Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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pagevec.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  pagevec


#define PAGEVEC_SIZE   14


void __pagevec_release (struct pagevec *pvec)
void __pagevec_lru_add (struct pagevec *pvec, enum lru_list lru)
unsigned pagevec_lookup (struct pagevec *pvec, struct address_space *mapping, pgoff_t start, unsigned nr_pages)
unsigned pagevec_lookup_tag (struct pagevec *pvec, struct address_space *mapping, pgoff_t *index, int tag, unsigned nr_pages)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define PAGEVEC_SIZE   14

Definition at line 12 of file pagevec.h.

Function Documentation

void __pagevec_lru_add ( struct pagevec pvec,
enum lru_list  lru 

Definition at line 811 of file swap.c.

void __pagevec_release ( struct pagevec pvec)

Definition at line 729 of file swap.c.

unsigned pagevec_lookup ( struct pagevec pvec,
struct address_space mapping,
pgoff_t  start,
unsigned  nr_pages 

pagevec_lookup - gang pagecache lookup : Where the resulting pages are placed : The address_space to search : The starting page index : The maximum number of pages

pagevec_lookup() will search for and return a group of up to pages in the mapping. The pages are placed in . pagevec_lookup() takes a reference against the pages in .

The search returns a group of mapping-contiguous pages with ascending indexes. There may be holes in the indices due to not-present pages.

pagevec_lookup() returns the number of pages which were found.

Definition at line 835 of file swap.c.

unsigned pagevec_lookup_tag ( struct pagevec pvec,
struct address_space mapping,
pgoff_t index,
int  tag,
unsigned  nr_pages 

Definition at line 843 of file swap.c.