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phy_int.h File Reference
#include <types.h>
#include <brcmu_utils.h>
#include <brcmu_wifi.h>

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Data Structures

struct  brcms_phy_srom_fem
struct  phy_table_info
struct  phytbl_info
struct  interference_info
struct  aci_save_gphy
struct  lo_complex_abgphy_info
struct  nphy_iq_comp
struct  nphy_txpwrindex
struct  txiqcal_cache
struct  nphy_pwrctrl
struct  nphy_txgains
struct  nphy_noisevar_buf
struct  rssical_cache
struct  lcnphy_cal_results
struct  shared_phy
struct  brcms_phy_pub
struct  phy_func_ptr
struct  brcms_phy
struct  cs32
struct  radio_regs
struct  radio_20xx_regs
struct  lcnphy_radio_regs
struct  phy_iq_est


#define PHY_VERSION   { 1, 82, 8, 0 }
#define LCNXN_BASEREV   16
#define ISNPHY(pi)   PHYTYPE_IS((pi)->pubpi.phy_type, PHY_TYPE_N)
#define ISLCNPHY(pi)   PHYTYPE_IS((pi)->pubpi.phy_type, PHY_TYPE_LCN)
#define PHY_GET_RFATTN(rfgain)   ((rfgain) & 0x0f)
#define PHY_GET_PADMIX(rfgain)   (((rfgain) & 0x10) >> 4)
#define PHY_GET_RFGAINID(rfattn, padmix, width)   ((rfattn) + ((padmix)*(width)))
#define PHY_SAT(x, n)
#define PHY_SHIFT_ROUND(x, n)   ((x) >= 0 ? ((x)+(1<<((n)-1)))>>(n) : (x)>>(n))
#define PHY_HW_ROUND(x, s)   ((x >> s) + ((x >> (s-1)) & (s != 0)))
#define CH_5G_GROUP   3
#define A_LOW_CHANS   0
#define A_MID_CHANS   1
#define A_HIGH_CHANS   2
#define CH_2G_GROUP   1
#define G_ALL_CHANS   0
#define FIRST_REF5_CHANNUM   149
#define LAST_REF5_CHANNUM   165
#define FIRST_5G_CHAN   14
#define LAST_5G_CHAN   50
#define FIRST_MID_5G_CHAN   14
#define LAST_MID_5G_CHAN   35
#define FIRST_HIGH_5G_CHAN   36
#define LAST_HIGH_5G_CHAN   41
#define FIRST_LOW_5G_CHAN   42
#define LAST_LOW_5G_CHAN   50
#define BASE_LOW_5G_CHAN   4900
#define BASE_MID_5G_CHAN   5100
#define BASE_HIGH_5G_CHAN   5500
#define CHAN5G_FREQ(chan)   (5000 + chan*5)
#define CHAN2G_FREQ(chan)   (2407 + chan*5)
#define TXP_FIRST_CCK   0
#define TXP_LAST_CCK   3
#define TXP_FIRST_OFDM   4
#define TXP_LAST_OFDM   11
#define TXP_FIRST_OFDM_20_CDD   12
#define TXP_LAST_OFDM_20_CDD   19
#define TXP_FIRST_MCS_20_SISO   20
#define TXP_LAST_MCS_20_SISO   27
#define TXP_FIRST_MCS_20_CDD   28
#define TXP_LAST_MCS_20_CDD   35
#define TXP_FIRST_MCS_20_STBC   36
#define TXP_LAST_MCS_20_STBC   43
#define TXP_FIRST_MCS_20_SDM   44
#define TXP_LAST_MCS_20_SDM   51
#define TXP_FIRST_OFDM_40_SISO   52
#define TXP_LAST_OFDM_40_SISO   59
#define TXP_FIRST_OFDM_40_CDD   60
#define TXP_LAST_OFDM_40_CDD   67
#define TXP_FIRST_MCS_40_SISO   68
#define TXP_LAST_MCS_40_SISO   75
#define TXP_FIRST_MCS_40_CDD   76
#define TXP_LAST_MCS_40_CDD   83
#define TXP_FIRST_MCS_40_STBC   84
#define TXP_LAST_MCS_40_STBC   91
#define TXP_FIRST_MCS_40_SDM   92
#define TXP_LAST_MCS_40_SDM   99
#define TXP_MCS_32   100
#define TXP_NUM_RATES   101
#define ADJ_PWR_TBL_LEN   84
#define TXP_FIRST_SISO_MCS_20   20
#define TXP_LAST_SISO_MCS_20   27
#define PHY_CORE_NUM_1   1
#define PHY_CORE_NUM_2   2
#define PHY_CORE_NUM_3   3
#define PHY_CORE_NUM_4   4
#define PHY_CORE_0   0
#define PHY_CORE_1   1
#define PHY_CORE_2   2
#define PHY_CORE_3   3
#define MA_WINDOW_SZ   8
#define PHY_NOISE_WINDOW_SZ   16
#define PHY_NOISE_STATE_MON   0x1
#define PHY_NOISE_OFFSETFACT_4322   (-103)
#define PHY_RSSI_TABLE_SIZE   64
#define RSSI_ANT_MERGE_MAX   0
#define RSSI_ANT_MERGE_MIN   1
#define RSSI_ANT_MERGE_AVG   2
#define PHY_TSSI_TABLE_SIZE   64
#define APHY_TSSI_TABLE_SIZE   256
#define DEFAULT_11A_TXP_IDX   24
#define NUM_TSSI_FRAMES   4
#define NULL_TSSI   0x7f
#define NULL_TSSI_W   0x7f7f
#define PHY_TXPWR_MIN   10
#define PHY_TXPWR_MIN_NPHY   8
#define PWRTBL_NUM_COEFF   3
#define SPURAVOID_AUTO   1
#define PHY_SW_TIMER_FAST   15
#define PHY_SW_TIMER_SLOW   60
#define PHY_SW_TIMER_GLACIAL   120
#define PHY_PERICAL_AUTO   0
#define PHY_PERICAL_FULL   1
#define PHY_PERICAL_MPHASE_PENDING(pi)   (pi->mphase_cal_phase_id > MPHASE_CAL_STATE_IDLE)
#define RDR_NTIERS   1
#define RDR_TIER_SIZE   64
#define RDR_LIST_SIZE   (512/3)
#define RDR_EPOCH_SIZE   40
#define RDR_NANTENNAS   2
#define RDR_LP_BUFFER_SIZE   64
#define LP_LEN_HIS_SIZE   10
#define STATIC_NUM_RF   32
#define STATIC_NUM_BB   9
#define BB_MULT_MASK   0x0000ffff
#define BB_MULT_VALID_MASK   0x80000000
#define CORDIC_AG   39797
#define CORDIC_NI   18
#define FIXED(X)   ((s32)((X) << 16))
#define FLOAT(X)   (((X) >= 0) ? ((((X) >> 15) + 1) >> 1) : -((((-(X)) >> 15) + 1) >> 1))
#define SCAN_INPROG_PHY(pi)   (mboolisset(pi->measure_hold, PHY_HOLD_FOR_SCAN))
#define PLT_INPROG_PHY(pi)   (mboolisset(pi->measure_hold, PHY_HOLD_FOR_PLT))
#define ASSOC_INPROG_PHY(pi)   (mboolisset(pi->measure_hold, PHY_HOLD_FOR_ASSOC))
#define SCAN_RM_IN_PROGRESS(pi)   (mboolisset(pi->measure_hold, PHY_HOLD_FOR_SCAN | PHY_HOLD_FOR_RM))
#define PHY_MUTED(pi)   (mboolisset(pi->measure_hold, PHY_HOLD_FOR_MUTE))
#define PUB_NOT_ASSOC(pi)   (mboolisset(pi->measure_hold, PHY_HOLD_FOR_NOT_ASSOC))
#define LCNPHY_TX_PWR_CTRL_SW   (0x1 << 15)
#define NPHY_MAX_HPVGA1_INDEX   10
#define wlc_phy_write_table_nphy(pi, pti)   wlc_phy_write_table(pi, pti, 0x72, 0x74, 0x73)
#define wlc_phy_read_table_nphy(pi, pti)   wlc_phy_read_table(pi, pti, 0x72, 0x74, 0x73)
#define wlc_nphy_table_addr(pi, id, off)   wlc_phy_table_addr((pi), (id), (off), 0x72, 0x74, 0x73)
#define wlc_nphy_table_data_write(pi, w, v)   wlc_phy_table_data_write((pi), (w), (v))
#define PHY_IPA(pi)
#define BRCMS_PHY_WAR_PR51571(pi)


