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internal.h File Reference
#include <linux/lglock.h>

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Data Structures

struct  open_flags


void __init chrdev_init (void)
int __inode_permission (struct inode *, int)
int copy_mount_options (const void __user *, unsigned long *)
int copy_mount_string (const void __user *, char **)
struct vfsmountlookup_mnt (struct path *)
int finish_automount (struct vfsmount *, struct path *)
int sb_prepare_remount_readonly (struct super_block *)
void __init mnt_init (void)
int __mnt_want_write (struct vfsmount *)
int __mnt_want_write_file (struct file *)
void __mnt_drop_write (struct vfsmount *)
void __mnt_drop_write_file (struct file *)
void chroot_fs_refs (struct path *, struct path *)
void file_sb_list_add (struct file *f, struct super_block *sb)
void file_sb_list_del (struct file *f)
void mark_files_ro (struct super_block *)
struct fileget_empty_filp (void)
int do_remount_sb (struct super_block *, int, void *, int)
bool grab_super_passive (struct super_block *sb)
struct dentrymount_fs (struct file_system_type *, int, const char *, void *)
struct super_blockuser_get_super (dev_t)
struct filedo_filp_open (int dfd, struct filename *pathname, const struct open_flags *op, int flags)
struct filedo_file_open_root (struct dentry *, struct vfsmount *, const char *, const struct open_flags *, int lookup_flags)
long do_handle_open (int mountdirfd, struct file_handle __user *ufh, int open_flag)
int open_check_o_direct (struct file *f)
void inode_add_lru (struct inode *inode)
void inode_wb_list_del (struct inode *inode)
int get_nr_dirty_inodes (void)
void evict_inodes (struct super_block *)
int invalidate_inodes (struct super_block *, bool)
struct dentry__d_alloc (struct super_block *, const struct qstr *)


struct lglock vfsmount_lock
spinlock_t inode_sb_list_lock

Function Documentation

struct dentry* __d_alloc ( struct super_block ,
const struct qstr  

Definition at line 1274 of file dcache.c.

int __inode_permission ( struct inode inode,
int  mask 

__inode_permission - Check for access rights to a given inode : Inode to check permission on : Right to check for (MAY_READ, MAY_WRITE, MAY_EXEC)

Check for read/write/execute permissions on an inode.

When checking for MAY_APPEND, MAY_WRITE must also be set in .

This does not check for a read-only file system. You probably want inode_permission().

Definition at line 383 of file namei.c.

void __mnt_drop_write ( struct vfsmount mnt)

__mnt_drop_write - give up write access to a mount : the mount on which to give up write access

Tells the low-level filesystem that we are done performing writes to it. Must be matched with __mnt_want_write() call above.

Definition at line 420 of file namespace.c.

void __mnt_drop_write_file ( struct file )

Definition at line 442 of file namespace.c.

int __mnt_want_write ( struct vfsmount m)

__mnt_want_write - get write access to a mount without freeze protection : the mount on which to take a write

This tells the low-level filesystem that a write is about to be performed to it, and makes sure that writes are allowed (mnt it read-write) before returning success. This operation does not protect against filesystem being frozen. When the write operation is finished, __mnt_drop_write() must be called. This is effectively a refcount.

Definition at line 301 of file namespace.c.

int __mnt_want_write_file ( struct file )

Definition at line 383 of file namespace.c.

void __init chrdev_init ( void  )

Definition at line 574 of file char_dev.c.

void chroot_fs_refs ( struct path ,
struct path  

Definition at line 56 of file fs_struct.c.

int copy_mount_options ( const void __user ,
unsigned long  

Definition at line 2130 of file namespace.c.

int copy_mount_string ( const void __user ,
char **   

Definition at line 2163 of file namespace.c.

struct file* do_file_open_root ( struct dentry ,
struct vfsmount ,
const char ,
const struct open_flags ,
int  lookup_flags 

Definition at line 3024 of file namei.c.

struct file* do_filp_open ( int  dfd,
struct filename pathname,
const struct open_flags op,
int  flags 

Definition at line 3010 of file namei.c.

long do_handle_open ( int  mountdirfd,
struct file_handle __user ufh,
int  open_flag 

Definition at line 213 of file fhandle.c.

int do_remount_sb ( struct super_block sb,
int  flags,
void data,
int  force 

do_remount_sb - asks filesystem to change mount options. : superblock in question : numeric part of options : the rest of options : whether or not to force the change

Alters the mount options of a mounted file system.

Definition at line 711 of file super.c.

void evict_inodes ( struct super_block sb)

evict_inodes - evict all evictable inodes for a superblock : superblock to operate on

Make sure that no inodes with zero refcount are retained. This is called by superblock shutdown after having MS_ACTIVE flag removed, so any inode reaching zero refcount during or after that call will be immediately evicted.

Definition at line 604 of file inode.c.

void file_sb_list_add ( struct file f,
struct super_block sb 

Definition at line 383 of file file_table.c.

void file_sb_list_del ( struct file f)

Definition at line 397 of file file_table.c.

int finish_automount ( struct vfsmount ,
struct path  

Definition at line 1943 of file namespace.c.

struct file* get_empty_filp ( void  )

Definition at line 106 of file file_table.c.

int get_nr_dirty_inodes ( void  )

Definition at line 96 of file inode.c.

bool grab_super_passive ( struct super_block sb)

Definition at line 369 of file super.c.

void inode_add_lru ( struct inode inode)

Definition at line 416 of file inode.c.

void inode_wb_list_del ( struct inode inode)

Definition at line 188 of file fs-writeback.c.

int invalidate_inodes ( struct super_block sb,
bool  kill_dirty 

invalidate_inodes - attempt to free all inodes on a superblock : superblock to operate on : flag to guide handling of dirty inodes

Attempts to free all inodes for a given superblock. If there were any busy inodes return a non-zero value, else zero. If is set, discard dirty inodes too, otherwise treat them as busy.

Definition at line 640 of file inode.c.

struct vfsmount* lookup_mnt ( struct path )

Definition at line 590 of file namespace.c.

void mark_files_ro ( struct super_block sb)

mark_files_ro - mark all files read-only : superblock in question

All files are marked read-only. We don't care about pending delete files so this should be used in 'force' mode only.

Definition at line 444 of file file_table.c.

void __init mnt_init ( void  )

Definition at line 2605 of file namespace.c.

struct dentry* mount_fs ( struct file_system_type ,
int  ,
const char ,

Definition at line 1094 of file super.c.

int open_check_o_direct ( struct file f)

Definition at line 629 of file open.c.

int sb_prepare_remount_readonly ( struct super_block )

Definition at line 502 of file namespace.c.

struct super_block* user_get_super ( dev_t  )

Definition at line 675 of file super.c.

Variable Documentation

spinlock_t inode_sb_list_lock
struct lglock vfsmount_lock