platform_device* s3c24xx_uart_src[]

Definition at line 38 of file dev-uart.c.

struct platform_device s3c64xx_device_ac97

Definition at line 219 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device s3c64xx_device_iis0

Definition at line 74 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device s3c64xx_device_iis1

Definition at line 91 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device s3c64xx_device_iisv4

Definition at line 118 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device s3c64xx_device_onenand1
struct platform_device s3c64xx_device_pcm0

Definition at line 163 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device s3c64xx_device_pcm1

Definition at line 184 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device s3c64xx_device_spi0
struct platform_device s3c64xx_device_spi1
struct platform_device s3c64xx_device_spi2
struct s3c24xx_uart_resources s3c64xx_uart_resources[]
struct platform_device s3c_device_adc
struct platform_device s3c_device_cfcon
struct platform_device s3c_device_fb
struct platform_device s3c_device_hsmmc0
struct platform_device s3c_device_hsmmc1
struct platform_device s3c_device_hsmmc2
struct platform_device s3c_device_hsmmc3
struct platform_device s3c_device_hwmon
struct platform_device s3c_device_i2c0

Definition at line 487 of file devs.c.

struct platform_device s3c_device_i2c1
struct platform_device s3c_device_i2c2
struct platform_device s3c_device_i2c3
struct platform_device s3c_device_i2c4
struct platform_device s3c_device_i2c5
struct platform_device s3c_device_i2c6
struct platform_device s3c_device_i2c7
struct platform_device s3c_device_iis
struct platform_device s3c_device_lcd
struct platform_device s3c_device_nand
struct platform_device s3c_device_ohci
struct platform_device s3c_device_onenand
struct platform_device s3c_device_rtc
struct platform_device s3c_device_sdi
struct platform_device s3c_device_spi0
struct platform_device s3c_device_spi1
struct platform_device s3c_device_timer[]
struct platform_device s3c_device_ts
struct platform_device s3c_device_usb_hsotg
struct platform_device s3c_device_usb_hsudc
struct platform_device s3c_device_usbgadget
struct platform_device s3c_device_wdt
struct platform_device s5p6440_device_iis

Definition at line 59 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device s5p6440_device_pcm

Definition at line 180 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device s5p6450_device_iis0

Definition at line 101 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device s5p6450_device_iis1

Definition at line 126 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device s5p6450_device_iis2

Definition at line 142 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device s5p6450_device_pcm0
struct platform_device s5p_device_ehci
struct platform_device s5p_device_fimc0
struct platform_device s5p_device_fimc1
struct platform_device s5p_device_fimc2
struct platform_device s5p_device_fimc3
struct platform_device s5p_device_fimc_md
struct platform_device s5p_device_fimd0
struct platform_device s5p_device_g2d
struct platform_device s5p_device_hdmi
struct platform_device s5p_device_i2c_hdmiphy
struct platform_device s5p_device_jpeg
struct platform_device s5p_device_mfc
struct platform_device s5p_device_mfc_l
struct platform_device s5p_device_mfc_r
struct platform_device s5p_device_mipi_csis0
struct platform_device s5p_device_mipi_csis1
struct platform_device s5p_device_mixer
struct platform_device s5p_device_onenand
struct platform_device s5p_device_sdo
struct s3c24xx_uart_resources s5p_uart_resources[]
struct platform_device s5pc100_device_ac97

Definition at line 199 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device s5pc100_device_iis0

Definition at line 65 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device s5pc100_device_iis1

Definition at line 95 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device s5pc100_device_iis2

Definition at line 111 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device s5pc100_device_pcm0

Definition at line 152 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device s5pc100_device_pcm1

Definition at line 168 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device s5pc100_device_spdif

Definition at line 237 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device s5pv210_device_ac97

Definition at line 219 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device s5pv210_device_iis0

Definition at line 68 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device s5pv210_device_iis1

Definition at line 98 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device s5pv210_device_iis2

Definition at line 114 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device s5pv210_device_pcm0

Definition at line 156 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device s5pv210_device_pcm1

Definition at line 172 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device s5pv210_device_pcm2

Definition at line 188 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device s5pv210_device_spdif

Definition at line 251 of file dev-audio.c.

struct platform_device samsung_asoc_dma

Definition at line 149 of file devs.c.

struct platform_device samsung_asoc_idma

Definition at line 158 of file devs.c.

struct platform_device samsung_device_keypad