enum  {
enum  phy_cal_mode {


u16 read_phy_reg (struct brcms_phy *pi, u16 addr)
void write_phy_reg (struct brcms_phy *pi, u16 addr, u16 val)
void and_phy_reg (struct brcms_phy *pi, u16 addr, u16 val)
void or_phy_reg (struct brcms_phy *pi, u16 addr, u16 val)
void mod_phy_reg (struct brcms_phy *pi, u16 addr, u16 mask, u16 val)
u16 read_radio_reg (struct brcms_phy *pi, u16 addr)
void or_radio_reg (struct brcms_phy *pi, u16 addr, u16 val)
void and_radio_reg (struct brcms_phy *pi, u16 addr, u16 val)
void mod_radio_reg (struct brcms_phy *pi, u16 addr, u16 mask, u16 val)
void xor_radio_reg (struct brcms_phy *pi, u16 addr, u16 mask)
void write_radio_reg (struct brcms_phy *pi, u16 addr, u16 val)
void wlc_phyreg_enter (struct brcms_phy_pub *pih)
void wlc_phyreg_exit (struct brcms_phy_pub *pih)
void wlc_radioreg_enter (struct brcms_phy_pub *pih)
void wlc_radioreg_exit (struct brcms_phy_pub *pih)
void wlc_phy_read_table (struct brcms_phy *pi, const struct phytbl_info *ptbl_info, u16 tblAddr, u16 tblDataHi, u16 tblDatalo)
void wlc_phy_write_table (struct brcms_phy *pi, const struct phytbl_info *ptbl_info, u16 tblAddr, u16 tblDataHi, u16 tblDatalo)
void wlc_phy_table_addr (struct brcms_phy *pi, uint tbl_id, uint tbl_offset, u16 tblAddr, u16 tblDataHi, u16 tblDataLo)
void wlc_phy_table_data_write (struct brcms_phy *pi, uint width, u32 val)
void write_phy_channel_reg (struct brcms_phy *pi, uint val)
void wlc_phy_txpower_update_shm (struct brcms_phy *pi)
u8 wlc_phy_nbits (s32 value)
void wlc_phy_compute_dB (u32 *cmplx_pwr, s8 *p_dB, u8 core)
uint wlc_phy_init_radio_regs_allbands (struct brcms_phy *pi, struct radio_20xx_regs *radioregs)
uint wlc_phy_init_radio_regs (struct brcms_phy *pi, const struct radio_regs *radioregs, u16 core_offset)
void wlc_phy_txpower_ipa_upd (struct brcms_phy *pi)
void wlc_phy_do_dummy_tx (struct brcms_phy *pi, bool ofdm, bool pa_on)
void wlc_phy_papd_decode_epsilon (u32 epsilon, s32 *eps_real, s32 *eps_imag)
void wlc_phy_cal_perical_mphase_reset (struct brcms_phy *pi)
void wlc_phy_cal_perical_mphase_restart (struct brcms_phy *pi)
bool wlc_phy_attach_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi)
bool wlc_phy_attach_lcnphy (struct brcms_phy *pi)
void wlc_phy_detach_lcnphy (struct brcms_phy *pi)
void wlc_phy_init_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi)
void wlc_phy_init_lcnphy (struct brcms_phy *pi)
void wlc_phy_cal_init_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi)
void wlc_phy_cal_init_lcnphy (struct brcms_phy *pi)
void wlc_phy_chanspec_set_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi, u16 chanspec)
void wlc_phy_chanspec_set_lcnphy (struct brcms_phy *pi, u16 chanspec)
void wlc_phy_chanspec_set_fixup_lcnphy (struct brcms_phy *pi, u16 chanspec)
int wlc_phy_channel2freq (uint channel)
int wlc_phy_chanspec_freq2bandrange_lpssn (uint)
int wlc_phy_chanspec_bandrange_get (struct brcms_phy *, u16 chanspec)
void wlc_lcnphy_set_tx_pwr_ctrl (struct brcms_phy *pi, u16 mode)
s8 wlc_lcnphy_get_current_tx_pwr_idx (struct brcms_phy *pi)
void wlc_phy_txpower_recalc_target_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi)
void wlc_lcnphy_txpower_recalc_target (struct brcms_phy *pi)
void wlc_phy_txpower_recalc_target_lcnphy (struct brcms_phy *pi)
void wlc_lcnphy_set_tx_pwr_by_index (struct brcms_phy *pi, int index)
void wlc_lcnphy_tx_pu (struct brcms_phy *pi, bool bEnable)
void wlc_lcnphy_stop_tx_tone (struct brcms_phy *pi)
void wlc_lcnphy_start_tx_tone (struct brcms_phy *pi, s32 f_kHz, u16 max_val, bool iqcalmode)
void wlc_phy_txpower_sromlimit_get_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi, uint chan, u8 *max_pwr, u8 rate_id)
void wlc_phy_ofdm_to_mcs_powers_nphy (u8 *power, u8 rate_mcs_start, u8 rate_mcs_end, u8 rate_ofdm_start)
void wlc_phy_mcs_to_ofdm_powers_nphy (u8 *power, u8 rate_ofdm_start, u8 rate_ofdm_end, u8 rate_mcs_start)
u16 wlc_lcnphy_tempsense (struct brcms_phy *pi, bool mode)
s16 wlc_lcnphy_tempsense_new (struct brcms_phy *pi, bool mode)
s8 wlc_lcnphy_tempsense_degree (struct brcms_phy *pi, bool mode)
s8 wlc_lcnphy_vbatsense (struct brcms_phy *pi, bool mode)
void wlc_phy_carrier_suppress_lcnphy (struct brcms_phy *pi)
void wlc_lcnphy_crsuprs (struct brcms_phy *pi, int channel)
void wlc_lcnphy_epa_switch (struct brcms_phy *pi, bool mode)
void wlc_2064_vco_cal (struct brcms_phy *pi)
void wlc_phy_txpower_recalc_target (struct brcms_phy *pi)
void wlc_lcnphy_write_table (struct brcms_phy *pi, const struct phytbl_info *pti)
void wlc_lcnphy_read_table (struct brcms_phy *pi, struct phytbl_info *pti)
void wlc_lcnphy_set_tx_iqcc (struct brcms_phy *pi, u16 a, u16 b)
void wlc_lcnphy_set_tx_locc (struct brcms_phy *pi, u16 didq)
void wlc_lcnphy_get_tx_iqcc (struct brcms_phy *pi, u16 *a, u16 *b)
u16 wlc_lcnphy_get_tx_locc (struct brcms_phy *pi)
void wlc_lcnphy_get_radio_loft (struct brcms_phy *pi, u8 *ei0, u8 *eq0, u8 *fi0, u8 *fq0)
void wlc_lcnphy_calib_modes (struct brcms_phy *pi, uint mode)
void wlc_lcnphy_deaf_mode (struct brcms_phy *pi, bool mode)
bool wlc_phy_tpc_isenabled_lcnphy (struct brcms_phy *pi)
void wlc_lcnphy_tx_pwr_update_npt (struct brcms_phy *pi)
s32 wlc_lcnphy_tssi2dbm (s32 tssi, s32 a1, s32 b0, s32 b1)
void wlc_lcnphy_get_tssi (struct brcms_phy *pi, s8 *ofdm_pwr, s8 *cck_pwr)
void wlc_lcnphy_tx_power_adjustment (struct brcms_phy_pub *ppi)
s32 wlc_lcnphy_rx_signal_power (struct brcms_phy *pi, s32 gain_index)
void wlc_phy_stay_in_carriersearch_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi, bool enable)
void wlc_nphy_deaf_mode (struct brcms_phy *pi, bool mode)
void wlc_phy_table_read_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi, u32, u32 l, u32 o, u32 w, void *d)
void wlc_phy_table_write_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi, u32, u32, u32, u32, const void *)
void wlc_phy_cal_perical_nphy_run (struct brcms_phy *pi, u8 caltype)
void wlc_phy_aci_reset_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi)
void wlc_phy_pa_override_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi, bool en)
u8 wlc_phy_get_chan_freq_range_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi, uint chan)
void wlc_phy_switch_radio_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi, bool on)
void wlc_phy_stf_chain_upd_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi)
void wlc_phy_force_rfseq_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi, u8 cmd)
s16 wlc_phy_tempsense_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi)
u16 wlc_phy_classifier_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi, u16 mask, u16 val)
void wlc_phy_rx_iq_est_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi, struct phy_iq_est *est, u16 num_samps, u8 wait_time, u8 wait_for_crs)
void wlc_phy_rx_iq_coeffs_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi, u8 write, struct nphy_iq_comp *comp)
void wlc_phy_aci_and_noise_reduction_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi)
void wlc_phy_rxcore_setstate_nphy (struct brcms_phy_pub *pih, u8 rxcore_bitmask)
u8 wlc_phy_rxcore_getstate_nphy (struct brcms_phy_pub *pih)
void wlc_phy_txpwrctrl_enable_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi, u8 ctrl_type)
void wlc_phy_txpwr_fixpower_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi)
void wlc_phy_txpwr_apply_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi)
void wlc_phy_txpwr_papd_cal_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi)
u16 wlc_phy_txpwr_idx_get_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi)
struct nphy_txgains wlc_phy_get_tx_gain_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi)
int wlc_phy_cal_txiqlo_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi, struct nphy_txgains target_gain, bool full, bool m)
int wlc_phy_cal_rxiq_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi, struct nphy_txgains target_gain, u8 type, bool d)
void wlc_phy_txpwr_index_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi, u8 core_mask, s8 txpwrindex, bool res)
void wlc_phy_rssisel_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi, u8 core, u8 rssi_type)
int wlc_phy_poll_rssi_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi, u8 rssi_type, s32 *rssi_buf, u8 nsamps)
void wlc_phy_rssi_cal_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi)
int wlc_phy_aci_scan_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi)
void wlc_phy_cal_txgainctrl_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi, s32 dBm_targetpower, bool debug)
int wlc_phy_tx_tone_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi, u32 f_kHz, u16 max_val, u8 mode, u8, bool)
void wlc_phy_stopplayback_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi)
void wlc_phy_est_tonepwr_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi, s32 *qdBm_pwrbuf, u8 num_samps)
void wlc_phy_radio205x_vcocal_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi)
int wlc_phy_rssi_compute_nphy (struct brcms_phy *pi, struct d11rxhdr *rxh)
void wlc_phy_nphy_tkip_rifs_war (struct brcms_phy *pi, u8 rifs)
void wlc_phy_get_pwrdet_offsets (struct brcms_phy *pi, s8 *cckoffset, s8 *ofdmoffset)
s8 wlc_phy_upd_rssi_offset (struct brcms_phy *pi, s8 rssi, u16 chanspec)
bool wlc_phy_n_txpower_ipa_ison (struct brcms_phy *pih)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define A_HIGH_CHANS   2

Definition at line 57 of file phy_int.h.

#define A_LOW_CHANS   0

Definition at line 55 of file phy_int.h.

#define A_MID_CHANS   1

Definition at line 56 of file phy_int.h.

#define ADJ_PWR_TBL_LEN   84

Definition at line 107 of file phy_int.h.

#define APHY_TSSI_TABLE_SIZE   256

Definition at line 143 of file phy_int.h.

#define ASSOC_INPROG_PHY (   pi)    (mboolisset(pi->measure_hold, PHY_HOLD_FOR_ASSOC))

Definition at line 238 of file phy_int.h.

#define BASE_HIGH_5G_CHAN   5500

Definition at line 74 of file phy_int.h.

#define BASE_LOW_5G_CHAN   4900

Definition at line 72 of file phy_int.h.

#define BASE_MID_5G_CHAN   5100

Definition at line 73 of file phy_int.h.

#define BB_MULT_MASK   0x0000ffff

Definition at line 220 of file phy_int.h.

#define BB_MULT_VALID_MASK   0x80000000

Definition at line 221 of file phy_int.h.

#define BRCMS_PHY_WAR_PR51571 (   pi)
if (NREV_LT((pi)->pubpi.phy_rev, 3)) \
(void)bcma_read32(pi->d11core, D11REGOFFS(maccontrol))

Definition at line 1089 of file phy_int.h.

#define CH_2G_GROUP   1

Definition at line 58 of file phy_int.h.

#define CH_5G_GROUP   3

Definition at line 54 of file phy_int.h.

#define CHAN2G_FREQ (   chan)    (2407 + chan*5)

Definition at line 77 of file phy_int.h.

#define CHAN5G_FREQ (   chan)    (5000 + chan*5)

Definition at line 76 of file phy_int.h.

#define CORDIC_AG   39797

Definition at line 223 of file phy_int.h.

#define CORDIC_NI   18

Definition at line 224 of file phy_int.h.

#define DEFAULT_11A_TXP_IDX   24

Definition at line 145 of file phy_int.h.

#define FIRST_5G_CHAN   14

Definition at line 63 of file phy_int.h.

#define FIRST_HIGH_5G_CHAN   36

Definition at line 67 of file phy_int.h.

#define FIRST_LOW_5G_CHAN   42

Definition at line 69 of file phy_int.h.

#define FIRST_MID_5G_CHAN   14

Definition at line 65 of file phy_int.h.

#define FIRST_REF5_CHANNUM   149

Definition at line 61 of file phy_int.h.

#define FIXED (   X)    ((s32)((X) << 16))

Definition at line 225 of file phy_int.h.

#define FLOAT (   X)    (((X) >= 0) ? ((((X) >> 15) + 1) >> 1) : -((((-(X)) >> 15) + 1) >> 1))

Definition at line 227 of file phy_int.h.

#define G_ALL_CHANS   0

Definition at line 59 of file phy_int.h.

#define ISLCNPHY (   pi)    PHYTYPE_IS((pi)->pubpi.phy_type, PHY_TYPE_LCN)

Definition at line 44 of file phy_int.h.

#define ISNPHY (   pi)    PHYTYPE_IS((pi)->pubpi.phy_type, PHY_TYPE_N)

Definition at line 43 of file phy_int.h.

#define LAST_5G_CHAN   50

Definition at line 64 of file phy_int.h.

#define LAST_HIGH_5G_CHAN   41

Definition at line 68 of file phy_int.h.

#define LAST_LOW_5G_CHAN   50

Definition at line 70 of file phy_int.h.

#define LAST_MID_5G_CHAN   35

Definition at line 66 of file phy_int.h.

#define LAST_REF5_CHANNUM   165

Definition at line 62 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 1024 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 152 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 1022 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 1025 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 1023 of file phy_int.h.

((0x1 << 15) | \
(0x1 << 14) | \
(0x1 << 13))

Definition at line 1028 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 1026 of file phy_int.h.

#define LCNPHY_TX_PWR_CTRL_SW   (0x1 << 15)

Definition at line 1027 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 1032 of file phy_int.h.

#define LCNXN_BASEREV   16

Definition at line 26 of file phy_int.h.

#define LP_LEN_HIS_SIZE   10

Definition at line 215 of file phy_int.h.

#define MA_WINDOW_SZ   8

Definition at line 122 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 178 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 1056 of file phy_int.h.

#define NPHY_MAX_HPVGA1_INDEX   10

Definition at line 1055 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 1151 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 1152 of file phy_int.h.

#define NULL_TSSI   0x7f

Definition at line 147 of file phy_int.h.

#define NULL_TSSI_W   0x7f7f

Definition at line 148 of file phy_int.h.

#define NUM_TSSI_FRAMES   4

Definition at line 146 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 230 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_CORE_0   0

Definition at line 117 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_CORE_1   1

Definition at line 118 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_CORE_2   2

Definition at line 119 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_CORE_3   3

Definition at line 120 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 116 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_CORE_NUM_1   1

Definition at line 112 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_CORE_NUM_2   2

Definition at line 113 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_CORE_NUM_3   3

Definition at line 114 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_CORE_NUM_4   4

Definition at line 115 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_GET_PADMIX (   rfgain)    (((rfgain) & 0x10) >> 4)

Definition at line 47 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_GET_RFATTN (   rfgain)    ((rfgain) & 0x0f)

Definition at line 46 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_GET_RFGAINID (   rfattn,
)    ((rfattn) + ((padmix)*(width)))

Definition at line 48 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_HW_ROUND (   x,
)    ((x >> s) + ((x >> (s-1)) & (s != 0)))

Definition at line 52 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 231 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_IPA (   pi)
((pi->ipa2g_on && CHSPEC_IS2G(pi->radio_chanspec)) || \
(pi->ipa5g_on && CHSPEC_IS5G(pi->radio_chanspec)))

Definition at line 1085 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_MUTED (   pi)    (mboolisset(pi->measure_hold, PHY_HOLD_FOR_MUTE))

Definition at line 244 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 127 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 128 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 135 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_NOISE_OFFSETFACT_4322   (-103)

Definition at line 134 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 125 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 131 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 132 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 124 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 130 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_NOISE_STATE_MON   0x1

Definition at line 129 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_NOISE_WINDOW_SZ   16

Definition at line 126 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 445 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 150 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 175 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_PERICAL_AUTO   0

Definition at line 169 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_PERICAL_FULL   1

Definition at line 170 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 174 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_PERICAL_MPHASE_PENDING (   pi)    (pi->mphase_cal_phase_id > MPHASE_CAL_STATE_IDLE)

Definition at line 180 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 173 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 171 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 176 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_RSSI_TABLE_SIZE   64

Definition at line 137 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_SAT (   x,
((x) > ((1<<((n)-1))-1) ? ((1<<((n)-1))-1) : \
((x) < -(1<<((n)-1)) ? -(1<<((n)-1)) : (x)))

Definition at line 49 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_SHIFT_ROUND (   x,
)    ((x) >= 0 ? ((x)+(1<<((n)-1)))>>(n) : (x)>>(n))

Definition at line 51 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_SW_TIMER_FAST   15

Definition at line 165 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_SW_TIMER_GLACIAL   120

Definition at line 167 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_SW_TIMER_SLOW   60

Definition at line 166 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_TSSI_TABLE_SIZE   64

Definition at line 142 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_TXPWR_MIN   10

Definition at line 154 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_TXPWR_MIN_NPHY   8

Definition at line 155 of file phy_int.h.

#define PHY_VERSION   { 1, 82, 8, 0 }

Definition at line 24 of file phy_int.h.

#define PLT_INPROG_PHY (   pi)    (mboolisset(pi->measure_hold, PHY_HOLD_FOR_PLT))

Definition at line 236 of file phy_int.h.

#define PUB_NOT_ASSOC (   pi)    (mboolisset(pi->measure_hold, PHY_HOLD_FOR_NOT_ASSOC))

Definition at line 247 of file phy_int.h.

#define PWRTBL_NUM_COEFF   3

Definition at line 158 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 156 of file phy_int.h.

#define RDR_EPOCH_SIZE   40

Definition at line 211 of file phy_int.h.

#define RDR_LIST_SIZE   (512/3)

Definition at line 210 of file phy_int.h.

#define RDR_LP_BUFFER_SIZE   64

Definition at line 214 of file phy_int.h.

#define RDR_NANTENNAS   2

Definition at line 212 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 213 of file phy_int.h.

#define RDR_NTIERS   1

Definition at line 208 of file phy_int.h.

#define RDR_TIER_SIZE   64

Definition at line 209 of file phy_int.h.

#define RSSI_ANT_MERGE_AVG   2

Definition at line 140 of file phy_int.h.

#define RSSI_ANT_MERGE_MAX   0

Definition at line 138 of file phy_int.h.

#define RSSI_ANT_MERGE_MIN   1

Definition at line 139 of file phy_int.h.

#define SCAN_INPROG_PHY (   pi)    (mboolisset(pi->measure_hold, PHY_HOLD_FOR_SCAN))

Definition at line 233 of file phy_int.h.

#define SCAN_RM_IN_PROGRESS (   pi)    (mboolisset(pi->measure_hold, PHY_HOLD_FOR_SCAN | PHY_HOLD_FOR_RM))

Definition at line 241 of file phy_int.h.

#define SPURAVOID_AUTO   1

Definition at line 161 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 160 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 162 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 163 of file phy_int.h.

#define STATIC_NUM_BB   9

Definition at line 218 of file phy_int.h.

#define STATIC_NUM_RF   32

Definition at line 217 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 144 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_FIRST_CCK   0

Definition at line 79 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_FIRST_MCS_20_CDD   28

Definition at line 87 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_FIRST_MCS_20_SDM   44

Definition at line 91 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_FIRST_MCS_20_SISO   20

Definition at line 85 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_FIRST_MCS_20_STBC   36

Definition at line 89 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_FIRST_MCS_40_CDD   76

Definition at line 99 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_FIRST_MCS_40_SDM   92

Definition at line 103 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_FIRST_MCS_40_SISO   68

Definition at line 97 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_FIRST_MCS_40_STBC   84

Definition at line 101 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_FIRST_OFDM   4

Definition at line 81 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_FIRST_OFDM_20_CDD   12

Definition at line 83 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_FIRST_OFDM_40_CDD   60

Definition at line 95 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_FIRST_OFDM_40_SISO   52

Definition at line 93 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_FIRST_SISO_MCS_20   20

Definition at line 109 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_LAST_CCK   3

Definition at line 80 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_LAST_MCS_20_CDD   35

Definition at line 88 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_LAST_MCS_20_SDM   51

Definition at line 92 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_LAST_MCS_20_SISO   27

Definition at line 86 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_LAST_MCS_20_STBC   43

Definition at line 90 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_LAST_MCS_40_CDD   83

Definition at line 100 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_LAST_MCS_40_SDM   99

Definition at line 104 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_LAST_MCS_40_SISO   75

Definition at line 98 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_LAST_MCS_40_STBC   91

Definition at line 102 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_LAST_OFDM   11

Definition at line 82 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_LAST_OFDM_20_CDD   19

Definition at line 84 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_LAST_OFDM_40_CDD   67

Definition at line 96 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_LAST_OFDM_40_SISO   59

Definition at line 94 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_LAST_SISO_MCS_20   27

Definition at line 110 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_MCS_32   100

Definition at line 105 of file phy_int.h.

#define TXP_NUM_RATES   101

Definition at line 106 of file phy_int.h.

#define wlc_nphy_table_addr (   pi,
)    wlc_phy_table_addr((pi), (id), (off), 0x72, 0x74, 0x73)

Definition at line 1074 of file phy_int.h.

#define wlc_nphy_table_data_write (   pi,
)    wlc_phy_table_data_write((pi), (w), (v))

Definition at line 1077 of file phy_int.h.

#define wlc_phy_read_table_nphy (   pi,
)    wlc_phy_read_table(pi, pti, 0x72, 0x74, 0x73)

Definition at line 1071 of file phy_int.h.

#define wlc_phy_write_table_nphy (   pi,
)    wlc_phy_write_table(pi, pti, 0x72, 0x74, 0x73)

Definition at line 1068 of file phy_int.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

anonymous enum

Definition at line 183 of file phy_int.h.


Definition at line 198 of file phy_int.h.

Function Documentation

void and_phy_reg ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u16  addr,
u16  val 

Definition at line 311 of file phy_cmn.c.

void and_radio_reg ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u16  addr,
u16  val 

Definition at line 247 of file phy_cmn.c.

void mod_phy_reg ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u16  addr,
u16  mask,
u16  val 

Definition at line 325 of file phy_cmn.c.

void mod_radio_reg ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u16  addr,
u16  mask,
u16  val 

Definition at line 271 of file phy_cmn.c.

void or_phy_reg ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u16  addr,
u16  val 

Definition at line 318 of file phy_cmn.c.

void or_radio_reg ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u16  addr,
u16  val 

Definition at line 255 of file phy_cmn.c.

u16 read_phy_reg ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u16  addr 

Definition at line 284 of file phy_cmn.c.

u16 read_radio_reg ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u16  addr 

Definition at line 158 of file phy_cmn.c.

void wlc_2064_vco_cal ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 4912 of file phy_lcn.c.

void wlc_lcnphy_calib_modes ( struct brcms_phy pi,
uint  mode 

Definition at line 4218 of file phy_lcn.c.

void wlc_lcnphy_crsuprs ( struct brcms_phy pi,
int  channel 

Definition at line 1512 of file phy_lcn.c.

void wlc_lcnphy_deaf_mode ( struct brcms_phy pi,
bool  mode 

Definition at line 3323 of file phy_lcn.c.

void wlc_lcnphy_epa_switch ( struct brcms_phy pi,
bool  mode 

Definition at line 2901 of file phy_cmn.c.

s8 wlc_lcnphy_get_current_tx_pwr_idx ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 1497 of file phy_lcn.c.

void wlc_lcnphy_get_radio_loft ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u8 ei0,
u8 eq0,
u8 fi0,
u8 fq0 

Definition at line 3104 of file phy_lcn.c.

void wlc_lcnphy_get_tssi ( struct brcms_phy pi,
s8 ofdm_pwr,
s8 cck_pwr 

Definition at line 4257 of file phy_lcn.c.

void wlc_lcnphy_get_tx_iqcc ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u16 a,
u16 b 

Definition at line 3800 of file phy_lcn.c.

u16 wlc_lcnphy_get_tx_locc ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 3838 of file phy_lcn.c.

void wlc_lcnphy_read_table ( struct brcms_phy pi,
struct phytbl_info pti 

Definition at line 981 of file phy_lcn.c.

s32 wlc_lcnphy_rx_signal_power ( struct brcms_phy pi,
s32  gain_index 

Definition at line 5068 of file phy_lcn.c.

void wlc_lcnphy_set_tx_iqcc ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u16  a,
u16  b 

Definition at line 3113 of file phy_lcn.c.

void wlc_lcnphy_set_tx_locc ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u16  didq 

Definition at line 3129 of file phy_lcn.c.

void wlc_lcnphy_set_tx_pwr_by_index ( struct brcms_phy pi,
int  index 

Definition at line 3141 of file phy_lcn.c.

void wlc_lcnphy_set_tx_pwr_ctrl ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u16  mode 

Definition at line 2396 of file phy_lcn.c.

void wlc_lcnphy_start_tx_tone ( struct brcms_phy pi,
s32  f_kHz,
u16  max_val,
bool  iqcalmode 

Definition at line 3349 of file phy_lcn.c.

void wlc_lcnphy_stop_tx_tone ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 3412 of file phy_lcn.c.

u16 wlc_lcnphy_tempsense ( struct brcms_phy pi,
bool  mode 

Definition at line 4006 of file phy_lcn.c.

s8 wlc_lcnphy_tempsense_degree ( struct brcms_phy pi,
bool  mode 

Definition at line 4064 of file phy_lcn.c.

s16 wlc_lcnphy_tempsense_new ( struct brcms_phy pi,
bool  mode 

Definition at line 3964 of file phy_lcn.c.

s32 wlc_lcnphy_tssi2dbm ( s32  tssi,
s32  a1,
s32  b0,
s32  b1 

Definition at line 2218 of file phy_lcn.c.

void wlc_lcnphy_tx_power_adjustment ( struct brcms_phy_pub ppi)

Definition at line 4285 of file phy_lcn.c.

void wlc_lcnphy_tx_pu ( struct brcms_phy pi,
bool  bEnable 

Definition at line 3219 of file phy_lcn.c.

void wlc_lcnphy_tx_pwr_update_npt ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 2199 of file phy_lcn.c.

void wlc_lcnphy_txpower_recalc_target ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 2239 of file phy_lcn.c.

s8 wlc_lcnphy_vbatsense ( struct brcms_phy pi,
bool  mode 

Definition at line 4074 of file phy_lcn.c.

void wlc_lcnphy_write_table ( struct brcms_phy pi,
const struct phytbl_info pti 

Definition at line 976 of file phy_lcn.c.

void wlc_nphy_deaf_mode ( struct brcms_phy pi,
bool  mode 

Definition at line 28719 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_aci_and_noise_reduction_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi)
void wlc_phy_aci_reset_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi)
int wlc_phy_aci_scan_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi)
bool wlc_phy_attach_lcnphy ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 4954 of file phy_lcn.c.

bool wlc_phy_attach_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 14613 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_cal_init_lcnphy ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 4279 of file phy_lcn.c.

void wlc_phy_cal_init_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 19829 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_cal_perical_mphase_reset ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 2695 of file phy_cmn.c.

void wlc_phy_cal_perical_mphase_restart ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 2796 of file phy_cmn.c.

void wlc_phy_cal_perical_nphy_run ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u8  caltype 

Definition at line 25531 of file phy_n.c.

int wlc_phy_cal_rxiq_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi,
struct nphy_txgains  target_gain,
u8  type,
bool  d 

Definition at line 27830 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_cal_txgainctrl_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi,
s32  dBm_targetpower,
bool  debug 

Definition at line 18372 of file phy_n.c.

int wlc_phy_cal_txiqlo_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi,
struct nphy_txgains  target_gain,
bool  full,
bool  m 

Definition at line 25769 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_carrier_suppress_lcnphy ( struct brcms_phy pi)
int wlc_phy_channel2freq ( uint  channel)

Definition at line 1240 of file phy_cmn.c.

int wlc_phy_chanspec_bandrange_get ( struct brcms_phy ,
u16  chanspec 

Definition at line 1217 of file phy_cmn.c.

int wlc_phy_chanspec_freq2bandrange_lpssn ( uint  )

Definition at line 1201 of file phy_cmn.c.

void wlc_phy_chanspec_set_fixup_lcnphy ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u16  chanspec 
void wlc_phy_chanspec_set_lcnphy ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u16  chanspec 

Definition at line 1863 of file phy_lcn.c.

void wlc_phy_chanspec_set_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u16  chanspec 

Definition at line 21268 of file phy_n.c.

u16 wlc_phy_classifier_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u16  mask,
u16  val 

Definition at line 21405 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_compute_dB ( u32 cmplx_pwr,
s8 p_dB,
u8  core 

Definition at line 2523 of file phy_cmn.c.

void wlc_phy_detach_lcnphy ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 4949 of file phy_lcn.c.

void wlc_phy_do_dummy_tx ( struct brcms_phy pi,
bool  ofdm,
bool  pa_on 

Definition at line 998 of file phy_cmn.c.

void wlc_phy_est_tonepwr_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi,
s32 qdBm_pwrbuf,
u8  num_samps 

Definition at line 24252 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_force_rfseq_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u8  cmd 

Definition at line 21429 of file phy_n.c.

u8 wlc_phy_get_chan_freq_range_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi,
uint  chan 

Definition at line 20497 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_get_pwrdet_offsets ( struct brcms_phy pi,
s8 cckoffset,
s8 ofdmoffset 

Definition at line 2947 of file phy_cmn.c.

struct nphy_txgains wlc_phy_get_tx_gain_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 23390 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_init_lcnphy ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 4766 of file phy_lcn.c.

void wlc_phy_init_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 19303 of file phy_n.c.

uint wlc_phy_init_radio_regs ( struct brcms_phy pi,
const struct radio_regs radioregs,
u16  core_offset 

Definition at line 964 of file phy_cmn.c.

uint wlc_phy_init_radio_regs_allbands ( struct brcms_phy pi,
struct radio_20xx_regs radioregs 

Definition at line 947 of file phy_cmn.c.

void wlc_phy_mcs_to_ofdm_powers_nphy ( u8 power,
u8  rate_ofdm_start,
u8  rate_ofdm_end,
u8  rate_mcs_start 

Definition at line 28029 of file phy_n.c.

bool wlc_phy_n_txpower_ipa_ison ( struct brcms_phy pih)

Definition at line 19824 of file phy_n.c.

u8 wlc_phy_nbits ( s32  value)

Definition at line 2802 of file phy_cmn.c.

void wlc_phy_nphy_tkip_rifs_war ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u8  rifs 

Definition at line 14345 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_ofdm_to_mcs_powers_nphy ( u8 power,
u8  rate_mcs_start,
u8  rate_mcs_end,
u8  rate_ofdm_start 

Definition at line 28015 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_pa_override_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi,
bool  en 

Definition at line 19674 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_papd_decode_epsilon ( u32  epsilon,
s32 eps_real,
s32 eps_imag 

Definition at line 2684 of file phy_cmn.c.

int wlc_phy_poll_rssi_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u8  rssi_type,
s32 rssi_buf,
u8  nsamps 

Definition at line 21965 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_radio205x_vcocal_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 20915 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_read_table ( struct brcms_phy pi,
const struct phytbl_info ptbl_info,
u16  tblAddr,
u16  tblDataHi,
u16  tblDatalo 

Definition at line 912 of file phy_cmn.c.

void wlc_phy_rssi_cal_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 23079 of file phy_n.c.

int wlc_phy_rssi_compute_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi,
struct d11rxhdr rxh 

Definition at line 23091 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_rssisel_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u8  core,
u8  rssi_type 

Definition at line 21744 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_rx_iq_coeffs_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u8  write,
struct nphy_iq_comp comp 

Definition at line 26168 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_rx_iq_est_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi,
struct phy_iq_est est,
u16  num_samps,
u8  wait_time,
u8  wait_for_crs 

Definition at line 26185 of file phy_n.c.

u8 wlc_phy_rxcore_getstate_nphy ( struct brcms_phy_pub pih)

Definition at line 19813 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_rxcore_setstate_nphy ( struct brcms_phy_pub pih,
u8  rxcore_bitmask 

Definition at line 19733 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_stay_in_carriersearch_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi,
bool  enable 

Definition at line 28691 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_stf_chain_upd_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 19701 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_stopplayback_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 23308 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_switch_radio_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi,
bool  on 

Definition at line 20252 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_table_addr ( struct brcms_phy pi,
uint  tbl_id,
uint  tbl_offset,
u16  tblAddr,
u16  tblDataHi,
u16  tblDataLo 

Definition at line 838 of file phy_cmn.c.

void wlc_phy_table_data_write ( struct brcms_phy pi,
uint  width,
u32  val 

Definition at line 854 of file phy_cmn.c.

void wlc_phy_table_read_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u32  ,
u32  l,
u32  o,
u32  w,
void d 

Definition at line 14175 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_table_write_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u32  ,
u32  ,
u32  ,
u32  ,
const void  

Definition at line 14161 of file phy_n.c.

s16 wlc_phy_tempsense_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 22060 of file phy_n.c.

bool wlc_phy_tpc_isenabled_lcnphy ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 4927 of file phy_lcn.c.

int wlc_phy_tx_tone_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u32  f_kHz,
u16  max_val,
u8  mode,
u8  ,

Definition at line 23290 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_txpower_ipa_upd ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 1996 of file phy_cmn.c.

void wlc_phy_txpower_recalc_target ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 1553 of file phy_cmn.c.

void wlc_phy_txpower_recalc_target_lcnphy ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 4936 of file phy_lcn.c.

void wlc_phy_txpower_recalc_target_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 28237 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_txpower_sromlimit_get_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi,
uint  chan,
u8 max_pwr,
u8  rate_id 

Definition at line 28664 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_txpower_update_shm ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 1905 of file phy_cmn.c.

void wlc_phy_txpwr_apply_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 28042 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_txpwr_fixpower_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 27843 of file phy_n.c.

u16 wlc_phy_txpwr_idx_get_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 28263 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_txpwr_index_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u8  core_mask,
s8  txpwrindex,
bool  res 

Definition at line 28441 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_txpwr_papd_cal_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi)

Definition at line 28282 of file phy_n.c.

void wlc_phy_txpwrctrl_enable_nphy ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u8  ctrl_type 

Definition at line 28297 of file phy_n.c.

s8 wlc_phy_upd_rssi_offset ( struct brcms_phy pi,
s8  rssi,
u16  chanspec 

Definition at line 2953 of file phy_cmn.c.

void wlc_phy_write_table ( struct brcms_phy pi,
const struct phytbl_info ptbl_info,
u16  tblAddr,
u16  tblDataHi,
u16  tblDatalo 

Definition at line 875 of file phy_cmn.c.

void wlc_phyreg_enter ( struct brcms_phy_pub pih)

Definition at line 129 of file phy_cmn.c.

void wlc_phyreg_exit ( struct brcms_phy_pub pih)

Definition at line 135 of file phy_cmn.c.

void wlc_radioreg_enter ( struct brcms_phy_pub pih)

Definition at line 141 of file phy_cmn.c.

void wlc_radioreg_exit ( struct brcms_phy_pub pih)

Definition at line 149 of file phy_cmn.c.

void write_phy_channel_reg ( struct brcms_phy pi,
uint  val 

Definition at line 279 of file phy_cmn.c.

void write_phy_reg ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u16  addr,
u16  val 

Definition at line 292 of file phy_cmn.c.

void write_radio_reg ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u16  addr,
u16  val 

Definition at line 199 of file phy_cmn.c.

void xor_radio_reg ( struct brcms_phy pi,
u16  addr,
u16  mask 

Definition at line 263 of file phy_cmn.c.